Seablog: All's well that ends well

Just thought I should touch base and reassure you that we are fine and dandy, still smiling and really rather proud of our day. Here’s why ’twas good:

Firstly, we survived some of the biggest seas I’ve seen out here and a rather soggy somersault – this has to be worth a smile. Said somersault was awarded 9.64 by The Tweedles. They said it would have been a perfect 10.00 but that my toes weren’t pointy or something. Fusspots.

Wrist not as bad as I thought either, it should be OK in a day or two. Found I had split my waterproof trousers in the scramble aboard. Now not very waterproof at the front. Ironic.

Now tucked up inside the cabin, Happy Socks on, munching chocolate and just having read all the lovely bloggage.

We are going West – this is always worth a thousand hoorays.

Fewer than 1300 nauties from Mauritius and with lovely SE winds forecast to stay and play until Tuesday, we’re going to rip up some miles. In 40 miles we’ll be over 2,000 from Perth and in 4 days we’ll have been at sea for 3 whole months. Crazy! One quarter of one year.

The Frustrated Imp has been banished again after his recent sneaky return. And Ricardo says all is OK, therefore I believe him.

Thank you everyone for the sweet messages for Mum and I. Worry ye not though, I am still laughing, Dippers is looking after me and I am looking forward to tomorrow. Whole new day. We may even make it across the border to the 70’s! Only another 30 nauties…

Cheerio, S x

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24 Responses to Seablog: All's well that ends well

  1. Jane Spence says:

    Hi Sarah, Enjoy the well-earned sox and chox. Glad you’re ready for anything again, back in the saddle, back in the groove, best Jane

  2. Vincent says:

    Did you think about enlisting the help of the Pet Shop Boys to help you ‘Go West’?

  3. Amanda B says:

    Hi – we just marked your new position on the office wallmap – Vincent’s suddenly got really excited as he can see how close you are to the rum punch…plus he’s humming Pet Shop Boys’ tunes at his desk…I hold you entirely to blame for this, Sarah! Hilarious about the waterproofless trousers – well, funnier for us to read about than to actually wear them (sorry!) Amanda x

  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,glad all is wellish,i’ll keep stuff crossed for a bit all the same,enjoy the chocolate,yay for happy socks!
    ps think dippers might have earned an extra special scrub when you come ashore

  5. Big Ben says:

    Or Mungo Jerry – She Rowed

    “The sea was rough, the weather was bad,
    But she kept on rowing ’till she got to France,
    And she rowed, ah didn’t she row.”

    Well Mauritius.

    If you see France you’d better turn round. And get a refund from Cactus….

    Good on ya gal!

  6. Roger Hayward says:

    This daily blog reading is all getting a little too exciting. Take care, keep capsize dills for the swimming pool.

  7. Jill and Stan Lewis says:

    Been away all day, and now home to find the last 3 blogs.The spark, the energy, your Mum, the Tweedles literally blow me away.
    I’m not sure what i believe. Whatever, be it God or my own stuff, I’m sending you everything possible. I like the suggestion of hitching on to one of your Albie mates. Tell Ricardo to keep working on the east winds.
    Sending a hug to your happy socks, you and your Mum,
    Jill and Stan.

  8. Jenna says:

    blimey, crisis averted!! so glad you are fine and dandy Westward it is then! Keep up the good work! Long live the happy socks and chocolate x x

  9. Kate Llewelyn says:

    Now I’m singing Pet Shop Boys too. Make it stop! Hope that wrist gets properly better v quickly so you can plough through those miles. Your JustGiving site has now raise a whopping £6,202! Whoo hoo. Kate x

  10. Davd B. says:

    Sorry to read of you recent baptism. Sore bottem, capsize, knots lost to wind, the “Indy” is sparring you nothing in suffering. Glad she’s so generous in glory as well. Perhaps she sent that near miss with the Albatross as a sort of portent?
    Happy Socks and chocolate, I must try that next time things go awry.

  11. Rachel Smith says:

    Hi Sarah,
    All I can say is I know how you feel! Somewhere in the Atlantic there’s a whale sporting a stylish flat cap, aka the lid off our toilet bucket and a dolphin wearing a pair of Bolle sunglasses! I wonder who’s got your seat pads?!
    Anyway, keep positive, yell at the ocean some more and carry on! Loving the blogs by the way.
    Rachel – Barbara Ivy, AORR 2007

  12. Hi Sarah – Jamie and I have just caught up on all your blogs – what an interesting few days you’ve had! Glad all was okay after your rinse in the ocean – we hope it was a quick spin. We had a big rush, but managed to get the boat to Yorkshire – so smiles all round. The boat looks great and hopefully she or he will perform as well as the lovely Dippers. You take care now and stay safe and most importantly, enjoy the chocolate. We are thinking about you all the time. Love Emily and Jamie x P.S I’m wearing my happy socks tonight – they are just so wonderful! x

  13. John Williams says:

    Hi Sarah. Well done – your discipline saved your life. It’s a good thing you are allowing little glimpses of the reality of what you are doing. What an adventure you are having, what a life, just get back safe.
    Lost in admiration, John Williams

  14. wormy says:

    I heard you on BBC Radio 6 yesterday (?) evening and am in awe, not just at what you’re doing physically but how chipper and strong you sounded mentally. Your blogs (I’ve done some catching up) are a great read – funny and inspiring.

    After hearing about your involuntary wash I’m glad that you’re ok. I dread to think how your mother must have felt lol.

    Keep up the effort and the great attitude and may all the fish and mammals in the sea be sharing stories of you for now and years to come…

    ps Sorry I can’t drop you a load of chocolate

  15. xtina says:

    So Happy you are back in, and Dippers has joined you to move forwards!!!
    Great to hear you last night on the radio, i was having supper with my Portuguese friends in down town Horsham and we all tuned in and turned the volume up!!!
    Everyone above has said everything I am thinking too so all I want to say is Take care and Well done …. Keep up the good work, eating chocolate and wriggling those happy socks of yours.
    We are happy when you are happy!!!

  16. Cousin J, George and monsters says:

    When you referred to your boshing and us only hearing about it in the book I expressed concern to j that I hoped it didn’t mean a capsize, and blummin heck you have a roll days later!!!
    Am now thinking of red carpets and great weather all the way to take full advantage of the new found premonition skills.

    Take care and much love as ever. Xxxx ps top shout for the Vamps on Wed, can’t wait for your next tune. stay safe xx

  17. Geoff says:

    When David Dicks set off from Freo to become the youngest person to sail around the world, he had a 360 rollover just a few days out but didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want anyone to worry about him – like he was 17 sailing alone around the world!

    So I thought you’d probably been rolling over average of one per week. But blimey, if that’s the first you have done well. They reckon the chance of getting on a plane that’s got a bomb on it is one in a million. Which means the chance of getting on a plane with two bombs is one in a trillion. Thus is the case made out for always taking your own bomb when flying.

    Hopefully the same applies to rolling your row boat – couldn’t happen twice in one trip. Very sensible to have ‘brought your own’.

    For mum; when solo at sea, your tether becomes a companion. At first you wear it because you know you should, but gradually, you feel entirely “naked” without it. Like leaving your mobile or purse behind. It is very easy to remain tethered at all times – it is welcome, and not just for safety.

    Hang in there Sarah.

  18. maggie and dick from atlinbccanada says:

    hi sarah you amazing woman

    a rollover, my god. and a detach from eternity while reclimbing aboard. makes anything we do up here in canada’s north look pretty tame. yukon river quest (paddle from whitehorse to dawson) is in progress; a walk in the park compared to your venture.

    cheers and continued awe

    dick and maggie

  19. David Welsh (Agoura Hills, Ca) says:

    Don’t we live in an incredible world? Here am I sitting in my den in California listening to your interview on the BBC and being able to tell you that I am astounded by your pluck. I have been following your fellow adventures, Zac Sunderland (a local boy for me!} and Mike Perham as they singlehandedly circumnavigate. Your adventure and the driving force behind it are in the same class. Keep on truckin’ young lady and keep your bum dry!!!

  20. Pete Mason says:

    I can’t help feeling that once you get on dry land, it will seem extremely boring considering the adventure you’re having. Maybe you should get to Mauritius, grab a quick shower, stock up on chocolate then head back to Oz. Once you’re back there, start the journey all over again!
    On a serious note, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but Michael Jackson died last night and people are already saying that they will always remember where they were when it was announced.
    You should have no doubt remembering where you were!

  21. Mark Powell says:

    Well some events you go over and round the other side of the earth and then Jacko decides to move over for the next super human hero. I was listening to the radio last night and they are so in awe of your cheefulness and dogged determination. Keep the spirtits going, so pleased the winds are blowing the right way and some seroius miles can be got in the near future. Great story to tell in the book.
    chocolate rations not too WET!! AND THE SOCKS oaky. great spirit and fortitude in the face of a huge wave or two.

  22. sally says:

    Well that little roly-poly episode brought the silent admirers back out. Hi Geoff! See Sarah, we are still all with you every day. Just not a lot to report from our quieter lives. A big thankyou to you for introducing us to Mr Barry Gumbert. He has refocused me on some of my most fav. verses. Barry, are you into ballards? I think we could put Sarah onto some Henry Lawson, entertaining yarns, with an Oz connection. But I only type with two fingers so it would take me ages….Geoff?

  23. Hi Sarah, a true Brit through and through! Brush yourself off and start all over again! Sitting in our offices or homes reading your advertures captivates our imaginations. Your chipper attitude and no nonsense approach to these mishaps is astonishing. Bravo for raising over 6,000 GBP thus far!

  24. Rob Moir says:

    Sarah, The more you get knocked down and then climb back up again with a will, the more people than you know are cheering for you. Bravo for your tenacity, would that we all could learn from you stick-to-itness. You give us all hope. Best wishes and prayers for you in the days and miles ahead. Here’s to healthy oceans for the laughing rover and a merry yarn when the long trick is over!

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