Sarah’s Birthday – 26 on the 26th

Sarah celebrates her 26th birthday on the 26th May, on the road somewhere in Kazakhstan (round about here). She has some cards to open and a teeny tiny bottle of champagne, but she says that the best present would be for her supporters and followers to donate to one of her fantastic charities


I have chosen to support four charities with very special missions and I hope that you will want to get behind them and show your support too. Thanks and thanks.



?Set up by my friend, the wonderful Kristin Hallenga, after she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer aged just 23, this charity is all about raising awareness  of breast cancer in young women

Donate to Coppafeel

The Jubilee Sailing Trust

I love being out on the water and so am happy to support JST in their efforts to get people out there too – regardless of ability.


Donate to The Jubilee Sailing Trust

MND Assocation

Motor neurone disease is a killer. The MND Association is working to make sure that one day it won’t be. It funds and promotes research into the disease as well as providing care and support for those living with MND.

Donate to MND Association


It was while I was at sea in 2009 that I realised that fresh water is everything in life. And without it, life is nothing. That’s why the work that WaterAid do is so important.

Donate to WaterAid

About Tim Moss

Logistics Manager for the L2L Expedition, Tim runs adventure website The Next Challenge offering free advice and support for anyone planning an expedition or dreaming of one.
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3 Responses to Sarah’s Birthday – 26 on the 26th

  1. Janet James says:

    HI Sarah, you may remember opening the school library at Marshfields School Peterborough. We are looking at your travels in our assembly tomorrow, hopefully some of the pupils will follow you. Happy Birthday for Thursday. Janet James (Head)

  2. Ellie Nicholson says:

    Dear Sarah, Tim (and anyone else who is covering this)

    A colleague of mine is very non technologically minded, and would like to donate by cheque (I’ve been hawking you round the office!) Who does she make a cheque out to, and where does she send it? Can it be to “Sarah Outen” and then you divvy up amongst your chosen charities?

    Many thanks,


    PS V good work so far – loving your blog.

  3. Chris M says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Happy belated Birthday! Sorry it’s a late birthday wish but I’ve been working away and unable to check in on your progress for a little while.

    Your certainly making good progress and are having some fantastic experiences along the way.

    Best wishes,

    Chris M
    Adventure Network

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