Seablog: 100 Degree Day

After a celebratory ‘new month’ lie in and a Cadbury breakfast composed entirely of chocolate (didn’t want to test the rancid porridge theory on the 100 Degree Day) I took to the oars to row into the 99th degree. We crossed 100°00.00′ to the East at 1206 ST (Serendipity time – very similar to WST only more chocolatey), surfing along with lovely seas from the ESE under a hot sun. I hadn’t anticipated just how excited and emotional I would feel – apologies if my whoops and squeals of delight woke anyone up or disturbed any quiet classes in schools! There’s something very satisfying about reaching a tangible marker llike that – next one is 90°E which I hope to do within 14 days. I’ve set myself the goal of 80°E by my birthday on May 26th…. It’s going to be tight but I like a challenge!

To thank Neptune and Dippers for getting me this far I cracked open the Port (thanks Ricardo!), glugged a bit myself (straight from the bottle as my rusty mouldy stainless mug didn’t appeal), sloshed a drop overboard, splashed Dippers and then finished off a bar of chocolate. ‘Finish it off?’ I hear you say in a surprised, nay shocked, tone. Yes, it was a large slab which needed two sittings otherwise, yes, you’re correct, I would normally demolish it in one.

Have yourself a happy 100 Degree Day; perhaps crack open some port or demolish a whole chocolate bar too -very fine combination in the absence of some delicious smelly cheese.

Mañana x

Tom & Sarah : Send a big hello to the guys for me -how are they getting on? Hoping all sunny with them.

Jamie & Emily: Every day is an 8 + hr time trial out here! Good luck though. Dippers sends her love to you and Phill & Pete too 🙂
Sally Perth: Haha! I knew you’d break. I bet you didn’t even last one day! Say hello to Wed sailors for me.
And Margot and her mice…
LINA: Those delicious longan fruits you gave me in my goody bag were delicious, thank you.
Tom Talbot: Apologies for lack of decimal deggrees position yday-still figuring out this dinky pc.Nice plane btw, though did wonder if it was a mirage…

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15 Responses to Seablog: 100 Degree Day

  1. your big brother says:

    Hi sarah, great to see you doing so well, and to speak to you the other day. Keep it up and u will smash the record! Xxx

  2. Mum says:

    I think she means 100degree day!!…a slight error of typing.
    Thanks again to one and all who post comments and messages…she gats so excited when she gets tham. Its lovely.
    Helen (Sarah’s Mum)

  3. Graham Hadley says:

    Good on Ya Sarah! 100deg day is history! Looking forward to your next goal whenever the GPS says you are there!
    Enjoy the Port and prob chocolate more! Look foward to hearing from you again soon.

  4. Susie Hewson says:

    What – no May Pole dancing to celebrate crossing the big 100!
    Such high spirits, is it the port or a massive chocolate rush? Sarah I am with you all the way, but everytime you mention chocolate and I am at my desk working away late in the evening, there is no chocolate in the office!!! Congrats and well done just does not seem huge enough, but fantastic is getting there. Susie

  5. Laura says:

    So port and chocolate you say….? Sounds scrummy! Biggest congratulations for reaching the 1 month and 100 degree marker, hope Dippers is keeping you safe and Brucey the shark is staying away ‘fish are friends not food’ said in my best australian accent.

    Best wishes to your mum too, everyones doing a grand job!

    Hope the chocolate supplies are good, will have to send some out by carrier albatross if not!


  6. xtina says:

    Chocolate is soooooo special and wish we had managed to put some on Guy and Andy’s boat ~ they have haribo but not enough to get them through many days!!

    Hope you manage to “iridium up” soon with Flying Ferkins ~ have fun in the sun.
    xtina (Guy’s mum)

  7. xtina says:

    And all the best people have birthday’s in May

    and YOU


  8. Barry Gumbert says:

    Greetings from Oregon USA

    I hope you don’t mind but I dropped a note about you to “The Bob and Tom Radio show” and to Late Night with David Letterman. So if you become a celebrity in the US it’s all my fault.

  9. Tom Talbot says:

    Sarah do you know that the sun rises 20 minutes later than the west coast at 100 deg. so you can sleep in the extra time wonderful going keep it up

  10. margot says:

    Sarah, fantasic progress! I check in all the time to see how you are doing and I’m so impressed to see how straight your track is for the last 250nm. Keep up the good work. On our wildlife front no more mice to speak of but Emily had to pick up a wild fox who’s foot had been caught in a trap.(Using her animal whispering skills again.)Sadly as they are vermin here it had to be put down but at least it was an end to its suffering. (Traps are illegal here! some people are so cruel.)
    Hope your wildlife is in happier cicumstances. Margot Em Beth and Richard.

  11. ian brocklebank says:

    hi sarah,port AND chocolate!thats the way to celebrate,congratulations on another milestone.i really am in awe of your stamina and sunny worldview,hope you are having a rocking time!

  12. Graham Hadley says:

    Already commented on the Blog, but was just wondering.
    How much time do you spend actually rowing Sarah? How much time is spent with the anchor out to prevent backwards progress? How much time do you have available to sleep? and how much time is dedicated to other chores?

  13. Libby says:

    Well done. Sarah – just to let you know that I also had good cause to celebrate on Friday as I got the all clear!!

    Keep on rowing – I am with you all the way.

  14. Remora says:

    GH asks: “How much time is spent with the anchor out to prevent backwards progress?”

    By looking at Sarah’s Google Earth track, we can see that she has had day after day of wind from the east providing her with great progress.

    As mentioned before, her direction made good is very much due to what direction the wind is blowing from and she has had lots of good stuff and the Indian Ocean weather chart shows she has at least several more days days of it to come. Here is a link to the chart:

    The sea anchor won’t prevent her boat going “backwards” when the wind is from the west; it is more used to help steady her boat in rowdy conditions when she can’t row.

  15. Lina says:

    Hi there Sarah!! Glad you enjoyed the “Longans”……It is so fantastic to see that you are in great spirit and that you are doing so well,Hope the wind keeps blowing in the right direction and as Remora asked how many hours do you row everyday? it will be interesting to have a little insight of your daily schedule!!!!!!cheers for now, hope you can talk to Andrew and Guy soon…..Keep it up Sarah it is so exciting to follow your tracker and see it moving towards Mauritius!!!!Go Go Go!

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