Sarah’s first phonecast from the ocean

Sarah leaving her message

Listen to Sarah’s first phonecast from the North Pacific OceanĀ here

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7 Responses to Sarah’s first phonecast from the ocean

  1. Vindloni says:

    Great with modern technology and able to get live updates. It makes it so much more interesting following you, and having just read “A dip in the Ocean” both the book and your current trip comes alive. I’d still have caught the ferry myself and are happy to follow you from my armchair, but you are a real inspiration.

  2. Christine Foley says:

    Dear Sarah

    Good to hear you’re on the oars again and out in the fresh air, with doubtless some good music to keep you company and “Happy Socks” getting into his stride.

    All the best… gentle seas and fair winds!


  3. christina watts says:

    Lovely to hear you Sarah as always, it’s powerful stuff to know you are linking up to us all as we follow you and Happy Socks –
    Take care and speak again soon


  4. May you have gentle ocean swells and a nice tailwind…Press on Sarah!

  5. judy burdett says:

    Go for it Sarah! You are just one amazing woman! Fair winds and God Speed. Everyone is waiting to hear about your incredible adventure and supporting you all the way.

    Judy B.

  6. Colin Ive says:

    Stay strong Sarah. We desk rowers are watching and listening with envy. Great to listen to the podcast and look forward to more. Closer and closer every hour…….

  7. Edda says:

    Good luck and just enough wind from behind

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