Seablog: It is time to stop rowing when…

…you fall asleep at the oars and are rudely awoken by an oar twhacking you in the ribs. Just in case you were in any doubt as to what to do if ever that should happen.

Now that I am in ‘Zone 2’ of the passage weather with less wind and super hot hot days, I have taken to rowing into the night when it is a chilly 24-27 degrees and one needs a jacket – an especially lovely thing to do as we’ve just come into the full moon and boy does ‘ole Phoebes shine brightly out here. Sirius (Great dog-Orion’s lad) is usually a bright star behind us – not so at the mo, for when at the height of her loop up and over, directly above the boat, I swear Phoebe would let you read a book, with no extra light, without any trouble. Of course there is no time for such treats at the moment – Ricardo says I am to row more to compensate the lack of wind and my PR Chief Adrian thinks I should be rowing 24 hours a day…

My plan last night was to row until midnight and it was going swimmingly until half eleven when I caught myself nodding off for the third time while rolling up and down on the seat. Three lives gone, I tied down the oars and seat, set the rudder, brushed the gnashers, put the cat out and empty milk bottles for the milkman, filled up the water bottles etc etc. Within minutes of cushtying down (yes, that’s a technical term) on the bean bag I was snoozing happily. That is a good sort of sleep, I can tell you.

In my bid to gain the moral victory over Day 39 it was my intention to be up before dawn, go against House Rules of cooking in the dark and get on the oars by 7am. Well, Day 39 won. I was such a sleepy bunny that I surfaced at dawn and managed the first strokes (always the most satisfying of the day) at a tardy 0820. I rowed until 1230, stopped for lunch, have just woken up from a delicious 2 hour snooze while the sun feeds the solar panels and will aim for a midnight Pipe Down again tonight. And that’s my Saturday.

Finally – another triumph in the food hunt yesterday when I found another can of marvellous teeth rotting coca cola in the dark recesses of one of the hatches. Just imagine the excitement when I pulled out a further six cans.

I hope your Saturday evening will be as beautiful as mine wherever you are. Happy weekending,

Outey toot toot x


Lottie – I’ve heard chocolate speeds recovery. Would love to come to your school -probably in the Autumn as it’ll be the summer hols when I get back.
Geoffers – I still laugh about that day; I am at least twice the size in all dimensions. You-know-who really says hi to me?! Chuffed! Please return the hello and tell y-k-w ‘à donf’ is written on the bulkhead infront of my rowing position. So too is ‘Remember Abersoch!’ Haha.
Spike – Of course, May 14th. Bob bob bob! Will have a swim in honour even though you’re not there for any rescues this time. Don’t understand the Madeira bit?
Anna W – If I remember school swimming lessons correctly you could swim home faster than anyone could rescue you… Fishwoman! Body and physio both told me off (very severely) after last running episode but it sounds great -yes please may you book me a place?
Jan in Freo- I am sure I will miss it but who’s to say the current sojourn isn’t perfect thinking time for my next adventure?!
Kirk- Are you on a rowing boat too? Or is ‘Do-it’ a different boat? Happy tripping nonetheless…
Chris & Trevor – One of my favourite expeditions ever ever ever-happy days they were.
Jamie & Em – Really fancy a cornish pasty…may you send one out? Are you sure you put a secret message somewhere in the boat when you made her?! I have hunted high and low…
Richard – Forget the caviar, a charger for the handheld video camera would be perfect. It didn’t make the last call for boarding in Freo. And neither did the spare, it would seem. Oops!
Susie- Not really a cuppa girl thanks – something cold, with gin and lemon and lime would be ace though…

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7 Responses to Seablog: It is time to stop rowing when…

  1. Barry Gumbert says:

    Gin and Juice is good for the soul> There’s even a song called Gin and Juice.

  2. Susie Calderan says:

    Hey Otter, glad to see you’re getting some zzzzzzzzzzz Still waiting for the blog on happy socks…an update on my similar brown ones (with matching hat). They are currently my socks of choice for my lifeboat wellies, so are an instrument of life-saving. Tell yer mum!

  3. Mum says:

    Message for Susie
    Glad the socks are still holding ou…and hat too.
    Best wishes,

  4. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,good morning from a sunny and basically windless cleethorpes,hope the weather gods are treating just as well if not better,last week on radcliffe and maconie stuart/stewart was extolling the virtues of gin and cream soda,yet to try it myself but perhaps you can try it when you get to the other side?if i were you i’d sack adrian doesn’t seem up to the job!how do you adjust to your topsy turvy day,is it all the odder for being in a differant time zone anyway or do the two things cancel each other out?
    hope you’re having loads of fun,my cat buscuit says hello by the way

  5. Laura says:

    Hello Hello! You sound like you are continuing to have a fabulous time out there, I’m eagerly awaiting to see if you discover the odd rogue Mars bar stashed away somewhere but knowing you that will be an unlikely situation as you have probably scoffed the lot! I certainly would have. So Adrian thinks you should row 24 hours a day!! Crazyness! Oh that reminds me Adrian if you happen to check out theses blogs, any chance I can have Diddy’s halloween glow in the dark t-shirt back? I will explain Sarah, but for now I bid you many more happy hours at the oars, I havn’t managed to bag myself a little rowing boat on freecycle just yet but I’m working on it… Lots of Love xxx

  6. Marcel says:

    Went to Old Grand Port today. The sun was shining over Ile de la Passe and I could imagine Serendipity crossing the imaginary line. I’ll organise a canon and all.
    The sea was a marvellous camaieu of blues.

  7. Charly says:

    heya sarah.
    went windsurfing at the weekend and the bottom of my feet is totally wrecked VERY PAINFULL for walking around!!!! We had loads of wind on saturday but none on sunday. gret fun pumping!!!! and rowing the sail it was fun!!!! glad it is ok over there final gcse’s started today with drama a lovely easy start and 3 tomorrow yay!!!!
    Hope to hear more from your adventures very soon

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