Seablog: Cabin Holidays

As you can see from my tracker, we’re doing some more squiggling at the moment. So far the weather hasn’t been rough – it’s all just coming at us from the wrong way. We were treated to a lightning show last night and some brilliant rain thundering onto the cabin roof, and so apart from the miles lost (20) we’re doing just fine. Worryingly, I am onto the last of my books now though – I thought six would be enough (rowing, not reading, expedition after all) but with all these cabin days I’ve whizzed through them.
Here they are:
*Private Peaceful, Michael Morpurgo
*Seven Years in Tibet, Heinrich Harrer
*The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Nicholas Boyne
*The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, E. Hemingway
*Kon-Tiki, Thor Heyerdahl (My favourite)
*Down Under, Bill Bryson

So then it’ll be a case of learning poems from my ‘e.e.cummings’ book and the various ones written out for me by friends; reading ‘Ocean Sailing’ and ‘The Rule of the Road’ – the latter two technical theory and rules of navigation.

I have some 70 audiobooks on my Ipods but after the death of my headphones on Day 10, (and apparent omission of a spare set), I can only listen to them through my sundeck speakers when we have sun enough to juice the batteries. Normally I don’t mind, but cabin days can be long and s….l….o….w. I’m still yet to produce meaningful sound with my SSB radio too – any hints much appreciated. Maybe I’m just too smalo to pick anything up out here.

Happy to report this first batch of lost miles was annulled by a Sooty albie flypast yesterday and the present from myself to myself of a brand new silk sheet. Luxury.

From the cabin,

S, D & Bob x x


Susie Calderan – Indeed I listened to everything you ever said. Like ‘Lunch is reaaaady!!’ Fin was after blowhole but also very falcate, I thought. No jaws or flukes or pecs’ seen – apparently a whale with just a back. Black – no funny colours. I want to say fin whale. An enigma.

Jill & Stan: Have two couples in my mind: American and Aussie or both Scottish ? Or another clue?!

Spike: Won’t subject happy socks to washing out here; only makes things smell worse!

Jane Spence: Baskers are my favourite sharks of all. Great work finding a whole party of ’em.

Pam Stocker – Great idea, please lead the way!

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  1. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    True blue west aussiie Yachties on the opposite side of the jetty.Quite ancient. We talked to you separately on Dippers and then when you were filling the water bottles. We were loading Lady J to spend some time at Rottnest. Came home to find your website and found it exhilarating,and interesting about your father. I have R/A and sent a donation. We hoped to see you leave, but you had snuck out and when you returned we were at Rottnest and left while we were still at Rottnest.
    I loved the boy in the SPs, and KonTiki, which I must have read 100 years ago.
    Have finally got your tracker running and have wasted most of today looking at it and waiting fo a blog, so it ws great to get this one literally as i searched and imagined strong winds.
    Good luck,

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Have you ever read the book “Fatu-Hiva, Back to Nature” by Thor Heyerdahl, which describes his attempt at age 22, and with a wife aged 20, to live a “natural” life on the island of Fatu-Hiva in the Marquesas in the 1930’s ? It is an illuminating, autobiographical book, and was first published in 1974.

    Very best wishes for favourable weather and wind directions,

    Steve RPYC

  3. xtina says:

    Guess that lightning show last night was for the ‘Ocean Birthdays’ a few nauties behind Sarah. Those that got to The Flying Ferkins party were very busy pulling pints for Guy and Andy and the lightning would have given them that extra party feel!! As you know they didn’t have any fireworks on board!Wonder if they got to make that bunting?
    (Glad to hear the boys managed to speak to you a few days ago) Amazing Ocean calls?

    You will soon make those lost miles up, we know you! Has Bluey turned up recently.Maybe when you go squiggley he/she goes under the boat and clings on.Has to sleep sometime and then reappears when Dippers gives him/her the all clear!!
    Take care
    love xtina

  4. Hi there Sarah, Dippers & Bob – how did the all nighter on the oars go the other night? – we were thinking of you when we went to bed. Jamie says to tell you that the pairs boat we are building now, is looking like Dippers is going to have a big brother! We hope Bob won’t let you loose too much ground and happy cabin holidaying – enjoy a well earned rest! Love Emily & Jamie x

  5. Jade[10] says:

    Hi Sarah
    Arent you scared to be sailing alone across the ocean? My Mum and I go onto your blog all the time. Every time I look at the charts of where you are I think how brave you are. I just hope that the wind and the ocean cooperate with the movement of your boat so you reach there in safety. All the best on your voyage. I bet your father is very proud of you and is protecting you.
    Jade[from Australia]
    Please write back when you have a rest from battling against the waves
    You are a great example to me. I think you are a hero.

  6. terry bradley says:

    Hi SARAH
    Great to read your blog tonight & you have still got your great spirit , You,ll be on your way west soon again ,Hope Bob has a long rest this time Take Care & keep safe TERRY (Aust )

  7. Marcel says:

    re Thor Heyerdahl, did you hear about the pyramids he found on Tenerife and helped build a research and convention centre around them. Appears that they were constructed by some ancient civilisation.
    Well it looks like we have a similar structure complex (7 pyramids etc) in Mauritius (in fact not far from Vieux Grand Port). Other complexes are in Maldives & Sicily.
    They are investigating presently.
    Unfortunately the article is in French.

  8. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah,
    So good to see you’re blog.I must say that i was concerned about you.(where on earth is Sarah)I have a couple of books you can add to you,re impressive list.
    The Last Lecture – Author Randy Pausch suggested web sight sight:
    The five people you meet in heaven – Author Mitch Albom.
    We went to see the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Button,
    excellent movie.
    Take care Grandma Barb

  9. BPC and Albie says:

    Hope you enjoyed the loop the loop – looks impressive on the tracker! I hope the north you’re managing at the moment is desirable. Albie squawked (is there a more techincal term?) again in the night. Maybe that was when your sooty albie was flying past. much love, xx

  10. Chris & Trevor says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just got back from the Isle of Skye, had couple of great paddles. We did have a 1.5 mile push against force 6 which blew up from no where otherwise brilliant sunshine. Sorry to see your going a bit loopy again it must be frustrating. It is good to see you have still been making progress while we have been away and well passsed the half way. Lets hope you get some favourable weather soon and challenge the 58 nauties record so far. Best wishes from all of us at RCC.
    Christine and Trevor

  11. Pam Stocker says:

    £1 a mile from me to encourage you when you can’t go forwards. Come on the other Tweedles! (love that name!) Let’s get nearer that 10K total! Your old English teacher is not surprised you’ve run out of books. Never mind, you’ll have to be content with re-reading and learning poems. What a pain. Oh, and writing your own book! xxPam

  12. Hi Sarah – I hope some film production/tv channel does pick up your story. Time will tell. John Mollison is a former British soldier, injured in the Falklands Conflict of 1982. He is preparing to row the same route we did from New York to UK quite soon. 4 lads are rowing the English Channel soon – 2 of the guys may well be amputees. Other than that, nothing else planned Commando Joe style just at the moment. Although my list of things to do may involve ‘dippers’! 😉

    Fair winds!

  13. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,not great that you have run out of books or the means to read them so todays finger crossing is all about some sunshine to in every sense charge your batteries,ee cummings is a great poet to have with you if you can have only one,that weather show must have been spectacular.sometimes if you are lucky our estuary puts on a b movie lightshow but we don’t have the expanse to really light things up.
    best regards to you dippers and bob

  14. Jeff and Zoe, Freo. S.C. says:

    Hang in there Sarah, At least its not the Southern Ocean ! Wishing you the best winds and sea’s.

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