Seablog: Day 95 – could be better, could be worse

A SW wind and swell has made super slow progress this morning – it is like rowing through setting concrete, as the rudder needs to be right over to allow me to row as close to the waves as possiblee so as to make any ground West. My back has been asking all morning, with increasing urgency, if ‘we’re nearly there yet.’ ‘Soon,’ I said, fibbing ever ever so slightly. 960 nauties soon. The wind should be backing tomorrow, leaving some friendly Southeasters again. Meanwhile, we shall truck on – though the wind is picking up, so we may have to recruit Bob again. Shame if we do – I had hoped he might stay dry for a while.

Outey Toot Tooting on the Westward side of 75 degrees East,

S & D x


Special thank you to Sally Kettle for her bloggage the other day. Sally was the first ocean rower I ever, ever met and has been a brilliant help these past few years and while I’ve been out here too. In case it wasn’t mentioned in her bloggage, she has two ocean crossings to her name. Both Atlantic, Canaries to Carribean, first with her Mum, latterly with a crew as ‘Rowgirls’. If you would like a jolly good read then she has written a book ‘Sally’s Odd at Sea’. Does exactly what it says on the tin – she is a crazy cool wonderful fruit-loop of a gal.

Roger Hayward – Please thank your girls – it shall boost the charity total very nicely.

Peter – I almost certainly would have done, yes-it’s in me bones to row! Though it is a great luxury to have all the comms etc nowadays.

Xtina – Am about to ring FF and tell them to join me for my bag of minstrels on Day 100!

Geoff Holt- I need to come sailing on this big boat of yours before you head West.

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9 Responses to Seablog: Day 95 – could be better, could be worse

  1. Ruth Ryder says:

    Hey Super Sarah, just caught up on over a week’s worth of your blog – congratulations for reaching the hundreds to go stage! Not too long before you can shout Land Ahoy (have you got an eyepatch for the occasion?).

    Sorry the sea is like concrete today, will be hoping for reduced viscosity asap…must have been so fab to see the whales the other day, hope you see some more soon, and sharks too as long as they’re on their best behaviour. Did you ever watch Sharky and George? If you did, sorry cos you’ll probably have the theme tune in your head now, I have! Enough juice for any audio books at the mo? How are the slimy biofilms coming along? will you be doing a hull clean anytime soon?

    By the way I have a new job in Banbury so am living in Oxford – cycled past St. Hugh’s the other day and thought of you 🙂 Think of you out there every day, keep on old chum, you can do it! xxx PS fingers crossed bob will be off the drink for a few more days

  2. Dominic Carrington says:

    Hang in there kid you’re dong great! Hopefully this leg is now starting to feel like the run for home. Really looking forward to counting down the miles with you as you head into rum punch country. All the best Dom.

  3. Pam Stocker says:

    Hi Ootey-toot, Essays all done now, thank goodness. Fun though, wrestling them into shape. It’s like having babies, they’re ready when they’re ready, and they won’t be rushed. Some long days at the desk (but in the sunshine, so I was good as gold. Glad to hear you’re in the hundreds. Don’t forget to log to backwards miles so I can pay up! Poor back. It’s a lot to ask of one set of muscles and one bony frame. I’ve enjoyed all the blogs, and it’s good to know you’ve got your tweedles to keep you company. We’re off to the boat for 4 weeks now, so my contact will be intermittent, but you’ll be in my thoughts, as every day. Love to the family too – hey guys! Lots of love, Pam

  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,been having a read through your early bloggage,very entertaining and informative regarding the preparation for this adventure,if anything it makes one appriciate your drive and committment even more.
    i note from your blog that you’ve been up to ragdale,worth another visit when you get back.i try to get down there very 18 months or so,it really is a tonic,so unfussy and non health farmish,read in the aeromith “biography”that they have also paid a visit some time ago…..hmmmm
    hope you don’t have to haul bob from his slumbers and that the winds are kinder to you and dippers soonest

  5. Marcel says:

    The entrance to Mahebourg Bay is
    20°24’30 S & 57° 45’59 E

    I shall be asking the Coast Guard to pick you up a few hundred miles away during their daily flights and the Chopper with a crew from the MBCTV will come out when you are closer in. So will boats.
    I don’t know yet if I’ll be in the air or on the sea. Maybe one after the other.

    There will be a weekly follow-up of your progress on the news with a daily report in the last week or so.

    I shall also organise some Radio interviews with Amy.
    Keep rowing or I’ll have drunk all your Rum Punchs by the time you come in.

  6. xtina says:

    Hi Sarah

    Go on then get them over for a Minstrel party, they may possibly be late or even not be able to make this one, as Bob is hanging round again and has said he is going to ground them for awhile!!! No idea why he should be so hard on them, maybe they tried to go down the pub again?
    You know what i mean Sarah, he is very demanding ~ you may be partying and even moving so six days from now, which is your 100th day ~ WOW ~ (I remember your first.) could be a big disappointment for them. Guy is desperate for some Minstrels … I have quite a few packets ready for the arrival in ile M.

    Lets see how things go for all of you? Make some jelly just in case, that will keep cool under deck?!
    They have a candle you could light, twist it,it plays a tune.Knowing them though they have most likely broken it or lost it.
    Take care and dance tonight.


  7. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Sorry it is heavy going – but how exciting to hear Marcel vectoring you in with the harbour co-ordinates and making all these wonderful red-carpet plans for welcoming you. So enjoy the last few days of just-you-and-the-ocean – it is going to be a social whirl when you make landfall (as the first and youngest person to have danced solo the whole way across the Indian!)

    Hope you can make headway without deploying Bob, best Jane

  8. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah(Sally Kettle),

    Thanks for a new title, Sally’s Odd at Sea.I’am looking forward purchasing if I can find the publisher in Canada
    Also a new title that i just finished reading,Rowboat in a hurricane.
    Rowboat in a hurricane:My amazing journey across a changing Altantic
    Ocean/author Julie Angus
    ISBN 978-1- 55365-337-0
    Question? would someone have the ISBN to Sally’s Book, Thankingyou in advance.
    Be very careful Sarah
    Grandma Barb

  9. Helen ( Sarah\'s Mum) says:

    Message for Grandma Barb…………………..I have a copy of Sally Kettle’s book……and so does Sarah. You could have mine if you like. I have read it, and if I need to read it again, I can read Sarah’s.
    If you would send me your address I can post it to you.
    Please write to me at
    25 Buckingham Road, Oakham, Rutland,
    Thanks, Helen

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