Seablog: Just think about the minstrels…just think about the minstrels…

At the end of each day I make a list of all the good things about the day. Top of today’s list will be ‘It’s one day closer to my Day 100 bag of minstrels’ and, ‘Today is over’. The wind is being a fickle beast and hasn’t played as we expected. So far, at any rate, and it’s just gone lunch o’clock. There is still hope it might rethink its wicked teasing and back to something more useful, taking some of the South out of its powerful bite. For so far today my course looks like someone tracing the turrets of a castle – when rowing (which is brutally sluggish due to the need for the rudder to be right over, and rubbish wind angle) we go just North of West, then when I stop to eat, breathe or post a wingeing blog message, we go flying North… And here my metaphor breaks down, because I’ve just remembered we don’t go down the other side to complete the turret! Ahah! Out of the brain mush haze has bubbled another, more suitable metaphor – that of climbing stairs. One step to the West, one step up to the North Pole…and so on. Metaphors aside, it is not ideal and more than a touch frustrating. Needless to say we have added a bit of shouting to the song n’ dance therapy today. The benefit of shouting over dancing being that I can do it while rowing and being dumped on by waves.

The good news is that in one mile we shall tick off another degree, the bad news is that we are as close to ticking off another degree of latitude to the North…and I don’t want to do that yet…

So here’s hoping this week’s weather hasn’t started as it means to go on and that it conforms to Ricardo’s predictions of being a useful, Westward week.

From the threshold of 74 degrees East,

S, D & our Frustrated Imp x x x

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4 Responses to Seablog: Just think about the minstrels…just think about the minstrels…

  1. Susie Hewson says:

    Sounds like a bucking bronco you are riding there Sarah, some kind of rodeo you have going on – stay in the saddle Yahoodehoo!
    Unimaginable, being amongst those big waves, without a surf board or a wetsuit. The weaving and dodging this way and that makes the journey interesting, well for us looking at the wiggly red line that is, so to those guys orchestrating the weather, get it right for Sarah will you! Willing you on with the right kind of weather. X Susie H

  2. ian says:

    hi sarah,not sure i know what you mean,”another wingeing blog”all the time you’ve been on this fantastic epic slog i’ve not read anything that qualifies as a whinge!for those of us in awe of your determination grit and sheer pluck this seems remarkable but true,if anything you have an unerring talent for making light of stuff that would certainly have me running for the hills,the bag of minstrels day will be here before you know it hopefully,sure you know this already but there is quite a community back in blighty with nothing but good wishes and crossed stuff for your sucsess,i might try dancing and shouting fully clothed while in the shower just to show a bit of solidarity……….
    hope the winds get with the programme soonish!

  3. Barry Bear Gumbert says:

    Bag of Minstrels????????? I must have missed that day.

    I’ve been visiting Jamie and Emily’s site and can’t wait to see what top secret stuff they are hiding from us.

    I still think it’s amazing. Dippers is a Phil Morrison design, and it’s so close to the plans I’m working on for a possible Glacier Bay adventure, that it’s almost scary. Can’t wait to see the new stuff.

  4. David B., in soggy Colorado says:

    Ditto to what ian just posted. In conversations I often use you as an example of someone really facing a challange, really experiencing discomfort, and uncertainty, and doing so with perfect grace,and cheerfulness ( reminds me of that film,”Happygolucky”).
    Is there some special ceremony to commemerate a century (in days) at sea? Congradulations on that upcoming event. Hope the Cadbury holds out.

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