Scrapbook so far

Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of UK life was a wonderful moment, but best of all was the peace I felt visiting the Buddha in Hong Kong.

My jetlag didn’t look so out of place amongst the locals.

‘Dippers is in there somewhere…. We get her out on Thursday. Thanks to Starlift, MISC and POTA for all their help with shipping. Finally, let me introduce you to Spede , the crew member from Stamford Junior School.

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  1. ronald mountain says:

    dear sarah . i hope you will have a safe journey when you set out.
    yours ronald mountain

  2. Hi Sarah – glad to hear you arrived safely. Hope that your stuff got there ok. Good luck from all at RWF.

  3. Geoff Holt says:

    So that’s you and the boat arrived safely in Oz – bet mum let out big sigh of relief. Now all you have to do is get the pair of you to Mauritus. Got all my friends (actually I only have 2 friends) watching your progress. Ronald Mountain – great name Ron. I gotta girl I know in Perth, Sarah Nield, nee Lynn, she may have contacts, I’ll email her your details. Take special care. Geoffers, T & E.

  4. David Penny says:

    Hi Sarah,
    We have never met but i have spoken to you on the telephone whilst arranging to install your Fathers bench at Rutland Water. I went to check it the other day looks great hope you and Helen are pleased with it. Helen sent me a lovely thank you card which was most kind what a nice family you are (you must have skeletons somewhere!)
    Your Dad sounds like a hell of a bloke guess you are a chip off the old block by the sound of it although let’s face it you have got to be a bit of a nutter to do this trip.
    If you were short of cash to get to Mauritus you should have said so we could have had a whip round.
    I agree Ron Mountain great name do you know anyone called Sidney Ocean?
    Did you know that Captain Bligh sailed into the OZ area and thanks to Fletcher Christian had to row back out again, perhaps that could be your next trip.
    Enough said well done safe trip.
    David (Your country cousin)

  5. Laura Wright says:

    Woop Woop! Your in OZ!! Thats fabby! I miss our emails, will be thinking of you setting off next week, and I hope Dippers is all ok after being tucked up asleep for so long

    xx Laura

  6. Very pleased that everything has worked out for you. Look forward to following your great adventure.

    take care x

  7. Mike Peare says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just to let you know you have made the front pages of the “Mauritius News” a monthly paper printed in the UK for the Mauritian Community of UK.
    Who is your contact in Mauritius?
    All the best and have a safe voyage.

  8. Jen Muirhead says:

    hi Sarah

    Great to hear you’re settling in Down Under – but don’t get too comfortable! Spoke to your mum today – she rang to say thanks for that lovely pic of you peeping out of Little Dippers.
    Hope you enjoy your last few days on dry land.
    Go for it!
    All the best

  9. The Taylor Family from stamford schools says:

    Hi Sarah this is from Lexi (Stamford junior school and the one with the broken arm when you were rowing at the school)and Iona (also Stamford Sch.) We love reading your blog – very very good luck. We will be following your progress as much as poss. We thought rowing from Edith Weston to Whitwell was pretty hard work so we really admire your project!

  10. Sara Pike says:

    Hi sarah, I love reading your blog – I’ve just found the button to subscribe!! All this is quite new to me but I’ll be following your progress closely. Good luck, Sara Pike at SJS

  11. Sarah Black says:

    Go Sarah, Go Sarah…..

    All at The Green Blue are reading your blogs with interest. The latest missive from our litter champeen has been very well recieved. 15th creaping closer 🙂 bet you can’t wait now?

  12. Inge Simpson says:

    Hi Sarah, I am a teacher at the Great Southern Grammar School of The Sea in Albany Western Australia. I teach middle school learning support Maths and life skills. My students and I are going to be following your journey from a life skills and mathematical point of view and we will be doing a range of language activities also. We wish you all the very best and we hope to communicate with you during your journey.Bon Voyage!

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