Sarah's Justgiving is live again

Apologies to anyone who has tried to make a donation in the last couple of days. Sarah’s Justgiving page is now live again so lets give it one last push to reach her target of £10,000.

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8 Responses to Sarah's Justgiving is live again

  1. ian hall says:

    Sarah you are SIMPLY THE BEST, very well done on your epic voyage, both Ann & I are very proud of you.

    Look forwad to seeing you back in Stamford in the not to distant future. £110 sqids not a problem, just need to know what flavour crisps !!!!!!!

    Hallie good ship SHS

  2. Lina says:

    Sarah I am on the Mauritius Broadcast Corporation website and hope to catch your arrival…….It is so exciting, my imagination is running wild trying to picture all the effervescence on shore. Can’t wait go get some details from Marcel. I will be calling him on skype tomorrow morning….Lina and Gerard

  3. Vanessa and Richard says:

    Dear Sarah

    Heard you on BBC Breakfast television this morning – great !!


  4. Byrant says:

    Sarah, I have been following you all the way from Fremantle but could
    now adequate words to express my admiration of your courage, bravery,
    determination to carry through to your set goal. To overcome the
    hazards you have met without any obvious degree of timidity is nothing
    short of amazing. The wonder is now, what can you set yourself as
    a challenge to your outstanding abilities. Congratulations

  5. Mary Ann Barton says:

    annot believe how much I admire you and your massive conquest of the Indian Ocean, sailing at Cowes a doddle so join us next year, keep smiling and eat slowly, breathe deeply and sleep well.

  6. Congratulations Sarah and team, a brilliant achievement, first heard about your adventure on the Radcliffe & Maconie show on BBC Radio2, and have been following your blog. Only a few weeks of media madness and then you can have a rest!

  7. Donna Bell says:

    Congratulations Sarah, you are 1 hell of a rower, hope you reach your £10,000.00 goal.

  8. Roger Rooney says:

    A big, hearty Congratulations to you!!!

    You look so great in your arrival photos, so I hope you have a good rest, and a good time relaxing. Very well done!!!

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