Seablog: My last Thursday at sea

Just a quick good morning/g’day/bonjour/bom dia etc from what looks like my last Thursday at sea.

Just over 200 nauties to go (0630 Serendipity Time), so we’re reckoning Monday -Tuesday arrival. Mahebourg bay, SE Mauritius is the goal.

Updates to follow – if you’re really lucky, twice a day herein, rowing/sleep-snatching allowing.

Outey Toot Waving-goodbye-to-the -200s Toot x x

BBC Radio 5 Live, Richard Bacon Show : Friday 12 – 1am BST (If I can stay up ’till 4am then you can push on through until midnight!)

Sampson P. S – Thanks for all your lovely messages. Hope you’re behaving for Sally! No sharks yet, but lots of whales and albatrosses. Scary at times, yes.

Glo Pringle – Happy camping!

Jane – Use BBC iplayer ‘listen again’ to find last night’s R2 show. Everything aches now!

Geoffers – I’ll come and see your boat if you come and see mine. Soon buddy, soon.

Alan Thomas – Yummmmm….chocolate farm… Yup, see you at S’oton. I recommend Sept 20th – some nutty rower is doing her talk that day 🙂

Susie Hewson – Tried & retried & retried again for film sponsor/commission to send Richard out to M but unfortunately no one bit the bait.

Diana W – Of course, would love to. Shout me out when I’m back.

Mary Jo Johnson – Joeee! I’m at the equivalent now of that lovely day rounding the Lizard. Think on it all often.

Jenna – Get baking that promised cake v v v soon!

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3 Responses to Seablog: My last Thursday at sea

  1. Amanda B says:

    Hi Sarah, it’s so exciting that you are almost there – eee! Can you please work out a way to blog as you approach Mahebourg Bay and actually land, so we can all be there with you? I know that a yell will go up in the office when we all read that particular blog! All the best for the last few miles – you’re doing an incredible job. Amanda x

  2. St.Hugh's College, Oxford Chronicle Readers says:

    Excitement is growing by the minute, Sarah – we’ll all be there with you in spirit as you land – many cheers at a fantastic achievement and several world records set. You deserve each and every one many thousands of times over.

  3. Ton F says:

    Thursday’s child hasn’t got so far to go now! I hope they get the red carpets out for you!

    All the best, Tony and co..

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