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After the comments about daily food hunts I thought a splash about my fuel was in order. Indeed that’s what it is -fuel. I budgeted about 5,000 calories a day, packed into ‘day bags’ with lots of extra treats and options thrown in as well in a bid to break up the monotony. Back on land I am renowned for my somewhat hearty (or is that hefty?!)appetite and ability to demolish anything on my plate. So I was keen that food out here on the waves would also be enjoyable as well as purely fuel. Off I went in search of lovely sponsors to help – Cadbury (yes, my very own chocolate sponsor = heaven), Look what we found, Natural Balance Foods, Urban Fresh and Amia.

Herewith listed today’s hoosh (word coined after listening to diaries of Scott’s Last Expedition -thought it sounds rather funky)

0600 Almonds, dried pineapple. Water.

-continue snoozing as sun not up

0800 – Porridge with a dollop of protein powder (lots of goodies added when we packed it at home e.g goji berries, linseed, nuts of every description, bran, raisins, dried banana/mango/apple)-squirt honey all over and aa twist of salt; Trek bar (fruit, nuts, oats – ‘lovingly smooshed together’); 2 Twirls; Slice rye bread with almond butter & raspberry jam (treat!); water

Row row row row (drink water and energy drink throughout)

1000 Trek bar & dried pineapple

More rowing (drinking still)

1200 Rye bread with almond butter & jam; Dream bar; almonds; pepperami

Rest while its too hot to row (swim/email check/wash/gin machine switch on)

1400 ‘Thai chicken rice’ rehydrated meal (one of the more palatable flavours…),sprouting lentils , dried fruit and nuts.

/1500/1600 -Graze each hour or as I feel hungry (Nakd bar, choc, fruit/nuts)

1730 Another rehydrated ‘delight’ e.g bolognaise/shepherds pie. More dried fruit, nuts. If I’m lucky a little pot of fruit. Probably some chocolate!

Graze on something every hour while awake and in the night when I wake.

*Take daily multivitamin/mineral and Omega 3,6,9 supplement
*Drink 3-5 litres day
*Treats include: wasabi peas;MOD rationpack meals (divine!); ‘Look what we found’ meal on Sunday (e.g Mushroom stroganoff, beef in black velvet porter) – highlight of the week; pasta and soup mix/pesto; rye bread and jam; cereal bars, chocolate bars different from the norm; biscuits; sweets; bombay mix; fruit pots;boat jelly (so called as it is made by my own fair boat hands!).
*Meals enhanced with mustards or that red peppery sauce that begins with a ‘T’…
*Birthday menu to be announced*
*All fresh stuff eaten weeks ago!
*Drinks cabinet includes-Port; three bottles Fizz; one beer; 3 cans Sprite (coke now finished); various tebags I use to flavour waters; hot chocolate (hundreds of sachets-rarely drink them);1 bottle cordial; energy drink powder.

So that is roughly what I eat over a 24hr run -more or less depending on weather etc. There are two dehydrated pudddings onboard for each day too but I never rarely eat them – they’re all variations on a custard theme. Literally custard and bits of dried fruit or just chocolate custard. Why, nay how, did I let myself ever think that was going to be a good idea?!

I’m not doing too badly on it though – there should stillbe enough of me left for Mum to hug in Mauritius without wondering if she’s hugging thin air.

Onwards and Westward we go,
S & D x

Marcel – Scoobado sounds great, yes please!

The monsters (my little cousins) – Sorry to hear about Man Utd stealing your victory boys – be strong, your turn will come again. You need to shout louder for them next time methinks.Harry – take care of that wing of yours. Did you save the goal? Ol – Stop beating your brother up and pretending it was him diving for a goal! I emailed Arsenal and told them to make you Manager next year. Evie -Don’t rub it in too much that you-know-who didn’t win the you-know-what. Hope the gymnastics us going gymnastically.
Anna – Lovely quote. Currently reading 7yrs in Tibet
Christine & Kathleen-Thanks for all your messages. Thinking of you at the mo. Keep smiling.
Sarah Stitch -Think often of our Hebridean adventures!
Flick- Sadly no turtles on the Spotted list yet… Any in York you could send on a visit?
Anna W – Just read your letter -funnily enough I don’t often consider the specific heat capacity of materials but loved the dead guineapig marigold joke!
Libby – You know someone going to Mauritius too?!

Hopefully some pictures may have made it up too…..

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13 Responses to Seablog: Daily Hoosh

  1. Geoff Holt says:

    Heh Miss O. Great to be reading them blogs. Was surprised to see no Spam Sandwiches in the daily rations, Mike will be disappointed. Had to laugh on Sunday. Went to the start of the Ellen Macarthur Trust Round Britain trip. You know who was there. Who on earth could mistake you two? That guy should have gone to have his eyes tested. She says “hi” by the way, seriously. My boat still making its way back, still in Med, slow progress, a few probs now resolved. Tim says “hi” – he’s on his Nintendo DS playing Mario Kart so you’ll have to take 2nd best I’m afraid. He ate all his chocolate birthday cake so you’ll have to buy another one when you get home. Did you know Andy had a baby? Well, his g/f did. A girl. He’s moving out to Italy. Got some sponsorship last week, a 1/3rd to be axact, so still hunting the big one. Row safely. Geoffers.

  2. Hello there Sarah – the ‘ocean diet’ sounds good! Glad to hear that you are munching on the chocolate – where would you be without it???!!! I was lying in bed last night looking at the moon shining down and thinking of you – wondering what you would be doing at that precise moment in time. It’s amazing that with this technology that you can keep in touch even from the Indian Ocean! Jamie and I love your sea blogs. You’re cool, keep rowing, you’re doing fantastic! Lots of love Emily and Jamie x

  3. charly says:

    Heya Sarah.
    I hope everything is going spiffingly well! You will have to eat plenty of chocolate for me as the windsurfing training is starting properly for me YAY at last. We all love the sea blog and it is posted on the school intranet.
    Love you and skippy

  4. Lottie Whitesmith aged 10 says:

    I can’t believe that you have rowed so far, I can’t even imagine how far that is! When you go swimming in the sea, do you worry about the sharks? I have got a cold and am off school so I have been reading about you, and think that you are amazing. Maybe you can come to my school when you have finished and can tell everyone about how much chocolate you have eaten!
    Lots of love from Lottie

  5. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,how cool is having a chocolate sponsor,were they the first one signed up?i live by the coast and on my walks i often look out if there is a small boat and wonder what you are up to,amazed that you can get all that stuff on your boat,must be quite crowded!
    all the best to you and dippers

  6. Chris & Trevor says:

    Hi Sarah, not emailed for a while but we do follow you every day. Well you are over 1/3 of the way now and doing great. Reading the diet sounds just like on Mull, never stop eating.We were all amaized how much you managed to get in a sea kayak so I have no doubt you have well stocked diperty. On the plus side she will be gettiing lighter each day an easier through the water. It was good to hear you on the radio and we look forward to the next broadcast.
    Well done.

    Chris & Trevor

  7. Susie Hewson says:

    munching your way across the Indian, that could also be a target for the record books. Just a thought, when do you clean your teeth, you need those pearlies for the cameras in Mauritius when you arrive. It is 4pm here, not had any lunch and talk of chocolate is too much for me now, need to go get a cup of tea – can I get you a cuppa too??? Natracare SISTERS love the daily blogs, filling us all with admiration for what you are doing. Keep the updates coming. Susie

  8. richard butchins says:

    Turn round right now and come straight back you forgot the caviar and now the catering ship can’t find you – will send sandwiches post haste

  9. Pam Stocker says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m back from retreat – peaceful and lots of silence which wasn’t silent – birdsong, wind in newly opened tree leaves, crackles and rustles in woodland fallen leaves and blackbirds scuffling. Squirrels quarrelling in chippery kinds of voices, no traffic, squelch of mud, occasional stomp of boots, slithers, conversation with self over which of my pooh sticks is winning in battle for the fastest passage under the bridge (recurrent theme), cows, sheep, manic lambs who seem terminally incapable of staying remotely attached to correct mother, bolshy rams barging each other (particualrly nasty thwack of skull against skull), territorial gander, bee buzz, and occasional human voices which suddenly seem loud! Like your sea-soundscape, it’s so diverse and surprising. Great to catch up on blogs and see good progress. Which poems learnt so far? Part of my retreat was writing more stuff too. One about a shell. Lots of love,Pam

  10. Barry Gumbert says:


    You managed to pack all that stuff in Jamie’s Boat? Makes me feel better about all the crap I want to drag along to Glacier Bay. I do wish I could afford to have Jamie build my boat, But my design is so close to that of your boat it’s almost scary. I’d love to get a look at the plans. That would save me from having to draw them. But I’m thinking of making a two man boat.

    I’m sending you some chocolate dipped strawberries by telepathy for your birthday.

  11. Lina says:

    Hi Sarah, I just cannot believe how much food you had stocked up in your boat, while helping you the day before you rowed away, I wondered about it. You have done well!!! eating and rowing!!!! Every morning I am eager to open you website and follow your tracker! you still amaze me! Went to a Rotary dinner on Friday night and you were “The Subject of Conversation” I have given your website to quite a few people and hope that they will log on and follow your tracker and donate to your very worthwhile fund raising.

  12. Geoff says:

    I can see the book now; –

    “I ‘survived’ 101 days on chocolate”


    “You too can lose weight on Chocolate!”


    “If I have to eat one more chocolate… it will be great!”


    “Dining out with Outey… more chocolate anybody?”


    “101 recipes for chocolate…plus some!”


    “Me, Dippers and Chocolate (but mostly chocolate)”

    I bet Cadbury are working on the “Outey Bar” already!

  13. Lina says:

    Hi Helen,(Sarah’s mum) As it is mother’s day today in Australia, I come to wish you a ” very Happy’s Mother’s day” together with my admiration for your courage to have let Sarah achieve her dream.

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