Seablog: Goodbye May

Day 61 has been and gone, flying past in a variety of greys and blues, cresty toppling surfy rollers and a wee bit of sunshine. After fifteen days of some of the slowest rowing known to mankind, we have had a stonking day hoofing towards Mauritius, leaving us with fewer than 1700 nauties left to tick off. Since rescuing Bob from his watery workout yesterday afternoon, we have clocked over fifty miles. Result – a super happy boat and crew. So happy that I have made mango jelly to celebrate and welcome in Month Three tomorrow morning. It is outside, strapped into my footrest, covered in a ziplock bag. Meanwhile I am inside, hoping with all my hope that a) it sets, b) it doesn’t get flooded with sea, c) it doesn’t get lost overboard, as that is the last surviving cooking pot onboard.

Well, cheerio May – some good times we had together. I hope you’ve briefed June on the best weather to bring to the party and emphasised how fond we are of Red Carpets and jelly babies, though I suspect I have to wait until Mauritius for the latter…

Au revoir possoms,

Outey Toot Toot x

Jenna – Michael Morpurgo gave me a rose?! How completely adorable. Please send him a thank you from me. Now you need to read his books. Read
‘Private Peaceful’ onboard. Cried and cried-it’s beautiful and funny and shocking.
Libby – Happy return to school!
Spike/Barry G – Retrieval line was also just out of reach and rowing to it wasn’t an option. Modifying rig for next time! (Hopefully there will be no next time…..)
Xtina – Boys, eh? Fancy not planning their parties. Well, if they get a wiggle on and head my way I’ll donate a bottle of fizz, a tin of pineapple and some choccies. And I’ll make them some jelly.They need birthday badges – make them Blue Peter stylee with cable ties and gaffa tape… Eating all sweets in the bag at once would give me greatest pleasure – none of that rationing rubbish! Great poem by the way, thank ye 🙂
Ian Brocklebank – Amy at Whisper can help with photos if you need any or yes, just credit source. Jelly baby loaf great idea -sadly mine are all gone…
BPC & Albie – Goooooooo Huuuuuugh’s!! Happy days remembering the river and the racing and the blades and the Pimms….yum!

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14 Responses to Seablog: Goodbye May

  1. Geoff Holt says:

    Heh, Outer’s, just back from opening the old Gaffer’s Festival in Yarmouth IOW (not kidding)- checked out your tracker – “Cool beans” as they say in the Indian Ocean. Quieter time coming up, hope to accept you “bloggage” offer if still available. G xx

  2. Mike Pearce says:

    ETA 6 July!

  3. Hi Sarah, we hope the mango jelly has worked – a nice little treat! Really impressive mileage that you and Dippers are doing now that Bob is back in – hopefully he can stay in now for the time being and you can carry on surfing your way to Mauritius. Happy June, love E & J x

  4. June Bibby says:

    Dear Sarah, How well you are doing. Keep up the good work. Your blogs are so interesting and you keep your sense of humour. Keep going girl, you are getting nearer Mauritious every minute. Wishing you well. You are in my thoughts and prayers. June

  5. Jodie says:

    Doesn’t time fly?! It seems like only yesterday that we were racing back and forth to Godstow at 6:15am… You’ve certainly come a long way since then – and not just metaphorically my dear!

    Very proud of you – you’re doing a brilliant job.

    How about a push for ten?!!

    Love Jodie x

  6. Jon Greatorex says:

    A different approach: Rutland and Samford were today basking, and losing the ‘s’ of the verb, baking in heat. So, what do we do? Hibernate into air-con rooms? Take a walk in the now extensive rape-fuelled fields? Hop into the car and motor to the shops for b-b-q supplies? Wow!, it all seems too much – decisions, decisions!
    Oh to be stuck, fast, in an environment that we have little control over, in a small, confined area, with vistas to all compass points. The same plastic and watery visions greeting us day-in, day-out.
    Most of us, (me included), will probably never know the endurance – and that’s the word, you have persevered to make your own. We take comfort in our day-to-day existence, are troubled by petty phenomena, gratified by pyric successes, (suitable after today’s weather). But you possess something a tad more, and I hate to say it. because of, whatever…’guts’. Me, and many many more, are watching your progress with deep affection. You are, (nearly), (almost). (past), halfway home – and it’s ‘downwards’ from henceforward. A big hill has been conquered – you are on the final stretch, so take it easy!
    Mr E doesn’t stop prompting me to check your blog, & was incredibly chuffed to be privvy to be able to speak to you direct. When anybody walks into his office they can immediately see the Rudyard kipling ‘adaptation’ you gave him after Gold D of E.
    Yes, you are physically on your own, but your family, people who love you, and a wide internet community are there, invisible, but goading you on. WE’RE WITH YOU SARAH – COME ON!

  7. Andrew Trotman says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Thought of you yesterday at summer eights in Oxford watching the college crews rowing by

    We are off to Snowdonia tomorrow with the Shells. More civilised this year: no quick sprint to France at the same time. Also a chance for them all to do Bronze Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.

    Keep going.


  8. Libby says:

    Hi, Sarah. How could I forget your Gym days – so typical of you – always working hard to give your very best. I often quote your enthusiasm and determination for a sport in which you gave your all. The Maltman’s trip was the one responsible for the dreaded D+V with most of the team I recall and my first experience of MacDonalds in Holland – what no knives and forks? Whatever next.
    I don’t expect you remember the problems with the leotards? Fetching little numbers, but did they make you itch!? I suspect your present garb allows for considerably more freedom.

    Keep up the good work, Sarah.

  9. Flick Rollings says:

    Hi Sarah! Glad to hear Bob has seen sense and is back on board behaving himself. Good to see the orange tracker line is quickly worming its way to the left of my screen! I hope June brings some great sun and surf for you and Dippers! Lots of love, Flick xxx

    P.S. Any idea how long you plan to stay in Mauritius once you arrive?!

    P.P.S. I’ll get plenty of sweets and chocolate ready for you when you get back 🙂

  10. Barry Gumbert says:

    So the retrieval line just floats free? How about tying it to the main line so as the line is pulled in, the retrieval line comes to you?

    I’m a puzzle wiz and a bit of an inventor. Any other problems??

  11. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    oh sarah your blogs are the greatest incentive to leap out of bed to read, and I’m getting earlier and earlier, anticipation getting the better of me,inspite of the shortening days. I’ll try to find Michael Murpongo to read. Jill

  12. Doug says:

    May your orange tracker continue along the green line. My school kids love getting updates of your progress. Commitment is the ongoing message. May the wind continue from the East South East and the seas be kind to you.

  13. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,glad your jelly worked,what next on the pudding front?
    best regards to you dippers and the safely stowed bob……

  14. Marcel says:

    OK I’ll add Jelly Babies to the Champagne in Mauritius.
    Mango Jelly. It tastes like it wobbles!

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