Seablog: One month at sea, one month at sea, one whole month at sea!

Have just run an excited (if not slightly spatially restriicted) lap of celebration about the sundeck in honour of our 30 days out here. We’ll crack open the bottle of Port tomorrow and make a little offering to Neptune – would have done so today but made my very own little offering whike eating breakfast. I’m not sure if the porridgey mix Mum and I made up and vaccuum packed way back in January has gone rancid or if I ate too many wine gums as an entrĂ©e. Guess we’ll see at breakfast tomorrow!

You’ll see from the tracker that we’ve added another lovely bit of West (53 nm in the lasr 24 hrs!)to the picture today, well in the 100th degree of longitude. We should cross the magic line into 99degrees sometime tomorrow.

In celebration of our 1 month milestone I opened two letters from Mum, one of which told me to make sure I had enough rest and sleep. Dutifully, I obeyed and had a delicious midday snooze – I used to love these in my student days! Other celebratory activities included the following:
– A scrumptious lamb hotpot from ‘Look What We Found’. These tasty delights are usually the Sunday lunch highlight amid my week of dehydrated horrors but I have a few extra for special days too. Only wish I’d brought more along!
– Laundry. Never has an Outey been so happy at cleaning her clothes. While hair may condition itself if you leave it long enough (saltwater dumps, dinner & suncream mean this doesn’t apply to me), my clothes do not. I left a soggy pile in the cabin corner for ten days and they didn’t smell any sweeter!
-30 day boogie. The great thing about being toute seule out here is you can boogie like a mad thing on deck to cheesy music and no one can see you.

And with that I shall cease my happy ramblings and head bedwards for some crazy dreaming. Is it just me or does everyone have bizzarre dreams at sea?! That said my good friend Siena said she’d been dreaming of whales which were actually helicopters recently, so maybe I’m not heading the Weird Dreams Leaderboard yet!

Outey toot toot x

-Joee! Think of our Atlantic adventures lots-that star chart was N hemisphere though.

-Rosie – Bet I could beat the 3 packet record, only I have to try and make sure I have something left for the last thousand miles! Are you in still in HK?

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11 Responses to Seablog: One month at sea, one month at sea, one whole month at sea!

  1. sally says:

    One month, 10000nm+ Whoohoo! Loved your ramble Sarah…whales/helicopters?? Fantastic…sure the port is not open already…just brilliant what you are achieving…I know i said on the phone I’d only check in once a week but i lied. I’m with you every day.Wed sailors toast you every Wed. Cheers, Sally.

  2. Marcel says:

    Sarah, remember NASA can see you from all the way up there !

  3. Alison says:

    Well done you are doing fantastically.I am sure it is teh thought of that port that is kepping you going rowing Alison

  4. Marcel says:

    Sarah you might be interested in the fact that Francis Joyon who holds the World Record for Solo Round the World in his IDEC trimaran
    (57 days ++) will be setting the first Record for a new Route (Brest – Brittany- France to Port-Louis – Mauritius); It will probably be called “Route des Corsaires”. It will be in November next and he thinks he can do it in some 21 days.
    But we are talking Formula 1 sailing here!

    Cheers girl.

  5. Keith Kingsbury says:

    Being a fascinated follower from North Shropahire ( the only water round here is the very placid Shropshire Union Canal ) I congratulate you, Sarah, on your magnificent achievements so far. I’ve told a couple of my friends about your epic trip and, as a salute to your effort, they’re going to take to a Canadian canoe on the canal in a couple of weeks time – nothing like what you’re doing – but we might be able to raise some money for your very worthy cause !!!

  6. Hi Sarah – you are awesome! Jamie and I check you every day in our morning coffee breaks. Your progress is immense and checking up on you is the highlight of our day. Enjoy the port tomorrow and keep up the dancing – you sound really happy. On Sunday Jamie and I are going to do another time trial – so a 20min flat out effort on the oars is required please!!!! We start at 8am and will be thinking of you on the ocean. Love Emily and Jamie x

  7. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, Congratulations on your awesome achievement, it is already 30 days that we saw you off and followed you from Fremantle…..It is great to see you in high spirit, and celebrating!!!! Go easy on the port though and keep up the dancing!!!!!!

  8. Graham Hadley says:

    Congrats Sarah. Going great guns! keep to it and enjoy.
    At this milestone, Can a guru out there in the support team maybe enlighten us as to how Sarah is progressing versus the records that she is aiming for? Is Sarah on track to beat them? Just interested in the progress. More than pleased Sarah is staying safe and making excellent progress.

  9. Amanda B says:

    Hi – just wondered, while at sea are you allowed to lift the port bottle with your right hand?! Also, on my very noisy journey into work (mobile phones, tinny headsets, traffic, station loudspeakers) I wondered how quiet it is out there for you…is it? I imagine there are creaks and splashes, but is the ocean silent otherwise? Sorry, a typical landlubber question but I’m curious! Fantastic progress, by the way – go go go! Amanda x

  10. Rosie B says:

    We can have a biscuit eating celebration when you get home! In Vietnam – just 2wks left then it’s back to sunny Ox.

    Enjoy the rowing!

  11. William Howie says:

    Hello Sarah
    Heard you on radio 2 it is a good thing you are doing enjoy it and good luck.
    willie Ayrshire Scotland.

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