Seablog: 24 whole years old

A huge thank you to everyone for the presents/donations and messages – I don’t think I’ve ever had so many folks wish me happy birthday. It was such a special day yesterday that, apart from being super sleepy and in need of some snoozage, I didn’t want it to end. Finally wrapped up at 4.30am after BBC Radio 2… Needless to say the sun beat me to the start line today.

On my stroll around the ’24 Whole Years Old’ square this morning, I decided that I should grow up, start acting my age and do all those sensible things one does as an adult. In fact, maybe that should have a reverant and look-at-me-I’m-an-important-word Capital Letter to head it up, ‘…as an Adult’. Anyway, soon after breakfast, while wondering what I should do in my new capacity as a Sensible Adult, I quickly concluded that sensible grown up Adults are much better qualified to act sensibly and grown up with a bit more experience under their belt. Thus I have decided to postpone the transition for at least another year. I don’t think this small ocean island of mine is either the time or the place to implement such important changes – new tube of toothpaste is about as far as I’ll go out here. If anything peculiar happens in Sensible Adult mode then poor Dippers might get unnerved. I mean, what if I feel giddy or come out in a rash?

Got me out of that one then… Twenty four. Gosh, that’s two dozen. 2.4 sounds much better. Well, cheerio 23 – it’s been fun knowing you, even if it was only for a year.

Meanwhile, we shall carry on rowing. Ricardo says I have another squiggle-inducing rain trough heading my way (ETA tomorrow), sadly from the wrong way again. So expect another bit of looping/zigzagging as we get blown backwards… My last two 5 Day Plots on the chart have been laughably pathetic. But next week I hope to wow you all with some big nauties, as the aforementioned Ricardo predicts some more ‘red carpet’ weather. About time too – I’ve been waiting since I was 23.

Outey x

Libby – My 10th birthday (1995!) we were en route to Holland & Belgium with the Maltmans Green crew. Do you remember my gymnastics days?! Perfect plan for puppies – my day is your night. Send them right along.

Lizzie & Jane & Judith – Yum! Could Judith be air dropped? I have dreamed about eating vast quantities of that delicious biscuity cakey heaven

Jan in Freo – Already hooked up with ABC Perth Radio, but happy for others too. Grateful if you could put them in touch with Amy -see my media page. Thank you!

Lauraine – Alone out here but never ever lonely. My birthday was wonderful. I would have found my way out here even if my Dad were still alive. It’s my nature to adventure, sometimes alone, often with others. I’m sorry about your losses- keep truckin’ and take the plunge, go sailing!

Rosie – It’s Pimm’s o’clock! Go St Hugh’s!! Please keep me updated…

Amy Bryant – Happy days remembering the river. And the pasta parties!

Marcel – Excellent. Don’t drink it all though- I’d love a glass when I get there…

Sally Perth – Your hand cream is next on the hitlist, thank you! Hope to return to Oz next year and bring Mum with me then you can meet her for real.

Lina – Good luck for the op & take care. I’m sure Gerard will look after you brilliantly.

Jane – Happy sailing!

Jamie Fabrizio – Happy Birthday! Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get a tin of peaches too…

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15 Responses to Seablog: 24 whole years old

  1. Your big Brother says:

    Hey little sis, I know your now 24 years old, but your still junior to moi. hehe. Under a month and i am 26, ARGH!! where’s it all gone. I am just listening on the internet to your interview, and love the choice of music!! Hope things improve on the weather front, and you start smashing those nauties again. Speak soon

    Big Love xxxx

  2. Amanda B says:

    A very Happy Unbirthday today, Sarah! Pleased to hear that you celebrated in full – that’s one you’ll never forget, and not just because of a hangover! Did you hear any mermaids singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you? Your Justgiving page is filling up nicely – hopefully somebody will take a print of it and you can add it to your birthday cards collection…fingers crossed that the coming squiggly weather doesn’t last long and the sun shines again soon. Amanda x

  3. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,good idea to hold off on the sensible thing for a while,giddy is good,also getting sensible in your situation could be tricky!kudos are due for not raiding the birthday bag until the day,not sure i’d have anything like that sort of will power,listened to the last r&m podcast with my mum,she was quite taken with your adventure and plans to follow your progress on the website,so that’s another fan!
    happy sailing to you and dippers

  4. jon swarbrick says:

    Heard you on Radio 2 yesterday and…! To be honest, I didnt know anything about your journey – im from Birmingham in the West Midlands so we dont get to know much about the sea!!!!!!!!. I think we are as far from the sea as you are from land!!!!!!.
    Anyway, I heard your story and what you are attempting to do and find it amazing!. I wish you a safe a journey and will keep checking where you are are!

  5. Richy says:

    Happy Birthday and have a safe journey – heard you on the radio and think its incredible what you are doing! well done and keep up the great work – i wish you all the luck in the world! take care. Richy

  6. Susie Calderan says:

    OMG you is ANCIENT, dude!

  7. Sending positive energy for that “red carpet” weather. Amongst the thoughts surrounding yummy, scrummy food, do you think about life after your row? Any plans for your next fund raising challenge??? It will be hard to top this one, what!

  8. jenna says:

    Hi! fyi I’m ushering Ben Fogle and James Cracknell around Hay festival,they’re lovely! I said hello for you! Stay safe! Love j x x

  9. Brigitte says:

    Belated birthday greetings Sarah.I enjoy reading your blogs and my Y10 students are fascinated by your podcasts and broadcasts. Keep up the hard work and high spirits. I am in awe of everything you have so far achieved!
    Keep smiling and singing.
    Best wishes


  10. Flick Rollings says:

    Hi Sarah! What a great interview with Maconie on Radio 2 – he’s right that everyone’s proud of you and what an amazing person you are to take on such a great challenge!!! Good to hear you sounding so happy too and glad you enjoyed your birthday out at sea!

    I do indeed remember the legendary boat of bricks which we swam back and forth across the crocodile infested lagoon on your 19th birthday – crazy days!

    I too agree with leaving the Sensible Adult behaviour to those people who are at least 2.5 decades old! Your comments reminded me of an Edward Monkton coaster which I have on my bedside table which reads, ‘When I am grown-up I will understand how BEAUTIFUL it feels to administrate my life effectively. Until then I will continue to TORCH all correspondence that bores me and to DANCE NAKED over the remnants of its still glowing embers.’! This appealed to my 2.4 decade old mind and I hope it makes you chuckle too!

    All the best chuck! In the words of Snow Patrol, “take back the city…..and ro-ooooooooow”!!!

    Love Flick xxx

  11. Laura says:

    Hello Hello!!

    The biggest happy birthday for yesterday, so sorry I didn’t post a message on the day itself, busy saving puppies one pooch at a time! Hope you had a fabulous day and got a little squiffy on champers!!

    Lots of love as always, keep on rowing and keeping your spirits high!


    P.S Helen any progress on ‘operation Sarah’s birthday’??

  12. Godfolkes says:

    Was it really 24 years ago that we first met you? Little idea then of just what lay ahead but so proud of your venture and are with you all the way. Cant wait to get you back on dry land and take you out for another long walk but for now all success and keep safe. Loads of love from the Godfolkes. xxx

  13. alistair says:

    Been listening to your progress with great interest via Mark & Stuart’s show. What a story, As a parent I know your dad would be so proud of you.
    I also sailed across the Indian Ocean and was only 16 at the time too!
    OK it was aboard a 20.000 ton Bulk Carrier sailing from Madagascar to Jakarta to Christmas Island and eventually onto Geelong!
    I remember spending my 17th Birthday aboard and feeling terribly homesick and vulnerable aboard our little metal island dwarfed by such a huge expanse of Ocean. What your doing is totally beyond my comprehension in comparison. I’m thinking the shipping must be your biggest worry especially at night? Absolutely fantastic achievement and very best wishes for the remainder of your voyage.

  14. Susie Hewson says:

    Blimey, what a PARTY Sarah! I have only just come ashore, what a swim we had back from the boat, and I forgot my coat. Good job I had my happy socks on though. Still loaded down with the choccy party bags you gave us… great birthday, hope you liked your present from the Natracare SISTERS. Same time next year? Susie

  15. Richard C says:

    Hi Sarah -Just caught the end of your birthday interview on radio 2 and was very impressed by what I heard. Now almost uptodate on your fantastic challenge and will definitely be following your progress in future. You are the proof that ‘Britain’ has real talent! Keep the focus and make the most of that better weather when it comes!

    Richard C

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