Seablog: An orange on day 83

Today has been wet and wild, both with wind and rain and some big boisterous waves. Thankfully it all happened in the right direction, and after 10 soggy hours on the oars we are happy tired and finally fewer than 1400 miles to Mauritius.

We took a bit of a boshing during my midday rest – but suffice to say…. Oh, sorry, I can’t tell you what actually happened -you’ll have to wait for the book! We’re both OK though (boat & Outey).

While rooting about in the front cabin, just before lunch, I came across a Terry’s chocolate orange in one of my food bags and decided to conduct a small experiment, all in the name of science. Incase you ever wondered on the same hypothesis I mused upon for a short while, I can now reliably assure you that it is perfectly easy to eat a whole orange in one very swift sitting. I can well recommend it, too, particularly if one has recently been boshed.

And so Day 83 rolls into the next.

S & D x

Radcliffe & Maconie, BBC Radio 2, June 24th 8-10pm, I shall be joining thm live from the big blue.


Robin – Hopefully book out early 2010. Just need to get to Mauritius and then write it…

Remora – I packed plenty of food but I’m no longer throwing the vile puddings overboard, just incase… It’s my bank balance which needs life support-extra satphone minutes for blogging, extended fees for Ricardo etc.

Ian – Cadbury sponsored me with a big hoard and I have various others, too. Walking more than a single pace and real, fresh food are top of the list.

Jamie & Emily- Hope roadtrip North fun. Tell Phil his boat design rocks, literalky!

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19 Responses to Seablog: An orange on day 83

  1. richard says:

    Did you film the mysterious boshing ?

  2. Anita says:

    A whole chocolate orange…..hmmmmm……I think I may have to repeat that experiment as I feel your results may need validating. Is it that it is possible in any surroundings, under any circumstances, to eat a whole chocolate orange, or only in a rowing boat in the Indian Ocean after a serious boshing?
    Don’t worry – I will report back.

  3. Roger Hayward says:

    Today, Sarah, You, Serendipity and the web site became the focus of of St Brigid’s school assembly. It started with the story of Jesus telling the wind and the sea to be calm. It ended with your route tracker and your line wiggling across the Indian Ocean.
    Keep pulling on those oars, there’s 500 girls routing for you here in North Wales.

  4. St Hugh\'s College Chronicle Readers says:

    I’d like to place an order for that book straightaway Sarah. It will be a best seller judging by your blog – you are a writer!

  5. BPC and Albie says:

    Wow – what a find and i am pretty sure i have conducted the same experiment in the past, just without the boshing in the indian ocean as a starter! You have really got me in the mood for a chocolate orange now! Thinking of you, xx

  6. David B. says:

    Here’s to less knots in your tracker line, and more knots towards Mauritius.

  7. madie says:

    hi sarah,
    you are doing a great job,
    good luck and i hope you are alright out there.
    hope to speak to you soon
    love madie

  8. ian says:

    hi sarah,thanks for the response,have a brilliant time doing both to excess,you desrve it and it’ll be nice in somewhere so exotic!sorry to hear you’ve been “boshed”hope it wasn’t too horrible,the chocolate orange remedy sounds good.will give it a go next time i’ve been on the boating lake!congratulations on passing the recent milestone,all down hill from here eh?
    cheers to you and dippers

  9. Zanah says:

    Sounds that there are lots of surprises hidden in that there boat of yours. 83 days, you are amazing. I’ve got just under a month to go!! I can’t wait! So excited!

  10. xtina says:

    So I celebrated eating a WHOLE mars bar cause you had a whole CHOCOLATE ORANGE ~ except I cut mine into tiny pieces and ate it throughout the morning with my cup of coffee to start off with!!
    Wish I hadn’t though, I haven’t done any rowing…….


  11. RoninVancouver says:

    Omigosh, Sarah.

    I tried to abort an explosive snort and sent my keyboard into oblivion. Thankfully I have spare keyboards.

    The reason? One word: literalky! This has been my definition for drunkards who upchuck over the past twenty-two years or so. But now I can also see it as a fitting descrition for the erratic behaviour of a rowboat staggering through heavy chop in the middle of an ocean.

    Please continue with your words plays, then maybe we can get together some day and write an appropriate dictionary.

    Wordsmith, thou art; and impatiently waiting for your book to be published. Your style is captivating!


  12. Grandma Barb says:

    Hello Sarah,
    Looks like people are puting their order for you’re book,add my name to the list,however since i’am from Canada,Toronto area I’ll have to have the publisher’s name,ISBN and dewey decimal number to track it down.
    Take care
    Grandma Barb

  13. Sarah, you could call the book – “Me Bob And The Chocolate Rowing Boat”!
    Great your sailing along in the right direction.
    Will be listening Radio 2 Wed Night

    Take Care

  14. Brien Akers says:

    Round the cape of a sudden came the sea,
    And the sun looked over the mountain’s rim:
    And straight was a path of gold for him,
    And the need of a world of men for me.

  15. Tom Talbot says:

    Good to see a nice straight line west and that you are free of those loop the loops let’s hope it is all straight sailing oops rowing great progress congratulation on your effort so far I too will look forward to your book . Thinking should come to mauritius for the welcome and the big party Tom

  16. Hi Sarah,
    Sounds like an absolute blast out there (not!). Looking forward to hearing you on Radio 2 and hearing your choice of tunes. (I always post the link on the Natracare facebook page for your fellow SISTERs to hear also). You’ve had some pretty good choices so far. To change the words of a famous song slightly…Life is an ocean, I wanna row it all night long!!! Nearly there Sarah, rum punch awaits.

  17. Vince - Global Yacht Deliveries says:

    Hi Sarah, well when the going gets tough, the tough go rowing and it seem you’re having a tough time out there. Just dont give up as the end and tropics of mauritius is a couple of rows away. I have been trying to plot you on my Indian Ocean chart but you dont give any co-ordinate, so could you put then some where on your blog so as to keep a good track of your progress…kind regards Vince

  18. helen ( Sarah's Mum) says:

    Vince- Global yacht Deliveries…………………….it is possible to plot Sarah’s rowing, by going on Tracker at the top of the page. I have been doing all along.

  19. warren bailey says:

    listened to you a few times on the radio, first time i’ve looked you up. Blimey….. a whole choc orange! what your doing is truly amazing. u r the tits. keep at it for your own sake, and i look forward to seeing you on the t.v when you have completed the mission in hand.
    p.s, whats next?

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