Seablog: Good things come to those who wait…and row…

In celebration of our finally crossing to the West of the 90th degree of longitude, after our teasing approaches and hampered efforts, I composed a song while cooking dinner tonight. It is set to the tune of that acclaimed childhood hit ‘The ants go marching two by two’. Currently just the one verse and, to be honest, it’s probably best left that way…Never have been very musical, despite the fact that half my blood is Welsh and therefore should be inherently musical. That aside, here is the beast itself : ‘The 90 degree day song’ or ‘The result of 52 days at sea by yourself’.

‘Today we rowed past ninety degrees,
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Today we rowed past ninety degrees
Hurrah! Hurrah!
We had showers all day, and rainbows too,
Some birds flew by to welcome us through,
And the man with the orange flag -He nodded as we rowed by,
He nodded as we rowed by. ‘

Suffice to say I won’t be busking when I get home to pay off the bills. On a much more musical note the gloriously entertaining Radcliffe & Maconie will be dropping by to my birthday party on Tuesday -2000-2200 BST, BBC Radio 2.

Thanks for all the storm support – must say I’m glad it’s all over and we’re Westward bound again. While the time spent incarcerated was enlightening as to what laundry must feel like as it goes through a hot wash, I much prefer to be outside rowing. That’s what we signed up for after all ‘Sunshine cruise to Mauritius, ‘ I think the advert said.

Finally finally, for those looking to increase procrastination opportunities, Roz Savage is about to set off on the next stage of her Pacific row. Good luck my friend!

Snoozage calls – I feel duty bound to answer.

Outey Toot Toot x

PS Did I mention we crossed to over the 90th degree today?

Lilabella – Great to hear from you!Thinking about you all a lot after hearing the news. Sending lots of love. Sadly baking facilities lacking so can’t do a Bake Thursday run. Sorry! Keep truckin’ and send a hello to everyone. Miss Oot x

Sarah B – Good luck with Finals! Have some Pimms for me by the river… College crest on the boat in 3 places!

Susie Calderan – Just dribbled a bit reading about Scottish breakfasts. Do you do ocean deliveries?!

David B – Would love to come to Telluride, thank you! Yes, I’m filming so we’ll see how it turns out…

Marcel – Enjoy! Very excited in anticipation.

Christine & Kathleen – Mum told me about all your fundraising- really very much appreciated, thank ye.

Robert – Finally someone figured it out! Now you’ve guessed I’ll have to start over again…

Tony Hack – Ah, the K & A; I know it well from the DW. Sounds fun.

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18 Responses to Seablog: Good things come to those who wait…and row…

  1. Vincent says:

    Hi Sarah – any plans for the long weekend, gardening perhaps?

  2. Amy Bryant says:

    Congratulations Sare!!
    Brilliant work old bean, and you should certainly record that ditty on your return. It will be a hit for sure…
    What are the weather prospects now? I hope you’ll have a calmer ride this week. How is the wildlife tally coming along? Now that you’re no longer holed up inside, I hope you soon see some friends!
    Lots of love, Amz xx

  3. Susie Hewson says:

    toot-toot-honk-honk-clank-clank 90th degree celebration echos from the Mauritian coast line and bonfires lit all around the coasts of Britain, Canada and USA where all the SISTERS are saluting your achievement thus far. Well done Sarah and looking forward to hearing your radio one broadcast from the party. Susie

  4. Susie Calderan says:

    Scottish breakfast ocean deliveries? Tell you what, I’ll get a haggis to swim out to you, and you can kill it and eat it fresh. How does that sound? ahhhh….poooor haggis!

  5. Malcolm Scriven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Many congratulations on getting west of 90 degrees – brilliant achievement. Fingers crossed for some good weather for you now. Last day for Y13 here with the usual antics, including a mini being placed on the bridge and a small chicken farm by the gym!
    Keep cracking on. Much love and respect from all at SES Business Studies.

  6. Jay says:

    Hi Sarah
    Just wanted to say thanks for all ur hard work. Ive had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 18 yrs now since I was 13 & often wonder why there is no publicity for this awful illness which completely takes over lives in every possible way.
    This is especially poignant for me as you may be sailing near the Seychelles which is where one side of my family is from!
    Best of luck J xx

  7. Laura Toon says:

    Hi Sarah, Heard you on Radio 4, As a 28 year old woman with 4 children, coping with Arthritis is very hard, but someone like yourself who does something like this to raise money for people like your father and myself is truly inspirational, Will keep checking your blog, Am sure your family is very very proud of you as would your father have been, Keep doing so well !!!!!!

    Take care and let us know if you see the sea turtle, all i could think of was the film finding nemo when i heard you telling us about where you are !

    Love Laura x

  8. Charlotte Healey says:

    Hi Sarah

    I think what you’re doing is fantastic & you are such an inspiration.

    Good luck & Well done!


  9. As the infamous Cliff Richard said “Congratulations, and celebrations…” Enjoyed hearing you on women’s hour and will be tuning in to BBC 2 on your birthday!Onward Sarah Shantyman!

  10. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Great news Sarah on reaching another milestone, you will be at the end before you know it at this rate. Hope the weather continues to be good and where the wind should be.

    Best wishes for now, hope you may get a bit more before we have finished.

    C & K

  11. Jean says:

    Well done Sarah,I enjoyed the song.

    Jean in Norfolk

  12. Cousin J, George and monsters says:

    Hi Sarah, Fantastic news that you have passed the 90 degree line and very relieved to hear the storms have passed. Can’t wait to hear you next week, was amazed you sounded so calm and upbeat on WHr after such a traumatic couple of days. Its the sheep and wool fayre at the farm on sunday which is where i am spending much of the sabbatical time, will fill you in when you get back.

    Get the champers on ice for your birthday and keep up all the hard work.
    much love J, G and M’s xx

  13. xtina says:

    Can just imagine the Tweedles moving up and down in tune to you, as they hum the tune,they are splashing around as you sing the song !!!!! like something out of a cartoon musical..

    Hey Sarah we could all help you write a child’s ocean type musical ~ Bob could be the ? and your socks could be ? …. we could use the word blog somewhere.

    Come on everybody let’s start to compose.
    We could call it ? “Life on the ocean wave” or Ocean Wave Musical.


  14. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, Congratulations on the crossing of the 90 degrees!!! Hopefully the weather will be more favorable! Well Marcel will be at “L’ile de La Passe” today…..organising your big welcome to Mauritius!!! How exciting…This Coco punch is looking good…Come on Row Row Row…..will see you there!

  15. margot says:

    Hey Sarah, it was such a fantastic surprise to talk to you the other night after the storm and to hear how well you coped with that terrifying experience. Mum says she’d love to make short bread for your party but as she doesn’t understand technology you will have to come and get it yourself! Sorry no pavlova for your party I haven’t got any egg whites at the moment but as I have heaps of pumpkins in the garden you will have to settle for pumpkin scones instead. Margot

  16. Chris & Trevor says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Very pleased you have got through the washing machine, no more washing until Mauritious.. We look forward to hearing your song on the radio on Tuesday, could make number 1 at least with with all of us. Bank holiday week but weather un Scotland not so good but we will be kayaking some where and put a few stokes in for you. All the very best.
    Christine & Trevor

  17. Julian Outen says:

    Hi Sarah
    Just to wish you a very Happy Birthday for the 26th. You are doing such a fantastic job and we are all enjoying following your progress. Keep up the great work (and the entertaining updates).
    With love Julian, Cathy, Chloe and Emily.

  18. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,like the song.will now be humming it all day,may get a few people at the folk and cider festival to join in a chorus or two,brilliant news on getting over the 90th,all downhill from here eh?
    best regards to you and dippers

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