Seablog: As if by magic…

Amazingly, soon after blogging my grumble about the frustrated imp running round in my head and making a racket, there was enough of a lull in the wind for me to finally get Bob back on board. And once again, a beautiful Sooty albatross appeared at just the right time, dissolving any trace of grumbles from before. I love it how they do that. Albie total now eleven!

So we have just had two exhilarating hours surfing down and across some enormous waves before dark crept up on us. I shall leave Dippers to it overnight – she surfs like a dream and with thick cloud cover it’s not very safe or pleasant to row in big seas in the pitch black. Oars in face, big waves over your head etc.

Now we shall have real smiles (as opposed to my forced one from earlier) for Day 60. *Smiles real smiles* We are safe, we are happy and we are going West on our new Red Carpet. And tomorrow we have a whole day of surfing. Wohoooo!

Have yourselves a happy weekend (I can recommend albatross and chocolate biscuit therapy if happyometer is flagging at half mast) and I’ll touch base again in due course. Due West!

Outey Toot Toot x

Monday will herald the start of month three at sea. Month Three.

It has taken 15 days to make as
many miles West as we did in just two and a half days during our last run on the Red Carpet.

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14 Responses to Seablog: As if by magic…

  1. Cousin J, George and Monsters says:

    Now where would be the fun if it were plain sailing\rowing all the way? Glad Bob is now in his rightful place, may your red carpet stretch all the way to the end. I think you have proved you can deal with the tough times, now for some surfing!

    Enjoy xx

  2. St Hugh's College Chronicle Readers says:

    Brilliant news, Sarah. Happy surfing along the red carpet!

  3. xtina says:

    You wake this morning and your dreams come true
    With Bob back on board ~ he believes in you

    Your off to surf into the Groove
    Hey Sarah that’s one positive move

    We’re watching your smiles, as you go West
    At last you’re happy as Dipper surf’s the crests

    Hooray ~ Red Carpet’s here to stay
    Please send it Ferkins way ….


  4. Hello Sarah, your blogs have been getting more and more entertaining as your time at sea gets longer! We have been so busy recently that we haven’t had time to comment on them! We are glad you have Bob back in (the little devil!) and you & Dippers are now surfing your way along the red carpet to Mauritius! Your photos are awesome and blimey you look like you’ve lost some weight on that ocean diet of yours! Lets hope you get some good miles in and tonight Jamie and I shall be raising our glasses to you, Dippers & Bob. Enjoy the surfing fun Sarah, you certainly deserve it! Love Emily & Jamie x

  5. P.S to xtina your poem is great! Keep smiling Sarah. E & J x

  6. David B. in Telluride says:

    Catch a wave and you’r on the top of the world. Good surfing to you now that the wind and sea anchor are all in their proper places.I see naughties in your future!
    David B.

  7. Jenna says:

    More Hay festival breakings news as it happens!- I looked after Michael Morpugo, what a lovely lovely guy, I mentioned I was your friend and he was so excited, and that he wrote your favourite child’s book. He sad he was so so sorry he couldn’t secure you sponsorship- he had apparently spent weeks trying to get Harper Collins (publisher) to sponsor you, but they wouldn’t (who’ll be laughing when you complete it?)
    He wanted me to pass on his best wishes and love, and he gave me a rose to keep for you (I have saved it’s dried little petals to pass on!)
    And he said when you get back, that he will get in touch because he would like to make a big donation personally!! How lovely and thoughtful is that?
    What a nice, talented, down to earth man.

    Hope this news puts a smile on your face, and cheers your day after your rough ride!
    See you soon,
    Lots of love
    J x x x

  8. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Good to hear all yout news and that Bob is behaving himslef again now, Happy surfing for many miles, we are all behind you. You will soon have reached your target and many more I should think, the followers are growing.

    Take care abd happy surfing

    Much love

    Christine & Kathleen

  9. xtina says:


    Guy wants to know how two guy’s (well one Guy and one Andy) have a birthday party on a boat, on the Ocean. They have one packet of Haribo jelly sweets left and their headlight hats they wear at night … they could jump around abit to make a sort of disco effect!! Get the picture now ~
    We all know you have some good ideas!!!
    Only seven days to come up with something exciting, you know what boys are like.(They have no balloons,no chocolate,no nothing really!)
    Ah they do have a musical candle they can light and sing to.It came in handy three days into the race when Guy had his birthday.

    Girl power to the rescue.

  10. Spike says:

    “Happy Socks and the Green Line” – sounds like a good children’s title ?

    Hi Outey, great pics of the millpond. I think I was watching those wonderful Albies fairly close to your @ when I was 24.
    Not good when you are unable to recover Bob and rather than helping, he is slowing your progress and causing other grief. Perhaps you should train the Tweedles to nibble him into submission.
    Perhaps he has ideas above his station as the Royal Bob ? So, have you now worked out how to rig a trip line to his crown ?

    Happy Westward surfing and hang Ten, but don’t wipeout by playing submarines !

  11. Barry Gumbert says:

    Sarah: Perhaps in future versions of BOB a retrieval line might be connected to BOB’s backside so that he turns around when being hauled in. Not sure what you might have on hand to make that change but it might be worth a try.

  12. Mum says:

    Message for Ian brocklebank
    Ian, I think that if you want to use photos from the gallery for press etc it is hoped that you would credit them accordingly……see note on Media page of website. If you need to know any more, contact Amy at Whisper P R .
    Thanks, Helen ( Sarah’s Mum)

  13. Marcel says:

    If you get blasé with the Red Carpet, let me know. I’ll leave the one I am planning to roll out for you in Mauritius, in the warehouse.
    Wishing you safe and fast winds and many more Albatross.
    The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation would like you to visit Ile aux Aigrettes. A little islet of some 20 hectares, in Vieux Grand Port, that they have rid of all non-endemic flora and fauna…in 15 years of hard work. My old friend, Welshman Prof.Carl Jones started it all and another old friend Tim Taylor (Scottish parents) is the new Chairman.
    Have a nice week-end.

  14. Pam Stocker says:

    Great you’re under way again. I supposed you’d call Bob in that context an unwanted hanger-on! Thought the ideas of various folk about fixing a trip line a good one. If you were drawing your imp, what would he/she (let’s not make gender assumptions here) look like? Very fun about Michael Morpurgo. I love his writing too. Do you remember ‘Why the Whales Came’? Your cast of characters at sea has promise for a children’s book, methinks. Keep going, good rowing today. LoL Pam

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