Seablog: Jelly, June?

Success! Pleased to report jelly breakfast went down a treat and was followed with the normal bucketful of porridge and then, rather abnormally, a bag of wasabi coated green peas. Why not, I thought? If I was hazy eyed coming out of the cabin beforehand, I certainly wasn’t after those.

We continued the festivities with a hairwash (now look like a very fluffy, golden bear) and four hours rowing, nay, surfing westward. I should say ‘norwest’ in fact, as that is where the wind will be best next week, and so that is where we are headed. In the words of the weather guru himself:


Sounds like a challenge to me. We are about 67 nauties south of the magic 25 degrees so should be right up there in a day or two, and a good bit west as well.Here’s a little factoid for your June 1st – high pressure systems rotate anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere, and the reverse in the northern hem. Just in case you ever need to know…

Quick post-lunch snooze will round off the morning fun and then its more surfing until bedtime. Dippers is absolutely in her element – I think she wants to be a surf board when she grows up. Bless her, she’ll probably change her mind as youngns’ are apt to do. In a year she’ll say she wants to be a vet and then it’ll be something different.

Here’s hoping that June is quicker than May on the ‘ole road to Mauritius. As much as I love my ocean home, I want to be as close to a 100 day crossing as I can. And I can’t miss the entire British summer…and its crop of delicious strawberries and home made tomatoes…

Happy Monday, wherever you are-
Sarah & ‘I want to be a surfboard’ Dippers x


Jodie Gray – Matey, I had a whole day pretending we were racing the other day! Ten minute gun…five….come forward…. DRAW!DRAW!DRAW! – It was grand. I played your part and that of everyone else in the boat too. And coach on the bike. I went for the overbump, clinched it infront of our boathouse after a boatstopper of a crab in the gut… Showered with champers, thrown in the river, drank lots of Pimms and then Eights Dinner apres. Sort of how it happened for real, right?!

Geoff Holt – Of course, you Old Gaffer! Blog away and wing to Amy. Thank ye.

Flick – Not sure about the Mauritius question, depends when I get there. Hopefully a couple of weeks-ish. Marcel is trying to arrange travel deals so he may be able to help you sort something. Would be sooo exciting to see ye there!

Marcel – I would love to visit Isle aux Aigrettes. Do I have to row there or will we take a faster boat?!

Andrew Trotman – Snowdonia was my favourite trip last year, very envious. Here’s hoping for sunshine and a breeze to keep the midgees at bay. Love to all the Teddies.

Libby – Fetching?! Nothing fetching about those leotards if I remember correctly. No leotards out here – but lots of lycra. D&V passed me by – I remember only windmills and Belgian chocolates…

Spirit of Rockingham, this is Serendipity – Still loving the jacket. Hope plans still moving forward. Say hello to Spesh for me and to send any nasties at school out here for keel-hauling.

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10 Responses to Seablog: Jelly, June?

  1. Dyl Powell says:

    Hi Sarah

    Sounds as if June has got off to a great start. Back at SHS today after half term break. Weather here is great. The British summer has got off to a really good start. Exam time at SHS so things are quite quiet around school. Just to let you know that you get a mention in my Speech Day report, an inspirational Old Girl!!

    Hope the surfing continues to go well. Best wishes to Dippers.
    Take care
    Dyl Powell

  2. Anita says:

    The green wasabi peas sound good – not so sure about the jelly. When I was little and went to parties in my patent leather party shoes my big dread was always the jelly……yuk!!!!And I had to eat it and pretend I liked it!!! Tell Dippers you don’t need to decide what to do when you grow up if you never really grow up, just go with the flow. Weather here fantastic, back to school but can’t really be too grumpy when the sun’s shining.
    Surf well,
    Lots of love and a hug,

  3. Adrian Moss says:

    well done sarah and keep going. having just done a long cycle ride in France and some canoeing in the Lake District I think i should have done more training first! It is hard work

    all the best


  4. Barry Gumbert says:

    I’ll bet you make a cute golden bear. Wasabi Peas are yummy. WE must be sharing a brain because today I brought Semi sushi to service at our Dharma Center. California rolls made with cucumber, Avocado and red pepper with Wasabi of course.

    What did you come up with as a solution to the bob problem? LOL I almost typed “Boob Problem” That would have had you wondering eh?

  5. John Skevington says:

    Do you trail a small sea anchor when you are surfing down the waves?
    You need something to stop you from broaching.

  6. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,thanks for the info regarding high pressure systems,suppose it makes sense what with water going down the plughole the other way down there,wonder what else happens backwards if anything?really hoping you can do it in 100 days or thereabouts,fingers crossed for the right sort of wind!

  7. David B., in Telluride says:

    So glad the weather has turned your way!
    Good luck keeping the wind at your back, and all your duckies( Albatrosses) in a row.You long for another English summer?Iv’e experienced a few of those and somehow fail to understand. Maybe I was there during particularly soggy years,maybe I’m just a winging yank.Well, the strawberry part sounds nice!
    David B.

  8. Marcel says:

    You probably row faster than my boat!
    If I get my way you will be staying in a hotel right opposite Ile aux Aigrettes. Fingers crossed.
    Keep surfin’.

  9. Charly Sissons says:

    perhaps Dippers would like to join me at the world’s RS:X at Weymouth in September

  10. Hi Sarah
    Sounds like you are having a whale of a time. We are so glad that you are enjoying it! Love from Sam and everyone at Advance Performance

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