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Why not share what you are doing as you follow Sarah’s expedition from London2London:Via the World eg class assemblies, homework activities, projects, lesson plans.

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  1. sarah Basden says:

    My class at Great Dalby school near Melton have been researching Sarah’s expeditions and are writing recounts about her adventures.

  2. kelsie maughan says:

    hello sarah

    What inspired you to travel?

    Where did u travel from ?

    hope you reply soon.

  3. Mark Wilson says:

    Keep doing what your doing, you are an inspiration to us all!

  4. Ronnie George Betteridge says:

    You taught us to keep going and don’t give up. I hope you do well keep going and you will do it.

  5. Libby Asher says:

    Hi Sarah, you have inspired me to have bigger adventures every day.

  6. Sam Croxall says:

    Very tiring, I don’t know how you keep on going I ride bikes myself but there not as hard as my ones. But as I say you keep on going. Good luck Sarah XX

  7. Ben Henton says:

    Well done on getting as far as you have and your an inspiration to us all and you have inspired me to go on more jurneys to different places in the UK. Good luck on the rest of the tour around the world and see you next year # london 2 london.


  8. Chloe Hudson says:

    I now know that every thing is possible when you want it.

  9. Jacy Higlett says:

    Well done on getting so far u have inspired me to never give up and to always try your best good luck!

  10. Jack Mason says:

    Well done on how far you’ve got and good luck on the last leg of the way and the best of luck. : ]

  11. Harry Newcombe says:

    I hope you have a good journey from Canada to London.

  12. Katie Partridge says:

    Good luck with your journey London 2 London I hope your going to be successful . good luck;0

  13. Lexie Mowat says:

    You are really amazing at what you do I wish I could be just like you and have as much energy to travel around the amazing would we live in hope you do it good luck : – )

  14. Sydney Platts says:

    You have inspired me to be more adventurous and active and I hope you are having a nice time travelling the world and meeting new people.

  15. William Salter says:

    We are very exited that you are doing the London 2 London it is very hard. I hope this message inspires you so I hope you have fun and meeting new people on your adventure

  16. Toby Potts says:

    Good luck on your journey your doing really well so far keep on going.

  17. Sophia Pereira says:

    Hi I’m really happy to actualy be you can almost say texting you and I wish you the best of luck in your bazaar travels…you are tots amazing just like your AMAZING at biking,kiaking,boating and running. Today I heard you on the phone infact the hole of key stage 2 did but our young ambassadors were talking to you – amazing bye!:)

  18. Amber Singleton says:

    I was really inspired by the phone call we had during assembly, and seeing all of the pictures of you on your journey, and when we were told about all of your close encounters with animals like bears in America and poisonous snakes, and how you would have to be strapped into the boat all alone while a storm was happening, I hope you will not stop and keep going, good luck 🙂

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