Seablog: First bend: Final Lap

Brill, it looks like the strong stuff is delayed. So for now I’m still playing safe and keeping South of M. This gives me the best chance of hitting the SE corner – and failing that I have the run of the East coast. Ric’s advice is to point and shoot when the strong stuff does show up.

Have just had massive sugar high by eating entire bag of barley sugar in one sitting. Yum with a capital ‘Y’!! Said bag found tucked away for ’emergencies’. Well, the last day of July, my fourth a la mer, is sad to wave us on into August so I thought that was emergency enough.

We’ve covered Ric’s flights now and he is en route – literally high as a kite in all senses of the word- but if you’re keen to help chip away at my substantial loan repayment (there are lots of noughts involved, though happily interest free) then that would be greatly appreciated and will mean I’ll be selling fewer toes off to medical research when I’m back. I’ve asked Mum to put the bank account details up on the blog. Or a cheque to my home address (see website), payable to Sarah Outen Ltd. Very much appreciated indeed.

Currently in between rowing, interviews and getting things ready for landing, I am being befuzzled by all that has happened and is about to happen. This involves lots of tears and smiles – both happy and sad and excited and nervous. And I’m still conscious that this Final Lap has only just begun and that the most challenging bits of the whole crossing lies ahead.

Signing out from July, over 3,000 nauties from Freo and ever closer to M,

Outey Toot Toot x

Anita Corbin – Sounds ace, I would be honoured, thank you. Please get in touch with Adrian at Whisper – he has my diary…Would be good to do it while I’m still ‘ocean toned/tanned!’

Fiona Sampson – I’ll be back into scgool before you get to the end of your first week -I look forward to it. I’ll bring Dippers back to say hello when she’s landed too.

Remora – Eek! Port Louis would be a nightmare. More chance of land-land under my own steam on E coast. F F boys just called and said it was mammoth round from Gunners Quoin to Port Louis.

Clare S – Do you deliver to Heathrow?! Your chocolate brownies have featured in my dreams often! Folks – a tray of Clare’s brownies auctioned for £90!!

Claire C – Yum….

BPC – Goodness, I don’t think I’ve ever been called normal before. Fruit loop usually shines right through!

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22 Responses to Seablog: First bend: Final Lap

  1. Helen C says:

    I just got on your tracker for the first time in a week and I can’t believe how close you are! Keep on going, everyone is so excited for you – you’re a star! xxx

  2. Anita Corbin says:

    Wonderful news, I look forward to seeing you tanned and toned…It would be great to have ‘Dippers’ in the shot too. I’ll fix up a date with Adrian.
    Go ‘First Woman’ Go
    enjoy these last moments

  3. From all of us here at Arthritis Care, I wanted to wish you the very best of luck in the last few days of your incredible adventure. You’ve been an inspiration to us all over the last few months and we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done to raise awareness of arthritis and raise money to help so many people in memory of your Dad. Good luck navigating those last few miles. Enjoy your rest in Mauritius – we can’t wait to welcome you back to the UK.
    Neil Betteridge, Chief Executive, Arthritis Care.

  4. Debbie Rowbotham says:

    Hi Sarah, Great to hear you are so close to land. We left Mauritius on Wednesday ( plenty of sun and rum left) and have just munched a Beans chocolate brownie for you in anticipation of your fantastic achievement.
    Enjoy the feeling of that white sand between your toes and savour every minute of your landing and home coming.
    See you soon back at SJS
    Debbie R

  5. Dear Sarah:

    I have been following your progress daily over these last few months and I look forward to hearing about your successful arrival after a very long and arduous journey. Your courage, commitment and successful fullfillment of your goals is an inspriation to all.

    I want to wish you all the best for your final few miles and let you know that there are many people watching your progress who you may not have received mail from, but none the less have followed your trek.

    We have something in common in that I am 1/2 Welsh as well. My mother is from Blaneau FFestiniog. As well something else that we have in common that you will recognize, the name….


    Kentucky, USA

  6. Terry Bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Not far now you must be getting real excited.By the sound of your jovial excitment & getting organized , you are going to shed a few lovely teardrops . I happened to tune into ABC Regional West Aust this arvo about 2 .30 pm & much to my suprise they were talking to you on your sat phone,it was great to hear your voice as you are so close to your goal.will watch your tracker to the finish to join in your landing ,take care & safe landing ,Dipper will take you HOME Cherrio!!!!!!!!!

  7. bastien says:

    amazing. You are amazing. You are an inspiration.
    thank you

  8. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Hope everything stays fair for your Final Approach and you point and shoot with unerring derring-do – must have your reunion with Helen, Sarah’s Mum, in Mauritius not in Reunion next door!

    The tracker squiggle of the journey doesn’t even look that squiggly (now we don’t see every swerve as a scary detour into the even-wilder blue yonder.)

    Ha ha, good old Dippers, disclosing a few more hoarded goodies for your delectation – that boat is a generous host. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend – we’ll be checking the tracker and whooping you shorewards. No boshing, squashing, or washing-out at this stage please! best Jane

  9. Elaine says:

    Hi Sarah
    This is fantastic! Very best of luck for the final hurdle!!We look forward to hearing all about it, and hope we will be able to catch up with you soon.
    Have a wonderful time in Mauritius!
    Love Stuart, Elaine,Doreen et al at Ash Cottage

  10. Claire C says:

    Tell us the minute you see land!!

  11. jpdiniz says:

    Dear Sarah,

    this is Ricardo’s father calling from Lisbon, Portugal.

    Ricardo is on his way to Mauritius and I’m absolutely delighted that you are just a few miles away to fullfill your dream! You are really fantastic!!!

    So God bless you in these final miles!!!

    JP Diniz

  12. Whhooo! Almost there – the excitement in your blog is evident! Have you decided which happy socks to wear upon landing???? I think they should be immortalized along side the first photograph taken of you as you touch land and encapsulated for eternity in a frame and mounted on the wall at the rowing club! Safe landing and looking forward to the LAND AHOY! cry. 🙂

  13. Libby says:

    Keep rowing Sarah – the end of your journey is not far away – what a fantastic achievement – I can already here the Match of the Day music playing for you.
    God Bless

  14. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    I have just seen a 53 secs clip on the BBC News – South Today of your friends who have just completed their row, missed the actual local news which they were on but managed to see it via the computer on South Today. Very intersting, but thinking well just wait until our Sarah gets in, the fact they had 2 of them and did it in 102 days makes your reord even more impressive.

    Not too long to go now, have to keep having numerous looks to see the latest. Even though we are not there with you the excitement is building here.

    All good wishes.

    C & K

  15. Nick Robinson says:

    Hi Sarah

    I have followed your journey from the beginning, having seen your challenge by chance. You are a truly remarkable and courageous person. I do not know how you have managed to stay so positive, but your diary has been a truly inspirational story. Best wishes, and enjoy the next few days.

    Nick Robinson

  16. Spike says:

    For Marcel:
    some time ago you posted some web links to the Mauritius media where there is likely be live coverage of Sarah’s arrival and the subsequent feasting. Unfortunately now unable to find them amongst the blogs.
    Could you be kind enough to post those links again before it all gets too busy ?

    Sarah: Surfing is fine as long as there is plenty of water underneath ! Everything is crossed for your safe landfall (it’s not the fall that hurts but the subsequent deceleration). I see that you recognise that there is a tricky bit of seamanship yet to come before you stand on the shore. Keep up the concentration until you are actually hugging Mum and Dippers is in the care of your crew. I’m so impressed.

  17. Helen ( Sarah's Mum) says:

    Spike ……………………………………………………….Please find the following …..
    Mike Pearce Says:
    July 26th, 2009 at 12:48 pm #
    Hi Sarah,
    Well done keep up the good work, you need to be a bit nearer to Mauritius to see the island. Highest point is just over 800 metres.
    Just keep thinking about all those rum punches. Ask Marcel about Goodwill local rum! my favourite is Green Island
    For those who been following Sarah’s voyage here a a couple of web sites which will be of interest to you. this is the local TV and Radio station you should be able to see Sarah’s arrival live or on the evening news. and these are the local papers which should be covering Sarah’s arrival. Go to the electonic editions of both paper L’Express is quicker to load.
    For those who missed it the first time here is something I put together for Sarah listen to the song as this sums up this courageous young lady.

    Hope this is what you wanted Spike

    Looking forward to my flight now, nearly packed. Can hardly wait for that HUG.

    Helen ( Sarah’s Mum)

  18. Lina says:

    Yeaaaah! Nearly there Sarah. You made the news in Yesterday’s West Australian( Newspaper) I am so excited for you. You are such an inspiration for everybody, especially the young women. I am sure that your mum will have a BIG sigh of relief when you will touch land, and of course a HUGE big hug……Sarah I will be there with you, in spirit, and I will imagine that your Welcome drink will be awaiting for you….I will have to email Marcel, to make sure he brings some chocolate as well!!!!!Go Sarah! Go! Safe Landing!

  19. Tim says:

    So very well done Sarah-

    Have followed your adventure from Nigeria, Ghana and Borneo and now back in Perth and hoping to see footage of your arrival-

    Fantastic effort – have a great reunion and a cold drink –

    Marvellous tale it has been to follow –

    All the best Tim Scarrott.

  20. ian says:

    hi sarah,not long to “normal life”now,hope you find your land legs pdq on arrival,still utterly in awe of your achievement.
    regards to you and dependable dippers

  21. Hi Sarah

    Really all the very best of wishes from all of us at SRS Mermaid (Sea Ranger Crew) for the last bit of your journey.

    We would love to meet you one day and here about your story in real life. Sounds like the last bit of your journey you are expecting to be tough so we will follow your progress. We are off on our annual summer camp to Devon where we sail row and canoe over 5 days. Hope we catch your “landing” before we go.
    All the best

    Sophie & Laura from SRS

  22. Wendy & Ken says:

    Good luck on last leg of your fantastic trip Sarah. Mum & Matthew on their way! Enjoy the luxuries when you land!
    Love, Wendy & Ken

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