Seablog: Notes from a small boat

Evening all, Dippers here – Skipper is reading her book before snooze time so I thought it was time you heard from the other half of our team. For team we are -it’s me and she all the way. Not sure how I got the ‘dipity’ half of the name mind, she is by far the dippiest around here! And blimey, I’ve never seen anyone eat as much chocolate. She’s kind enough to share though – I usually end the day with asprinkling of the day’s culinary delights. We do get bounced around a fair bit though, what with me being a boat for one and not a massive liner, so she’s forgiven. She’d probably like to use that as an excuse for the state of her cabin too – certainly looks lived in!

Today was another good day – it took the wind and sea a while to work out what they were doing for the day but then the sun came out and we pushed on at 2knots or so until sunset. Our absolute record for surfing speed is 10.9 knots down a 12metre wave, but we’ve not had seas like that for a while. So long as there is some East in the winds we don’t mind – West is where we’re headed. ‘All West is good West,’ says Sarah. I agree too, always rowing towards the sunset. Poor rowers though-they never get to see it if they’re rowing! Who’d have thought inventing a sport where you can’t see where you’re going? Rowers plural of course because of the other rowers out here in their race -we’re not bothered by them, let them eat our wake for the time being! All respect to them actually and when the fours do pass then I hope they pop by for a hello or call us up on the VHF.

And with that I shall bid you a boaty goodnight – I tend to do the night watch while Sarah sleeps. Ah, before I sign off, big thankyou Marcel for securing my ride back to the UK with Maersk-Sarah had looked at us rowing back as the next adventure but reefs, pirates & political instability meant she decided against it. Besides, we’re both looking forward to a beach holiday in Mauritius! I know Sarah could do with a massage (she’s getting creaky in her old age – did she tell you she’s 24 next month? That’s nearly a quarter of a century!!)but I’ll just be happy to sit in a peaceful harbour watching the world go by for I’ll probably be a bit sleepy round the edges after all those miles. Did she tell you we’ve already done over 1,000 and spent practically a whole month in doing so?!
Nice blogging to you – keep up the messages, S gets so excited by them!

Dippers x

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14 Responses to Seablog: Notes from a small boat

  1. Nana Peg says:

    Hi Sarah, Enjoying your messages, admire you greatly !! Can’t imagine what it’s like battling those waves especially not seeing where you’re going ! Ar nearly 89 yrs I think your effort is TOPS !!!
    I pray for you every night.

  2. xtina says:

    Love Dippers side of the story ~ you are both doing so well ~
    Inventing a sport where you can’t see where you’re going!!Dipper’s has a good point!
    Take care ~ and
    thinking of you xtina

  3. Lina says:

    Report by Dippers is top!!!!so well said…Great to see your team work.Love to read your blog…Keep up the rowing Sarah, it will be all worthwhile when you will see that line,at the horizon which will be land ….Mauritius!

  4. Dyl Powell says:

    Hi Sarah. I told all the girls about you singing the School Song and hymns in the middle of the ocean. We are following your progress closely. It was great to speak to you and to hear that you were in such good spirits. Libby was really cheered up by your phonecall. Our thoughts are with you. Everyone here at SHS sends their best wishes. Christ you spede!

  5. Kitty says:

    Hi to you both, its great to hear ‘Dippers’ side to your adventure! Your progress is fantastic, keep it up. It sounds as though the winds are behaving themselves, long may it continue. At last we’ve had some nice spring weather here, the bluebells are all out at Rutland Water, looks a picture. Thinking of you.

  6. Jo Watkins says:

    Morning Dippers- glad you are looking after Sarah so well-you can never have too much chocolate! We are following your progress daily at SJS with regular updates broadcast on our Digital Screen. The younger children loved to read about the pretty fish!
    Take care

  7. Sarah Pascoe says:

    Hey Sarah, this is Sarah, Andrew’s girlfriend from Team MSS (flying ferkins). Just wanted to say am avidly following your progress as much as the boys. All very addictive viewing, which isnt very good for the old work front!! You mum, helen, has been so kind in providing the boys with support and I would like to reciprocate. So hope you enjoying it and you are making fab progress. Enjoying your blog updates too, will remain an avid supporter throughout your crossing, Sarah

  8. Shannon says:

    Hi Sarah. I’m just a girl from Perth following your blog as you row each day. Just wanted to wish you sunny skies and good wind conditions. It’s wonderful to see that there are such confident and strong women out there. Keep it up. Cheers!

  9. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Good to hear from Dippers – little boat with a big heart. Oh, and now with a big container too – your wonderful team really does you proud.
    Jenni Murray says ‘fantastic news’ you’re doing so well.
    Fun for you and Dippers that the Fours are giving chase – Desperately Seeking S.Outen! The game’s afoot and you’re still surging ahead. Lovely to see your blog engaging so many admirers and supporters from around the world…. best Jane

  10. Charly says:

    Have lots of fun out of there both of you
    Love the Sissons family

  11. Charlie Chase says:

    hello Dippers, I loved your blog. Make sure you look after Sarah.
    Look after Sarah, and she will look after you.
    She’s probably got your chocolate waiting for you at Mauritius.
    Why don’t you read her a story at bedtime ?
    Thinking of you both,

  12. Hi Sarah, I am so glad you can blog directly from Dippers now…for a while the intermittent messages left me hanging!
    Great blog by dippers. That warm sandy beach is getting closer! Keep on rowing SISTER!

  13. Laura says:

    Loving the dippers blog, she seems like such a sensible soul! Need one half of your team to keep a level head onyour fruit loopyness

  14. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah(&dippers!)never written to a boat before,nice to hear from you,that bit about the big wave really suprised me,don’t know why,it would freak me out you are both really brave!hope you cover many more miles over the bank holiday weekend and are not stinting on the chocolate intake!

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