I have just found out that Ricardo can’t make it to Mauritius on account of flights being too pricey and the project bank account looking less healthy than a dead hedgehog. So I am going to make an utterly shameless plea…


You’d make my day/month/crossing to help us get him out there. We’ll add you to our website sponsor list, I’ll come and give you a talk and tales of the se et al et al.

Yours in shameless hoping,

Outey Toot Toot x


Mark Powell – I will miss the sea sounds.

Geoff – It’s not all about the rowing out here 🙂 See you next year I hope…

Charlie Chase – R5 just rung to say they’ll call again around midnight BST

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14 Responses to Seablog: ONE LAST SHOT

  1. Geoff Holt says:

    Outers my friend, the Indian she did row
    Accompanied by Tweedles and chocolate, but progress was slow
    120 days the epic voyage did take
    Leaving behind the chart trace of a snake
    Carried along by currents and favourable winds
    But also the love and best wishes of her loyal friends
    Oodles of fun and amusement her Blogs did provide
    To the thousands of lovers of this lovely girl’s wild ride
    So it is to the shores of M that she now arrives
    To hugs and happy sox, and to a mum pleased she is alive
    We shall miss our daily dose of Outers with tales of her sores
    Until the next time she decides to pick up her oars

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Ive just spoken to Adrian Bell. Mactra Marine will throw £300.00 into a pot to get your weather guy over to Mauritius to see you in. It may help get others to make a contribution.


    Jim MacDonald

  3. Clare says:

    I’m sure ypu’ve already thought of approaching Richard Branson….but he likes an adventure himself….

  4. Geoff Holt says:

    I’ll go £300 too.

  5. Dearest friends Geoff and Jim,
    Thank you so much for your generous and immediate contribution to this quest. I am so grateful. I just couldn’t ‘not go’ but was not seeing a way how to go. I just hope I can somehow do something for you guys. I mean that.
    All the best.
    ricardo, in Mauritius as of Saturday!

  6. Jenna says:

    What type of cake did I promise you again? Was it chocolate? Knowing you it probably was! I will get baking! x

  7. Clare Bayliss says:

    Been following your progress and am so chuffed you are nearly there. Saw a small feature about you on ‘East Midlands Today’ yesterday and thought I must drop you a line to say Hi!
    Enjoy the celebrations and reunions,
    Clare xxx

  8. Remora says:

    Sarah says: “Sub 200 nauties to go feels great but the strong stuff on its way is almost certain to deal me some jiggery pokery and make landing very…how shall I put it… exciting/interesting, to say the least.”

    Yes! Looks like some very dastardly weather due to hit you early in the weekend which will force you north-westwards. Big winds and big seas. Maybe it will be “easiest” to land at Port Louis itself when conditions ease??

  9. Chris says:

    RICARDO’s got to make it to Mauritius, this can’t be a shot in the dark – given the support people everywhere with arthritis have had from Sarah & if corporate support isn’t forthcoming, we’ll donate some from Clash funds towards to fare.

  10. Tony F says:

    Has Ricardo got enough? If not, I’ll sub some too.

  11. James Carter says:

    I’m happy to put some money in the kitty. Let me know what’s still needed. Wish I could make the time to get out their myself

  12. Jill O\'Halloran says:

    Is there somewhere where we can deposit money ie. …if there is a way of letting people know of a BSB and Account No …I am sure people would be only too happy deposit whatever they can.
    Happy days!! Would love to meet you in Perth one day too!

  13. Sam Murray says:

    Morning Sarah,

    We are listening to you live on R5 now. (it’s 9.13 a.m. here). It better when Mark interviews you 🙂

    You always sound so chipper. Keep it up.

    Best wishes

    Sam and Rob

  14. BPC and Albie says:

    Oh my word! so exciting!!! i just got internet for the first time in several days and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the blogs and the gaining hype as you get closer – so pleased i havent ‘missed’ your landing yet! and to discover you were about to be on 5live in 10 minutes – just couldnt believe my timing. so i have sat in the hotel room looking out at the rockies and loved listening to you. Soo so proud and cant wait to see you when you’re back!

    hehe – i like the fact that edwina currie has just called you normal – if she only knew!!!!

    enjoy the last stretch and i will hope to be following along with so many others as you reach land. how your following has grown – how well i remember the early days of the website and when you first got comments and look at it now!


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