Seablog: Bob! It's time to come in now…

There is only one thing worse than going backwards while out with Bob. Can you guess yet?
Well, it’s going in the right direction while out with Bob. The wind shifted in the night and my Red Carpet has arrived in style. 20-25 knots from the SE, gusting 30kts. The only thing is that the seastate is so big and erratic that I can’t get Bob in. I have tried everything I can, spending four hours in total, heaving and coaxing,while trying not to get fingers or legs trapped or indeed be washed overboard. For a few seconds I considered going overboard voluntarily to attach another line to him-that’s how frustrated I am!!
The last part of the retrieval manoeuvre is the hardest and involves bringing him round to the side of the boat. And there he stays – just out of reach, doing exactly what he is meant to do and holding our place. So we have gained seven nauties West since the wind shifted in the wee hours, but this could easily be nearer thirty, even without rowing.

Fingers crossed for a brief settling in the conditions so that we can get him back onboard. Short of cutting him free there is nothing else I can do now but wait. Poor chap must be as exhausted as I am frustrated….

Here’s to Day 60! *Raises proverbial glass, with a somewhat forced smile*. Yet another milestone spent not actually rowing. Hmmf!

Needless to say, the frustrated imp is back running circles in my head.

S & D and, unfortunately, Bob x x

Charlie Martell & Lakpa Bhotia – Hello Kathmandhu! Have just read ‘7 years in Tibet’, mountains on the mind. Only watery ones out here.

Rosie – Oh dear, oh dear. Where are W1? Hope Pimms made up for it

David in Telluride – Good sized 2 man tent. 48hrs in and it feels tiny! Menacing waves here now…

Steve RPYC – Earliest crossings were without all the techno whizzy stuff. I’m sure I would have done. Just as if the gear fails I shall carry on. That said, the contact is great.

Lina/ Tore – Of course I remember you, and your little brother! Great to hear from you. Has your rowing finished now? Hope the waves aren’t as big as they are here! Lina – I hope you’re getting better!

Jim at Mactra – The chap who installed it clearly got a bit muddled-and I just took his word. I did try completely removing the whole thing but he has sealed various bits in, rendering it absolutely impossible. No worries though, we’ll 35 it if needed. Thanks for the advice!

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2 Responses to Seablog: Bob! It's time to come in now…

  1. BPC and Albie says:

    Oh Bob! What a cheeky fellow you can be!! sorry for this new frustration – i bet you’ll be telling this story a lot when you’re back on land. im off to eights today! wonderful weather – here comes the pimms! xx

  2. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,hope bob is behaving a little better today,must be really annoying,everything crossed for you in this as many things,not as active as last weekend at the cider festival but considering making a jelly baby loaf on sunday!cracking on with the article i mentioned a while back,i wonder who do i clear the use of photographs with?thought formally it might be whisper but otherwise should we just credit the source?
    day 60 eh?those milestones just keep coming………..
    safe days to you and dippers
    ps if you want bob to come in just tell him his suppers ready……

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