Seablog: LAND AHOY!!!

Bet that got you excited. Only joking, I just thought I’d practice my battle call, ready for when I do. It won’t be for a while yet – my horizon is only about 2.5 nauties away at the best of times, and even though M is volcanic, I don’t expect to see it until I am alot closer than my current 360 nauties gap. Curvature of the Earth and all that.

Yesterday turned into a glorious 50 miler, and that was with only seven hours rowing. I decided to catch up on some sleep and let the wind do some of the work.

Today is not going to be a 50 miler, but we will clock around 40, I reckon. A very good day therefore. Nothing ground-breaking to report -the Lower Deck goes on in much the same salty, sore, orange way; 2 chocolate bars were found and munched and I am currently engaged in a constant ‘waterproofs or no waterproofs’ dilemma as squalls whip through.

Dippers is happy as ever, though looking forward to a rest in M. As am I, though I am rather more excited at the thought of steak than the prospect of lying quietly in some marina, as she looks forward to. And Bob hopes to spend the rest of the 360 nauties resting up in the forward cabin. I share his wish. For dear ‘ole Bob, you understand, not myself – for the front cabin is a soggy, slimy place where mould grows on anything which doesn’t move and on anything which does.

Happy weekending to you,

Outey Toot Toot x

I’ll be chatting with Radcliffe & Maconie, BBC R2 Tuesday evening, 8-10pm BST.


Flying Ferkins, & Tim & Jem-
Please send return hello to the boys. Had hoped they might meet some beautiful mermaids en route and stop to say hello so that I could beat them to the beach and cheer them in. But I’m happier that they’ve finally got some decent winds and are flying in ahead of me. It’ll be a strange thing to see them in M, as they were the last people I saw in Ozzie waters! I’m not part of their race, however, I am completely independent – no supoort boat etc.

Doug C, Perth – Thanks to some good n’ steady ‘take me to the beach’ breezes for my 2-4kts on the tracker recently. My best mileage ever was 58 nauties, way back in the day 20-40 zone, where I minced up the miles ( 200nm in 4 days). Top surf speed I guess at 20kts – but as Einstein (my main plotter) died on day 20, I only turn my handheld on from time to time, so don’t see my every speed. We regularly surf off at 8-12kts, though average ‘top’ speed made good is just over 3kts.

Davy B – I agree, I have to be all serious on Woman’s Hour, ever ready with ‘Jam & Jerusalem ‘ stuff and my Very Sensible voice. Radders & Mac are my favourites as I can be the fruit loop that I truly am.

Jane Spence – Eeugh, let’s have no more talk of the custard. Good word, cerulean,or whatever it was. I like to think I’m ultramarine, when I’m not busy being an iodine Oompalumpa.

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25 Responses to Seablog: LAND AHOY!!!

  1. Anna says:

    Happy Weekending Sarah!

    It has been a great joy to follow up your blog.
    And your *Land ahoy’ was great.. I woke up instantly with my espresso.. could she have reached the marina allready. Soon you will!

    Sunny summer regards from Finland

  2. robert jones says:

    Land Ahoy it wont be long keep going what an amazing achievement!!

    best regards

    robert and tracey Stanley (the dog)

  3. helen says:

    Been wathing you here in the West Indies.
    Glad to you are doing great and nearly there.
    Helen in Antigua

  4. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Well done keep up the good work, you need to be a bit nearer to Mauritius to see the island. Highest point is just over 800 metres.
    Just keep thinking about all those rum punches. Ask Marcel about Goodwill local rum! my favourite is Green Island
    For those who been following Sarah’s voyage here a a couple of web sites which will be of interest to you. this is the local TV and Radio station you should be able to see Sarah’s arrival live or on the evening news. and these are the local papers which should be covering Sarah’s arrival. Go to the electonic editions of both paper L’Express is quicker to load.
    For those who missed it the first time here is something I put together for Sarah listen to the song as this sums up this courageous young lady.

  5. maggie and dick from atlinbccanada says:

    hello sarah

    every morning: on, kettle. on, computer. how is sarah doing?

    how lovely to see you careening “downhill” to rum punch and steak.

    you will need sixteen lifetimes to visit all the people who are thinking about you. but from the sound of you, you’ll pack sixteen lifetimes into one, anyway.

    cheers, in awe


  6. xtina says:


    I can’t see you out there but I am facing the Ocean, towards your position, sending positive thoughts to you and Dippers. This is such a friendly Island…… can’t wait to see you rowing in!!
    I know you will want to enjoy these last few days in your world.Enjoy,with love

  7. Godfolkes says:

    So excited for you – madly munching on chocolate bars on your behalf. Hope Bob keeps out of the way and that the red carpet continues. Our love. xx

  8. Jim says:

    Sarah I have really enjoyed reading the last ~130 days (I am including the practice lap) – kinda silly question but how do you keep your chocolate from melting for so many days ? 🙂

    Good luck on the finish!

  9. RoninVancouver says:

    Howdy Sarah.
    Now that you are south of Crab Island I would not be surprised if you start encountering other human traffic – on the sea and in the air. Thankfully you are on the SOUTH side and fairly safe from encountering tankers and container ships. Smooth surfing to you.

    BTW am also following Helen Lloyd’s bike journey from UK to S Africa.
    She may not suffer from salt-water boils but (due to past experiences)
    she certainly will enjoy some serious friction burns. Just for those who may be interested, Helen’s blog is at Her tour will take a couple of years, and will be very worthwhile to follow.

    All the best to you Sarah. Unique thou art! -Ron

  10. Richard B says:

    Hi Sarah,
    You must be looking forward to it all being Over-and-Outey!

    Just got my abacus out – 360nm to go & clocking up over 30nm per day means less than 12 days to go.  Will your Mum get there in time? Maybe you’ll have to do a few laps of the island till she arrives!

    Tuesday night will be the highlight of my week.  Can you arrange to arrive while R & M are on air, so we can all hear you arrive?


  11. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    What a good idea, wouldn’t it be great if you did arrive while R & M are on air and they could link up. Please can you talk to them about on it Tuesday .

    Do hope that we have the rain over here now instead of you and that you can just go straight ahead in lovely weather conditions ready for that fantastic welcome which you so deserve.

    Take care and best wishes

    C & K

  12. jane says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Well Done, you are doing really great. Any plnned arrival date?

  13. Sam Murray says:

    Looking forward to hearing you with Mark and Stuart.

    Best wishes,

    Rob and Sam
    South Australia

  14. frankie owens says:

    Glad to hear you are making such good progress again after all the difficult weather!! Also that you are keeping up your intellectual vigour by reading Dawkins!!! What a star you are!! Seen any good birds? All the best

  15. Mike Harrop says:

    Great progress Sarah – been following you all the way. I am sure you will have a lot to look forward to in Mauritius! Just keep it going for the home straight.

  16. Shannon says:

    Hi Sarah,

    You’re so close now, stay safe. I wish you many happy rum punch returns in Maritius.


    South Perth

  17. Hi Sarah
    Awesome effort, if I leave now, I might just be in time to escort you into the harbour!
    All the best!

  18. Leon Andrews says:

    Read your letter on Richard Dawkins website and as such found out about your travels. Hope you’ve enjoyed the book and hope you get to the steak your after as soon as possible.

    Amazing journey and extremley couragous.

  19. John Murton says:

    Horseradish sauce not widely available in M, but fortunately have own secret supply through diplomatic bag; thereby ensuring roast beef is never lonely. Keep going!

  20. Dagmar says:

    Glad to read you’ve got more adventures planned, Sarah! A rather practical question: do you ever feel like you really have had enough to eat after your meals? Or are you doing quite a lot of rowing with some hunger lingering inside you? I hope not! Though I admit that dealing with cravings is difficult enough! (mine don’t stem from rowing endless hours a day, but from being pregnant. I reckon it might boil down to the same feeling though)

  21. Tamara says:

    Sarah, Just wanted to wish you well on this final leg of the journey, everyone’s going to be tuned in on Tuesday. Congratulations on this tremendous achievement.

  22. Elaine says:

    Fantastic news that you’re on the downhill run now!!! We’ve had a terrific time following your blogs -can’t wait for the book! I can imagine how excited Helen must be now! Good luck with the homeward strait!!
    Love Elaine,Suart and “the Boys”

  23. Averil says:

    With apologies to Edward Lear and the Owl and the Pussycat.

    Sarah and Bob went to sea
    In a beautiful boat called Dipper.
    She took some happy socks and plenty of chocolate
    Hidden in nooks and crannies.
    Sarah looked up to the stars above
    And sang to the sound of the waves
    ‘O lovely world, O world I love,
    What a wonderful world you are
    You are
    You are
    What a beautiful world you are.

    Sarah bloggs to us all as she rows along,
    And talks to the Tweedles and Albies.
    She sounds so positive and seldom down,
    Even though she is sore and aching.
    She rows for over a hundred days
    To Mauritius where the rum punch waits
    And there on the sand her Mum will be waiting
    Will be waiting
    Will be waiting
    To welcome her back to dry land!

  24. Ruth Ryder says:

    Hey Sarah! Even though land ahoy is slightly premature, on the tracker you are within spitting distance I reckon (maybe you could fashion a very long straw to reach the rum punch?). The trace reminds me of a line of best fit in reverse. You’re doing so well, keep on going oldest chum, you’ll soon be jumping onto the beach 🙂


    PS love Averil’s poem!
    PPS not sure if you’ve already been asked this, but have you eaten any of the unfortunate flying fish? Not sure if your galley is equipped for such things…

  25. Jill & Stan Lewis says:

    LOVED Mike Pearce’s song.
    I hope we are able to connet to his sites for press and radio reports.
    Jill lewis

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