Seablog: Ding dong ding dong! The final lap is upon us…

Sub 200 nauties to go feels great but the strong stuff on its way is almost certain to deal me some jiggery pokery and make landing very…how shall I put it… exciting/interesting, to say the least. As such, I am still trying to row WSW to ‘defend my course’, as Ricardo so valiantly put it.

Landing plans as they stand at present:

‘Land anywhere on Mo ASAP without any external assistance or getting boshed, squashed or washed out in the process. ‘

We will then tow Dippers around to Port Louis for a second ‘arrival’, a day later perhaps, where folks can come and say ‘hello’, admire her fine lines and won’t be repelled by my briny fragrance.

Must try and snatch some snooze now, as the pace racks up sleep is shooting down the list of priorities. And I say ‘try’ as I am really rather excited about the whole landing lark….

Did I tell you I’m nearly in Mauritius ?!

S & D x x

A snippet of my 4 radio fests tmw (hoping to fit in some rowing somewhere..)

BBC Radio 5 Live – Midnight-0100 BST Friday 31st

BBC Radio Oxford – Breakfast Show, Friday 31st – 0800 BST

For all the WA folks…

ABC Radio Perth – Bernadette in the Afternoon – Friday 31st July – 1415

Claire C – What a kind beluga!

Douglas Piercey – All due respect, but I’m very happy as I am, thanks.

Libby – Seem to remember Debbie & family in Mo now,too. SJS reunion maybe?! Safe tripping.

Susie Calderan – Cardigans? Whaleys? Porpies? BNDs? Otters!? Hope you have some Welsh cakes….

Barry Gumbert – Any ‘final push’ poetry? Glad ibook fixed & thanks for the donation.

Ted Brinkworth – Hoping to come back to WA next year, would love to meet your students.

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14 Responses to Seablog: Ding dong ding dong! The final lap is upon us…

  1. Richard C says:

    Sooooo excited for you – really going to miss the daily updates and your level headed approach to everything…..bring on that book.Can’t wait til the next exciting venture! Lets hope we hear that ‘fat lady singing’ very soon.
    Richard c

  2. Claire C says:

    Oh my God – it’s so exciting that I have butterflies on your behalf!!

    I keep thinking of what it’ll be like when you get near to land and the water changes colour and you see land fo rthe first time in over 100 days. And people!!

    Have mobilised my pals to find you, eother in Mahebourg or Port Louis – not sure your tum will be up to street food, but it is simply fantastic grub!!

    Take all care and try and get some sleep!

  3. Alan Thomas says:

    Me excited excited excited
    How am I going to pass my day, without your updates ? (whens Geoff, off??)


  4. Susie Calderan says:

    Ummm…mostly just wind and rain actually…

  5. Fiona Sampson says:

    Sarah, what can I say? You have been an inspiration to my ten year olds as we have followed your progress before assembly and the rest of our day,( You can just hear me….”If you think maths is difficult, you should try rowing the Indian Ocean…….. “)You have certainly inspired me to stick with it too. I look forward to your book. You are an extremely entertaining and inspirational teacher so keep it up kiddo! I continue to pray for your safe arrival and please, please do come back and tell us all about your amazing adventure at SJS. We are extremely proud of you!I look forward to reading of your safe arrival and intend to make a piece of art work from your ‘tracker’ which we have followed since the beginning.

    Safe journey. Amazed at you!

    Fiona Sampson

  6. Anita Corbin says:

    Dear Sarah

    I have been following your adventure since the start, enjoying every blog, your ups and downs!! I feel as though I already know you, very impressed with your writing and your courage. Being alone for so long can’t be easy.

    I am a professional photographer with 30 years experience, working with the Sunday Times and Observer colour magazines, colleges and many corporate designers.

    I have been wanting to write to you to ask if you would be the first woman to be photographed and interviewed for my ‘First Women’ portrait exhibition, I didn’t want to jinx anything, but you are nearly there and I don’t want to lose touch!! so I’m asking now!

    My project “First Women’ will be an photographic celebration, inspiring portraits of women who have broken new ground and who are outstanding in their field. During the next 5 years I plan to put together a huge visual project including educational exhibitions that will travel around Britain and be linked to an interactive website.

    I hope you will want to be a part of this exciting and historical project, I would be honoured, as I have been totally addicted to your dream..and you’re nearly there…well done for true grit and determination, you are an inspiration!

    would love to meet up with you in the autumn.
    look forward to hearing from you and all the best for the next few weeks…

  7. Charlie Chase says:

    Well done Sarah. You’ve done it. I’ll miss your daily blogging.
    From now on, everytime I eat a Mars Bar I shall be thinking of you.
    I have just been back to JustGiving and placed another donation for your arrival.
    I’m sure, if others do the same, the Target could hit the 100% mark before you hit land. Well done !

  8. Geoff Holt says:

    Outers my friend, the Indian she did row
    Accompanied by Tweedles and chocolate, but progress was slow
    109 days the epic voyage did take
    Leaving behind the chart trace of a snake
    Carried along by currents and favourable winds
    But also the love and best wishes of her loyal friends
    Oodles of fun and amusement her Blogs did provide
    To the thousands of lovers of this lovely girl’s wild ride
    So it is to the shores of M that she now arrives
    To hugs and happy sox, and to a mum pleased she is alive
    We shall miss our daily dose of Outers with tales of her sores
    Until the next time she decides to pick up her oars

  9. Geoff Holt says:

    Sorry, 120 days or more….!!!

  10. Barry Bear Gumbert says:

    LESS THAN 200????? Awesome.

    Another of my favorite RUSH songs


    If we burn our wings
    Flying too close to the sun
    If the moment of glory
    Is over before it’s begun
    If the dream is won
    Though everything is lost
    We will pay the price,
    But we will not count the cost

    When the dust has cleared
    And victory denied
    A summit too lofty
    River a little too wide
    If we keep our pride
    Though paradise is lost
    We will pay the price,
    But we will not count the cost

    And if the music stops
    There’s only the sound of the rain
    All the hope and glory
    All the sacrifice in vain
    [And] if love remains
    Though everything is lost
    We will pay the price,
    But we will not count the cost

    We will pay the price,
    But we will not count the cost

  11. Chris says:

    Ding dong merrily, our Rutland Star is on a high – what exciting news. Go safely XX

  12. Jane says:

    Gosh, I am so excited for you I can’t wait. Take it easy and have a safe trip the rest of the way. Are Mum and Matt going to make it in time and, sorry I’ve forgotten, is Matt a brother or partner?

  13. Tom Talbot says:

    HI Sarah. Nice artical with your photo in the West Australian to day .Had great plaines and vision of being there at what ever time and what ever place for yor arrival as I was for your departure hade to have a knee replaced six days ago and have just got out of hospial so wont be going ant werre for a month or so but if you lisen wnen you arrive you will here me yelling and carring on ,again am lost for wordes to describe how I feil about your effort

  14. ian says:

    hi sarah,getting a bit giddy on your behalf in the closing stages,will try to be thrashing about on the boating lake with some rum at the same time as you land,your achievement has been spectacular,i’ve never mentioned your support team but i think they also deserve some plaudits for the way they,ve kept you going through this epic effort,truly amazing all of you!
    counting down the naughties from here on in
    best regards to you and dippers

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