Seablog: 'And if you look to your left you will soon see exactly the same bit of sea that you rowed through three days ago'

Oh, how sweet it is to be headed in the right direction again. These wiggles might look pretty on the tracker but they don’t do much towards the rum punch campaign. I shall be happy to spend more than a working week headed the right way – it’s been a bit like running up a sand dune these past 40 days. Two steps forward, one back or vice versa at times. Or simply flying backwards, without passing ‘Go’ and without collecting £200. As much as this part of the ocean has treated us to some magnificent spectacles (think wildlife and seascapes rather than pretty glasses here) I am ready for the second half proper, not just tickling the edges and marching up and down or trotting round in squiggly knots. Ricardo helpfully pointed out that I have been very unlucky with the weather; just incase the lack of any wind with east in it for most of my recent living memory had escaped my notice. He assures me that I am not far from the third and final weather sector – fingers crossed the weather holds and lets us get to it before we fossilise or, even worse, the chocolate stash is depleted. On that note, those of you who know me will be relieved to hear I am unchanged, absolutely 124% Sarah O, still. My rather bold, if not outstandingly sensible ‘Chocolate Rationing Plan’ proved untenable beyond Day 1 of its inception. I have eaten 5 and 4 bars respectively these last two days and feel all the better for it. Part of that came from needing to ration water, as without seeing the sun for 3 days the main batteries were not very healthy.

Did that sound like a grumble? It wasn’t meant to. More of a soliloquy from that darned Frustrated Imp who has been doing laps inside my head of late. Anyway, after the beautiful whale visitors had left us last night and we were bobbing with, er, Bob, the Imp swam off and I spent the evening wearing my Olympic hat (more about this another time) and rereading letters from folks back home. Lots of laughter ensued, then some beautifully novel uninterrupted sleep prepared us for retracing our strokes today. In another 10 miles we will have made up the West we lost these last few days. Unrowed territory, brave new world ‘n all.

Here’s to more of the right stuff happenin’ the way it should this week (West always best) and with more whaley encounters, though just not when Bob’s out, please.

Righty, back to the oars, lunch is over.

Outey Toot Toot x

Don’t forget, Radcliffe & Maconie, BBC Radio 2 on Wednesday evening. From 8-10pm. I’ve chosen my music already and everything… ‘Ooh, what will it be?’

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7 Responses to Seablog: 'And if you look to your left you will soon see exactly the same bit of sea that you rowed through three days ago'

  1. ian says:

    hi sarah,pleased you got some quality zzzzzzz’s,always helps on the positive perspective front i find,as always find your upbeat take on things inspiring,the incredible adventure you are on will make an enthralling book when it’s done,hope you are having an extended kick back when you hit land,i wonder apart from the obvious,meeting friends and family,rum punch etc what are you most looking forward to?also do you just have one brand of chocolate with you or is it a mixture,just wondering……….
    happy sailing to you dippers and bob

  2. Mike Pearce says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Please to see you are going in the right direction, if you go the following website there is something I have put together for you and anyone else who might be interested I will also send it to “say hello” in case you cann’t log on to it.
    Keep on rowing and keep up the good work. Bravo Zulu.

  3. Ellie Miskelly says:

    Keep up the good work Sarah! Your daily blogs drop in to my email inbox at work everyday about the same time as the environmental industry news that I update our intranet with every day… each time i’m much more inclined to post your blog entry as a bit of inspiration to us all!
    When you make it, i think all your blog readers will have to join you in raising a large glass of rum punch… perhaps we should get some recipe suggestions together as you get closer!
    Love to the tweedles, dippers, bob and you! Ellie x

  4. susie Hewson says:

    Intrepid rowing and what descriptions you give us of the wonderful ocean with all its power and beauty. Midsummer’s Day upon us in the Northern hemi, hope your dreams are westwards in easy winds and blue skies. Susie Hewson

  5. remora says:

    Hi Sarah – Bearing in mind the number of days now spent at sea to get this far (ie, a few more than originally calculated) and the distance still remaining, what implications do these stats have on your remaining food, etc?

  6. jp says:

    Hi Sarah,
    this is Ricardo’s father from Lisbon, Portugal.
    Just to let you know I’m with you, and of course wishing you all the best. You deserve it.
    God bless you!

  7. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just had the Longest Day here in Blighty – glad I didn’t have to row through it like you! Your close encounter with the whale folk is one for the scrapbook and I’m glad Dippers and Bob didn’t get tangled up in Blues – or humpbacks or whatever your visitors were. Aaarghh, I can’t imagine what it must feel swimming as you do to clean the boat -above, the wide blue yonder, beneath, the wild blue under. Slipping in that first time must have been heart-stoppping. Hope you wear your water-wings…

    Glad you are back on course – racing to roll with those rum punches! Although you actually seem well-catered for cocktails – always spritzing some Overlooked Sprite when the Frustrated Imp gets uppity.

    Westward ho! best Jane

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