Seablog: In Four…

West side of 65° E and in a few hours will surf past the ‘400 nauties to the beach’ sign. 7.25 degrees lie between here and the white sands of M.

So another happy day aboard the good ship Dippers. We’ve had Richard Dawkins for company reading his latest book and munched three chocolate bars. I have spied three more, so will do my best to make them last until tomorrow, but I’m not hopeful.

I anticipate that from Tuesday until the beach (ETA 14 + days from today) my daily hoosh will be porridge and then two meals of mush, without all the extras inbetween. This scares me slightly as I may have to eat the dreaded custard. Gulp. I have successfully weened myself onto two of the ‘desserts’ (one chocolate, one apparently peach & pineapple) recently, in a bid to prevent starvation, but haven’t touched a custard since the very, very early days. The other scary thing about having to eat whatever is left, as opposed to whatever takes my fancy, is that in a few meals time it will only be the truly horrid flavours of dehydrated mush which are left, for I have resolutely avoided these since discovering their truly horrid characters. Again, in the very very early days. All I can say is thank goodness for Mum’s porridge mix; there will be enough portions of that to get me to the beach. And I have one final Boat Jelly to make – I’m saving it for 60°E.

And with that, I must go catch some waves.

S & D x x


Marcel – Tell Air Mauritius that I really don’t mind flying First Class if there’s no room in the back (only if they’re sponsoring!) I’ll fly back around 20th Aug.

Ossy the Viking – Yup,we Brits like our salty adventures.

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  1. Helen ( Sarah\\\'s Mum) says:

    Just to let everyone know……………..Matthew and I have our flights booked!!
    Whoo hoo! yipee!!
    We are so excited….and so is Sarah!!
    I spoke to her this morning and she was well.

  2. terry bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    You are going great guns ,that red carpet is getting so short on the tracker ,what will we all do when its all gone , we will miss your jovial attitude and great blogs each day.good on you enjoy your next 14 days , your silent ocean peace will be over for you and your gaurdian (DIPPERS ) TAKE CARE ,GOOD AND SAFEROWING BIG CHERRIO !!!!!

  3. Doug says:

    Hi Sarah, That Orange line is looking beautiful; may it continue. Hey, what’s your maximum speed so far? I see some amazing numbers. Can’t believe the four knots’ recordings; fantastic. Keep up the focus.
    Doug C Perth WA.

  4. TimHoward says:

    Dear Sarah,
    A quick note from Flying Ferkins and Support Crew in the UK, to wish you the swiftest of finishes to Mauritius. We’ve been watching your fantastic progress, and your race is nearly done. Stay focused and happy, and enjoy the last week.

    You are by far the brightest star on the Ocean out of all the boats that have attempted the crossing this, inaugural, year. Your achievement will be truly incredible and worthy of the record.
    With all best wishes,
    Guy & Andy. Tim & Jem
    Flying Ferkins (250nm to Mauritius)

  5. Davy B says:

    Heard of you first on Rad & Mac and followed you ever since
    Looking forward to Tues.
    The womans hour sounded a bit like a funeral commentary with them feeling sorry for you !!
    I don’t, you have inspired an awful lot of people and gained the respect for yourself and I’m sure your Dad is watching you and laughing at your antics.
    However to those of us who have not read every blog ?
    we need an ‘Outy’ dictionary for the new words you have undoubtedly (?) introduced to the English language Ha! Ha ! Love and thanks for the email entertainment Davy B

  6. Geoff Holt says:

    ETA 14 days. Yikes.

  7. Jane Spence says:

    Hurrah Sarah!
    what’s it like to be making history, as well as making waves? And as well as making cusatard’n’ mush, hmm but we’ll draw a veil over that, shall we?

    How wonderful that Helen, Sarah’s Mum – sounds a bit like Alfred, Lord Tennyson doesn’t it – is packing for the journey out – I must admit, after Claire C’s paean of praise for the beauty of the place and the snorkelling to be had there, and my own low-level flight over the paradise island using your tracker, I wish I, too, was joining you with my spade and shrimping net. Mauritius is going to the top of my list of must-go destinations. And I’ll go Air Mauritius too, if they’re being kindly to you and to Helen, Sarah’s Mum.

    Aug 20th flying back to Blighty, eh? Hope summer is still on the wing for you – it’s still Ok here now, the wing this weekend is kingfisher and cerulean. Ultramarine.

    So, enjoy the last salt-smack of the whales-way – just you and the the sun and the unthinkable fathoms of bottomless deep. Ooh, and enjoy smelling the Title you’re about to get… that noone can ever win or steal or reinvent from you! And how well-deserved – guess we’ll all have to read the book to know how much.

    Row for rum and rosbif’n’yorkshire pud! best wishes Jane

  8. Spike says:

    Need an “Outey dictionary” Would that be an Outeysoras ? (nothing to do with the salt sores on the lower deck !)
    There will have to be an extensive glossary of terms section in the book.

    I think Sarah can smell the real food already with a succession of 2 to 4 knots showing on the tracker. Most impressive and getting even more exciting by the day. Shame about the imminent custard but that must be preferable to tweedles on hard tack biscuits.

  9. Jill O'Halloran says:

    The Angels are guiding you safely back home!

  10. Chongo says:


    Sounds like everything is going tremendously well!

    Godspeed with the final push to Mauritius!



  11. Hello Sarah we are two members of SRS-Mermaid – Sophie(14) and Laura 11 We cannot believe you have rowed all this wa! Good Luck with the rest of the journey and hope you survive the yucky food you have left.
    We like chocolate too!

  12. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Well done Sarah, keep it up, your Mum and Matt have got to get to Mauritius first so they can be there to see you arrive. We are all as excited as they are and you.

    Yes I agree with the comment above the angels are guarding and guiding you.

    Best wishes for now and take great care.

    Much love

    C & K

  13. Janis says:

    Happy the 60s are so good. You and Dippers must be singing “Happy Together.” Highly recommend “chocolate mush” if any remaining bars want to make the supreme sacrifice. Keep up your strength! Almost M! Awesome! — Janis in CA, USA

  14. Barry Bear Gumbert says:

    I think if I were towing food I couldn’t stand to eat, I’d try feeding it to the tweedles.

    Better yet I’d only bring food I really liked.

    Of course that would mean a whole boat full of chocolate, eh?

  15. Felicity Rollings says:

    Wow Sarah! I can’t believe how close you are to the rum punch and chocolate! You’ve even disappeared off the left hand edge of the tracker! I’m so excited for you!!! I can’t wait to join you for a chocolate feast when you are back on dry land! Enjoy these remaining few miles of your journey! Flickety-roo xxx

  16. Molly West Australia says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m full of praise for your confidence in yourself and your tenacity to keep going and you will soon be in Mauritius. Well done. A cheque will soon be on its way. Your Blog has given me much pleasure and I’ve asked Father Christmas to bring me your book. Your “turn of phrases” are great. I’m in Cambridge U.K. the first week of September are you making any public appearances?

  17. Rob says:

    Superb to hear you today on last nights Radcliffe & Maconi show

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