Seablog: In Five….

Today the dawn got up and out to the oars first; this ‘ere Skipper being supra-sleepy after another supra-long day and so the pre-pre-dawn boat went without me. Still, the pre-dawn one was pretty beautiful nonetheless and I’ll just push on a bit longer tonight – a good move, as t is jolly hot on the Sun Deck right now.

Great email from Ricardo prophesising a week of ‘perfect, idyllic weather’ ahead. Here’s hoping there’s no funny tricks waiting in the sidelines to throw it off course. From here on in I would just like Red Carpets, sunshine and no waterproofless trews. Yesterday I had to call upon the latter’s services after a huge wave appeared from nowhere and offloaded right over the boat. It was Very Funny for the split second that it took for the saltwater sores of my lower deck to become soggy again. And then it was demoted to being only Funny, as my salty sores recommenced their squealy grumbles.

Folks,the Last Lap bell is going to be ding donging oh-so-very soon. In a few hours we shall surf past the ‘500 nauties to the beach’ sign into the realm of the 400s.

I think we might crack open the beer at sunset to celebrate. Thanks to the boys at Patterdale Mountain Rescue for said beer – given to me while training with them in the chilly depths of Ullswater in January. At least it was called training – I think it was really just an excuse for us all to somersault off very fast moving rescue boats into the icy waters, pretending we were James Bond. It was brilliant. And a lot chillier than my present eau de vie.

From me and the 500s,

Outey Toot Toot x

Wowee- a whole lot of commenteering from you folks yesterday. Did anyone get any work done?

Dr Rosemary Taylor – Chocstock very much in need of Swiss refuelling. ‘Little boat in Paxos’ -can’t be smaller than Dippers?!

Marcel – Maybe I’ll drop by Rodrigues for some guinness gammon en route.

Claire C -Not tempted, but 10 points for ingenuity. If only folks would stop overfishing, then maybe there wouldn’t be such problems. V excited about snorkelly places in Mauritius-though I think I’ve had enough fun in currents this year…

Geoffers- Will gladly help in chocstocking your boat. Can I come for a sail before you head out?!

Ossy the Viking – Say hello to your son for me. If you can fix me up some speaking engagements, I’ll come over to the land of Vikings to see him.

Robin – Folks would have to bring their own chocolate aboard methinks; having to ration my supply for guests would never work, but I can happily see myself raiding theirs.

Xtina – A bottle of CK1 has been my spritzy treat since the start-so I shall be as fresh and fragrant as one can be after 4.5 months in the wilderness. Promise to wash my hair/clean behind my ears too!

Phil Cheek- Sailed by C&T on Silurian many times & barbecued on the beaches.Common dols in Oban – wunderba!

Marco, desde Uruguay – No hay problemo con espanol-tenemos uno barco realmente internacionale; hablo muy pocito en espanol y te entiendo perfectemente. Bienvenido Uruguay!

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18 Responses to Seablog: In Five….

  1. Rob says:

    It all makes our little lives here seem very humdrum. Still off in my own little boat tomorrow night. And Friday 9yr old daughter (going on 16) is coming to work with me. Humdrum it will not be then.

  2. Jane says:

    You are doing so well Sarah, how are the chocolate supplies lasting? Are you trying to limit them daily? Take care and has Mum booked her ticket yet?

  3. Don Golding says:

    Go, Go, Go, Sarah–champion rose of England –you can almost smell land now, best wishes from Western Australia –

  4. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I think your James Bond beer will definitely be shaken not stirred after its journey of a squillion miles. Careful how you open it as you don’t want to spill one golden drop – unless as a libation to Dippers and those thirsty seagods.

    How’s the wildlife? Seeing anything good? UK breakfast news this morning was full of the longest total solar eclipse for x years, which happened over Asia. Sounds like the Sun Deck was unaffected by any such blackout where you are! Sorry about the sea sores – hope you have not been tempted to use Arthur Bear as a cushion!

    We’re all very excited at Arthritis Care for your Last Lap and wishing you an exuberant and exhilarating home run down Red Carpet promised by Ricardo – no more big waves to bring briny blisters!

    Row, row, row that Mo eau! best jane

  5. Susie Hewson says:

    Taking a look at the tracker, the line of movement reminds me of skimming stones. A nice flat pebble at the right angle, can get 5 or 6 bounces on a flat sea with a good throw! Let’s hope the wind and seas stay in zone red now, no more skimming away from that straight line to the beach.
    Light the beacons Mauritius, Sarah is on her way. Keep applying the zinc and don’t forget those organic wipes we gave you for freshening up! Who cares if you smell Sarah, your “worth it”. stay upwind!!!

  6. Steve Vaux says:

    Hi Sarah

    Great to speak with you earlier. Sorry Mike was unavailable. Look forward to maybe meeting you when you get home. How do you stay so sane with all that empty sea.

  7. Clare says:

    Sarah, what’s your best guess for eta in M?
    Is anyone filming you arriving?

  8. Claire C says:

    News today on the wildlife wires is that our little White-Clawed Crayfish are going to have a special breeding programme somewhere in the South West in isolated bodies of water well away from where those nasty American Signal crayfish have almost completely eradicated the whiteys.

    You must encourage the Tweedles to go snorkelling with you on the reef – they will protect you from the Moray Eels..

  9. Sarah Dade says:

    Hi Sarah, have been watching your progress and can’t believe you’re on the home straight! Fantastic news, and here’s hoping the weather holds and you can keep motoring towards Mauritius! xx

  10. Your big Brother says:

    Wow Sarah, I cant believe you are now only 500 miles from beaches, paradise and some quality rum punch. I happened to bump into Sir Steven Redgrave the other day and had a quick chat with him. He asked what I had done to you as a younger sister to make you so strong and determined, I didnt have an answer im afraid. He sends his best and wishes you well. I hope that the next and final 500 miles go swimmingly for you and the red carpet brings you into Mauritius in quick time and you can have a wash and nice glass of rum punch!! Go Sister, pull hard and be safe xxx

  11. ian says:

    hi sarah,so nice to hear good news about your progress and prognosis for good stuff ahead,will any old rum do for the punch or do you have a favourite(so i can vicariously join your celebrations by popping down to the beach and having a quick quaff or two once you arrive)
    hope you have a few more pleasant suprises in the far corners of dippers to sustain these closing stages,given how much you’ve found as you’ve gone along are you sure you’re not rowing a tardis?
    best regards to you and to dippers

  12. Kitty and Tim says:

    Hi Sarah

    We’re all following your brilliant progress, not much further to go now, you will start to smell land soon! Can’t quite believe you have rowed so many miles, a fantastic feat already. Keep it up for a bit longer and then …… a white sand beach ….. rum punches …… x

  13. Glo Pringle says:

    I’m so impressed that the authorities have seen fit to put up “X miles to the beach signs”! It must be so exciting to be getting close to your goal. We shall miss reading your blog – it’s been entertaining and inspiring!

  14. Marcel says:

    Don’t worry guys.
    Filming and photos etc will be there with the Rum Punches.
    Sarah, WIN…”Women in Networking” would like you to be their guest of honour/speaker at their next meeting…scheduled for a few days after you arrive.
    I am looking after Helen & Ricardo et. al. Don’t worry!

  15. xtina says:

    There you go I was right ~ a hidden bottle of CK1 to splash behind the ears ~
    And a hidden Beer? What else is down under Dipper’s deck?
    No problem, as long as you keep Happy as you row row row.

    Talking of Happy ~ Happy sock’s arrived this morning through my postbox ~ yes your Mummy has been busy, and Team MSS happily each own a pair of Ocean Rowers Happy Socks.


  16. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news, lets hope this keeps going, are you going to have enough chocolate until you get to Mauritius, hope so. Had a nice note from Amanda Baughen at Arthirtis today which I will send to your Mum, they are all very humbled by what you are doing for them.

    Best wishes for now, happy rowing and stay safe.

    C & K

  17. Sarah Duff says:

    The biggest respect to you Sarah, you have done an amazing job out there!!! Booze, baths and bed are sooooo worth the wait!! Loads of Love, The Ocean Angels xxxx

  18. Dagmar says:

    Sarah, I have goose bumbs reading your latest blogs, and am as excited for you as one can be. The entire voyage is unbelievable, as is your spirit. This is the first time ever (and possibly the last, unless you decide to go on another adventure and let the Oxford alumni network know) that I read someone’s blog – and with what excitement! Enjoy the beer, and keep up the amazing work!!!

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