Seablog: And she will munch you in her fangs

There is a storm coming. Sadly from completely the wrong direction – due to build from the SW this afternoon to a predicted peak tomorrow afternoon and still be a menace after that. So be prepared for watching more squiggling on ye olde tracker over the next few days as I get ‘munched in its fangs.’ Doesn’t Ricardo have a lovely way of putting things? He says I’ve seen worse though so will be OK,though my line to Mauritius and my rum punch will not be so healthy!
I’m about to have breakfast and then row like billyo until the winds arrive. Then we’ll enlist Bob once more to reduce the collateral damage, don the helmet and hide in the cabin munching biscuits and chocolate until its safe to play again.


S x

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  1. John Skevington says:

    There seems to me to be too much chomping on chocolate. It will make you fat. You might have to swim the rest of the way to get rid of extra pounds
    I hope that you reach the half way mark soon, and then it will be all down hill rowing as you get closer to your destination.
    John Skevington
    Member of Royal Perth Yacht Club.

  2. Graham Hadley says:

    A few ‘wiggles’ wont do you any harm! Just look after your swede during the rough patches tho. Following you through rough and smooth so stick it out, and when it calms down, sort out that rudder steering thingy! You know, so you can go in a straight line…
    Can’t really imagine just what you are enduring, but ‘Total respect’ as Ali G would say! Behind you all the way Sarah.

  3. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Yuk! sarah they are the bits I didnt want to hear about.I’m supposing you dont have the music back yet to drown the noise. We are focusing all our thoughts and energy on you and no doubt you’ll be sending hilarious blogs soon. Good luck Champ.
    Good to hear Ricardo is still around. We loved his first article of your first start but havent heard of him since.
    keep smiling,Jill and Stan RPYC

  4. Marcel Lindsay Noë says:

    I’ll keep the Rum Punch on ice as long as it takes. Cheerio Sarah.

  5. Robert Nixon says:

    Best of luck durring this storm. Lock down the hatches and read a book… if you brought any. Oh and enjoy your time with Bob.

  6. BPC and Albie says:

    Hoping the you stay cosy and safe during the storm and Bob keeps you on the best possible course 🙂 Albie sends a ‘seafaring call’ of good weather wishes, xxx

  7. Rosie says:

    Well, enjoy the choco & let’s hope it doesn’t last too long otherwise it will be a choco-free trip towards the end – that would be a disaster!

  8. Ange Wheatley says:

    Keep it up Sarah, get some well earned rest while riding out the storm. We love to receive everyone of your blogs and look forward to the next one. All the best from Oakham, esp mum (Terry) and me.

  9. Barry Gumbert says:

    Sarah Ignore John (comment 1) Chocolate is good for you. It has energy and anti oxidants. We don’t want you to rust now do we. Come to Oregon for a visit and I’ll make you some of my hand made truffles. What’s your favorite flavor??

  10. Amanda B says:

    Eeek Sarah, stay safe, keep chomping the chocolate, and I’m sending “happy breeze and gently rolling sea” vibes to you and Dippers. Even tho the line has been a bit wiggly, your progress on our office wall map is looking impressive – we’re all with you ‘virtually’ and very glad we’re not having to do the ‘physical’ bits. Thanks once again for all the money you are raising for Arthritis Care, it’s means more than we can say. Amanda x

  11. xtina says:

    Sarah it seems that Eddie is playing games on everyone, but Bob I knows will look after you.
    Wish boys had nick names for their para anchors etc make it easier!!
    Had a lovely chat with your Mummy on Sunday, we talked oceans and family stuff, and oceans ~ you can imagine i am sure ~ over a cup of coffee, did feel near to you all.
    Are you seeing much wildlife?
    Guess Eddie decides to tell them to be scarce though.
    Be cosy and keep talking to us.

  12. Susie Hewson says:

    Oh great so we’ve all got a moment to tell stories to each other to pass the time. Swelling seas, this reminds me of a 24 hour ferry crossing from Ipswich to Gothenburg in June 1983 – by the end of the crossing, most of the passengers were on the top deck wrapped in grey blankets beautifully offsetting their green faces – did me for life on boats, never again. To this end Sarah, your jolly disposition under all conditions should be marketed to all sea squirms like me so that we can all come out from under the blankets. You are a marvel, no doubt about it…any organic chocolate onboard to share? Susie

  13. Jenna says:

    I hope you’re warm and safe inside your cabin and the storm passes quickly, before you know it you’ll be back on track!!! I’m so pleased there haven’t been any major accidents, been checking in on you everyday, keep doing what you’re doing. I was oddly so excited for you when you said you found that hidden Mars bar too! ah, it’s the small pleasures isn’t it? Love to you and Dips,
    x x

  14. St Hugh's College Chronicle Readers says:

    All good wishes through the storm, Sarah – total respect for all you are achieving in this amazing voyage. You deserve all the plaudits (and more) which will come your way when you reach Mauritius. May the winds and the waves be kind to you on your way!

  15. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,got everything crossed that the storm is not too onorous and does not stray you too far from the preffered course,will be thinking about you and looking forward to the blog that tells us you’ve made it through ok.
    following a batch of stuff from local/national arthritis care i am now getting stuck into the newsletter article.will send a copy of the magazine when it comes out which i think is in early july so you might even be on terra firma by then YAY!!!!!!!

  16. Chris says:

    Thinking of you loads Sarah. Look forward to your post the other side of the storm.
    Stay safe, chrisx

  17. Spike says:

    Batten down, keep that helmet on and secure EVERYTHING. After 40+ years in the Grey Funnel Line, I still have great respect for the oggin’. Force 10 to 12 is a near-religious experience but I sincerely hope you will not be subjected to anything like that. With Dippers it is likely to be like a ride in a Tumble-Dryer – but more aptly a ‘Tumble-Wetter’ !!

    You will still come out at the end so stay your usual positive self.
    If “Bob” carries away and you run out of spares, just a long line over the side with dirty washing on the end will have much the same effect. Advantage there is it will be clean when eventually recovered. At least in a solo boat, you don’t have anyone to moan at. Not so for the others nearby.

    As the saying goes “worse things happen at sea” Thinking of you while watching the sat images from my comfortable perch.

  18. Sarah – Enjoy munching on your biscuits and chocolate – nice to have some comfort food out there when you are in your cosy cabin unable to row. Stay safe and warm Sarah and put on your happy socks, we are thinking of you and Dippers – oh and Bob of course (he is very important!) Love Emily and Jamie xx P.S we are now the proud owners of happy socks! They arrived this morning and they are just fab, I’m wearing them right now and my feet are in ‘foot heaven’ x

  19. Go Sarah! We are all still very much thinking about you. You are a star! Love from Sam and all at Advance Performance

  20. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Just take extra care in the storm and we shall look forwrad to hearing after its gone.

    Take care for now, must get back to my daily updates.

    Bets wishes, what a star

    Much love

    C & K

  21. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,

    What seafarer worth their salt doesn’t have to weather an ocean storm? in fact, you probably wouldn’t be satisfied that your voyage was tough and testing enough without it! So hope you can grit yourself for the smack of something truly elemental – beyond the imagination of most of us – and keep the faith. This’ll definitely be one for your anecdotage….and before that, for your Forthcoming Book.

    Hope your beanbag soaks up some of the energy and Bob and Dippers keep you cosified. We’re all wishing you well – in fair weather or foul, best Jane

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