Seablog: In which Bob is redeployed

Rather more South in the wind than is ideal for a solo rowing boat already halfway up the coast of M and with 750 nauties still to chalk off. So, Bob was deployed earlier this afternoon as our Northage was happening more rapidly than we were making ground West towards the beach.

The strong stuff should arrive soonish, with more East in it, so we shouldn’t be bobbing for too long.

Meanwhile there’s an orchestra out on the Sun Deck playing some lovely gentle stuff…Serenade for Strings, the Moonlight Sonata etc – while surrounded by a beautifully soft sunset morphing through pastel blues, peaches, golds and pinks. And soon all my starry friends will be up and getting ready for their show. Wonderful. Literally, I am full of wonder at it all. Everything such a treat – I even saw another lunar rainbow the other night! *Sighs* I shall miss them all when I’m back in the real world… and my miles to enjoy them are running out. In a couple of days we’ll be in the 60s and munching towards the ‘500 to go’ sign.

Better sign off, Mozart is playing his Clarinet Concerto next and it’s my favourite.

From under the pastel tent,

S, D, Bob & Mozart x x x

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10 Responses to Seablog: In which Bob is redeployed

  1. Stewart, Venezuela. says:

    Have followed your track from the beginning, with much interest, An ex seafarer who crossed the Indian Ocean several times from Aussie to Aden. Here’s wishing you the very best on the homeward stretch.

  2. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Literally heavenly – and all with eine kleine nachtmuzik. I’ve never seen a lunar rainbow, must be lovely. Hope you enjoy more nacreous nights like this one, unpolluted by city lights! best wishes Jane

  3. Spike says:

    All those beautiful atmospheric phenomena. Your blogs bring back many happy seagoing memories, I envy you.
    Have you seen the Green flash yet (just before the last part of the Sun’s disc disappears below the horizon) ?

    Lat us know if you smell Rodrigues (Crab Island) as you pass by.

  4. RoninVancouver says:

    Hi Sara,

    Waddya mean BACK IN THE REAL WORLD? Do you mean to say this everyday crock of illusion, delusion, fantasy profusion is real? Right now you ARE in the Real World! YOUR real world; and I am profoundly pleased that you are intimately sharing your real moments of real experiences with all of us who are cheering you on.

    I only wish there was a tangible way to express the physical perceptions you are experiencing to those who have never had a similar experience. With your gift of literary composition, I am confident you will express yourself more effectively in the book I envision, and anticipate, you writing when this adventure is over.

    Row, row, row your boat merrily oer the sea! -Ron x

  5. Anna W says:

    Hey sarah o- i’ve just spent about an hour catching up on your latest shenangigans! It must be an amazing feeling knowing you are so close now. I was kayaking past your old boat house in oxford last week – taking some newbie kayakers for a bit of a journey. I was actually making them paddle backwards with their eyes closed along that little stream that comes out under a bridge next to the boat house… well that was after they had crashed into the bank a few times – funny though! Not much going on this neck of woods- has been raining last 24 hrs, exactly the same 24 hours that we thought it would be a good idea to go camping in dorset. The Tipee didnt quite hold up and we drove back at 3am!Anyways, looking forward to seeing you when you’re back – how long have you got drinking rum punch before you come back to Angleterre? Keep it up and best wishes to all aboard!!x

  6. Anita says:

    I know we’ve moved on from happy socks through minstrels to Mozart, but I have to report how perfect my happy socks were this w/e for camping. Not a cool look I know, but they even accommodated flip-flops at that ‘too cold for bare legs but can’t be bothered to put shoes on’ point of the evening, and that very early morning ‘jalfrezi’s taken herself off for a wander round the campsite, better go and find her’ moment. Lars’s happy socks have now become his ‘I am a golfing legend (almost)’ socks. Fantastic.
    It makes me feel very close to you, Sarah, thinking of you listening to the clarinet concerto over there under the stars. Sending lots of love from us all, Axx

  7. Craig says:

    Dear Sara, Still following along on your great adventure. I remember reading, or think I do, that you are not a believer in God. Is that true?, or is my recollection wrong? Just wondering what you think now after being alone at sea for 100+days. If your in doubt or not sure, turn off the music and turn of your communications for 72 hours and see what you discover. Be brave, try it! Have a wonderful last leg of your journey! Craig

  8. David B. says:

    As one ensconsed in what some call the real world, I can authoritively say that this ain’t it. As one who has spent much time on solo voyages surrounded by nature, I can assure you you’re in the real world right now, and it does’nt get any realer.
    Blow easterlies,

  9. Clare S says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Have just caught up with your progress from China. Am teaching English to some kids here for 4 weeks. Is a good break from Oxford before I start work. You have made lots of progress – I am impressed. Keep it up and you will soon be sipping that rum punch telling everyone about your adventures.

  10. ian says:

    hi sarah,so agree with ron,in most senses you are so much closer to the real world than those of us in the “constructed”world,being nose to nose with nature at it’s most elemental must offer some fairly startling perspectives and not just of a spiritual nature?
    not sure i’m on the same page as craig though,while i’m sure you have a lot of complative time it’s kind of more important to keep your comms on!belief in a god may not be that much use if a supertanker hasn’t seen you and dippers!i think i’d ask craig to “be brave”first and see how it works out for him……..
    regards to you and dippers

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