Sarah Outen – phonecast 2nd May

Listen to my latest phonecast

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8 Responses to Sarah Outen – phonecast 2nd May

  1. Stace says:

    Great to hear your voice again Sarah and that you and Happy socks are making good progress even with the less than perfect conditions. May the current and the winds continue in your favour. Safe journey you amazing person. Look forward to your next update

  2. Karel says:

    sounding good

  3. Barbara Crellin says:

    So pleased it is all going well( most of the time). Stay safe xxxxxxx

  4. alan romaine says:

    Good luck Sarah and may the weather conditions be kind to you.

  5. Albatross brings to you good luck,Sarah!

  6. Nat Cleator says:

    Good Luck Sarah… Been following your amazing story for a while now.. Dave Cornthwaite has embarked on his new journey as well…. I commend your spirit, drive and ambition… You are truely making your life your own.. and following your dreams… How amazing!!! May the weather behave itself!!! xx

  7. peter booth says:

    Hi again Sarah. So glad to hear you are making good progress. You are so brave. Look forward to hearing from you again. God Bless.Peter

  8. Ifor John Jones says:

    Good to hear your voice and glad to hear that you’re making good progress.

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