Seablog: One of those days

Just to reassure you all, I am actually trying my darndest to head towards Mauritius and the awaiting rum punch(es). Two lovely Westward days and now one where I’ve just spent nine hours rowing across a wind blasting up from the South and even treating us to some SW, which makes for a few solitary miles West and a passport North. Add lots of rain, big sea splashes and a dose of ‘Rower’s Bottom’ (think saltwater boils) and today has been one of those days where you have to constantly remind yourself of how funny it all really is. No, really. Like when the wave sloshed right into the boat while I was painting my face yellow with suncream – when I say into, I mean literally in to the cabin, right over me who was doing said painting while standing on the threshold. For the next tale, you need to imagine yourself walking along, minding your own business, and turn to find a sparrow flying low range over your head, about a sparrow’s wing length away. You’d have a wee shock, eh? Bit of a surprise. Heart might skip a beat. Now imagine the same again, but scale it up. Albatross at wing-length away, low flying, straight at your head by the time you spot him. After a ‘flippin’ heck!’ I then laughed a lot at how I’d been spooked by one of the most majestic and peaceful birds to fly these seas, and turned to watch him soaring over the waves. That’s what Dippers needs I think, a pair of albie wings. Maybe I’ll make her some, I’ve got gaffa tape and cable ties…

Meanwhile , I’m going to do some more rowing. Last night’s rowathon turned out to be beautiful – the rain clouds got the hints that they weren’t welcome and we rowed under a clear and mind-blowingly starry sky. Six shooting stars and lots of bioluminescence made it all the more spectacular and I finally crawled into bed after 16 hours at the oars. Yawn! But ’twas another 45 miler, so well worth it.

Ric assures me new wind is due in a few hours, so tomorrow’s track should look a bit more fruitful.

Until then,

S & D x x

Charlie Chase – I agree, a mars is best eaten in multiples.

Xtina -Hmmm….Maurice. Think your boys will be in well ahead of me.

Vince – Position should be available on my tracker page.

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20 Responses to Seablog: One of those days

  1. Susie Calderan says:

    Did I ever tell you about the kittiwake race? You know how kittiwakes hang in the air by the back of the boat, and just bob up and down on the draughts? Well, one was doing that last year on Silurian, and Dave sort-of glanced across at it, and it kind of glanced back, then Dave started running a circuit of the boat and the kittiwake started racing him, and they kept glancing across at each other as they did a lap of Silurian. Then got to the back of the boat and did another circuit. The kittiwake won both times.

  2. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Well done Sarah. What a great spirit. keep it up.
    Jill and Stan.

  3. helen ( Sarah\'s Mum) says:

    RADIO 2 8-10pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,wow,that encounter with the albatross sounds spectacular,hope everything is on the way to being dry again,will be listening agog on radcliffe and maconie tonight,might stand in the shower while i listen fully clothed to get a perspective on your privations……
    glad there was some recompense for your efforts with the spectacular sky.
    happy rowing to you and dippers.

  5. Dominic Carrington says:

    Having followed your progress on a daily basis since round 1, and been overwhelmed by your perseverence, spirit and stamina, are you able to assist me in avoiding sleepless nights wondering how you are going to hit that tiny dot that is Mauritius?

  6. Susie Hewson says:

    Astounding and outstanding – meagre superlatives to describe Sarah Outen. Now if you wanted to take your holidays on the ocean, there are travel companies that could have set you on a nice deck with cocktails and canapes but you had to do it on a low carbon footprint diet with creature interaction. Hope you have got some lavender on board for those sore bits – lycra chafing, surely a whole chapter in your adventure wtitings. Keep safe and stay sane, there are thousands of us looking on at you as you get closer and closer to shore. Susie

  7. Russ K says:

    In the misery loves company category seems Roz Savage is suffering the same posterior dilemma on her row.

  8. mel says:

    Oh Sarah – you’re amazing! Even when your bum threatens your need to row, you find something amazing that picks you up! YOu’re a complete inspiration. Go for it, and I look forward to you picking up that first rum punch!!! x Mel, Neil, Paddy and (ever portly) Daisy

  9. Robert Nixon says:

    Eeeeeek, I hope you didn’t get anything critical to comfort or safety wet. Be safe… those sorts of splashes(through the hatch) can be rather dangerous to a boats self righting ability.

  10. Laura says:

    Good luck with the ‘rowers bottom’ bum boils my dear! Sounds Ouchy!!!

  11. Han says:

    ahoy! just heard you on radcliffe and maconie – mansard roof one of last years faves for me! amazing feat, so inspiring, keep going girl! wishing you the best from here in south east london – X

  12. Caught your interview on Radio 2 this evening on my way home from work. You really are an inspiration! Good luck Sarah and I look forward to following your progress.

  13. Charlie Chase says:

    and I’ve just heard you on the radio too. As they said – we are with you in spirit Sarah.
    but I was sorry to hear that you are not allowed to have an air drop of chocolate, I was going to go shopping for Mars.

  14. Lauren says:

    Hi Sarah, just heard you on this evening’s Radcliffe and Maconie show (I heard you the first time you were on a couple of months ago but hadn’t realised you were doing regular updates with them) – really enjoyed hearing how you’re doing – I am completely in awe!! Great hearing you chat to Mark and Stuart and I hope it lends some normality to your superhuman quest – GOOD LUCK!! 🙂

  15. Margaret Hamilton says:

    Good to here you again on the radio, likewise, I am with you in spirit and look forward to following your blog. Good luck and happy rowing.

  16. Melanie E says:

    Hi Sarah, caught the radio show as well and will now be following your progress avidly! Such a worthy cause and – it has been said so many times before but so true – you are an inspiration! Looking forward to the next seablog (bet those whales were just circling the boat for chocolate really).

  17. Andy Thomas says:

    Hi ya Sarah,I also heard you on the radio tonight for the second time. your doing a great job,keep up the great work!! ;-))

  18. Marcel says:

    Talked to the Minister of Education & Culture today and meeting him in the next days. Mahebourg comes under his constituency.
    We shall try to arrange the Loretto Convent Girls School to follow you and perhaps organise radio link ups.More soon.
    Shall talk to Amy re the blog on Mauritius. have been extremely busy with organising the meeting of Tall Ships for next year.
    Keep rowing. The Rum Punches are chilling nicely.

  19. Phil Evans says:

    Hi Sarah, heard you on Radcliffe and Maconie. Absolutely staggering….you sounded as chilled as if you were sitting in your garden with a beer. I’ll stick to my cruise holidays if that’s ok, but best of luck for the rest of the trip.

  20. John Heslop says:

    Just chanced to hear Radcliffe and Maconie and catch your broadcast. What an inspiration and for such a good cause. I’ve seen the effects of Rheumatiod Arthritis in a friend who died about five years ago, and it’s heartbreaking. God speed with the rest of your row.

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