Sarah Outen – 99th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Just read your latest phonecast. It sounds as though you are having a much more pleasant couple of days. Here’s hoping the next storm isn’t too fierce. As you say, best to take it moment by moment. I do the absenting myself from reality at stressful moments too. Not nearly so dramatic as what you’ve been going through, but for example on the dentist’s chair, I close my eyes and place myself on my favourite Outer Hebridean beach – works a treat! According to Wikipedia, the word Adak is from the Aleut word adaq meaning ‘father’ – let’s hope this somehow affords you extra protection…………

  2. Shelagh says:

    Knowing how stir-crazy I can become after a few days housebound due to rotten weather, I can only imagine how much MORE relieved you must be to breathe fresh air after being cabin-bound. We can hear the relief in your voice. Nothing like fresh air in your lungs to brighten a day. Here is hoping the approaching inclement weather doesn’t amount to much and you can soon be rowing your way land-ward. Sending strong, calming thoughts across the waves.

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    You continue to be such an incredible person. No matter what you are faced with.

    You will do it, its great that you have under 300 miles to go.

    Take care and hope the winds are favourable in the corrcet direction.

    Happy Rowing in Happy Socks


    C & K

  4. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Knowing how fickle weather can be, I’m hoping that this predicted system chooses to fizzle out or head elsewhere! And everyone knows it’s a girl’s prerogative to hope! 🙂

    Glad today proved to be a day of throwing open the windows, metaphorically speaking! A good airing out always proves good for the body AND soul!! Wishing you more days of the same to come!

    Stay positive, stay focused and above all – stay SAFE!!

    ~Gigi in Virginia Beach

  5. Chris Nolan says:

    Glad for the better weather and perkier sound in your voice! Smiles are always good! 🙂
    Keep your spirits high and know there are so many cheering for you!

    Happy Socks will take you there safely!

  6. Hi Sarah. Unsettling times weather wise and psychologically, but although you are physically on your own ‘out there’ you are definitely not alone in the thoughts of all those who are following Happy Socks’ progress and willing you (and chimpy!) to succeed.We are all in awe of your achievements and full of admiration. Adak awaits!

  7. annie says:

    Ha Ha I love your phonecast – of the very important things going on, cleaning is a priority – I too clean the house when things are looking bleak, never actually found couscous on the ceiling, I’ll give it a go – keep smiling 🙂

  8. Susie Hewson says:

    awesome characters are rare, but right there, cozied-up with Happy Socks, is an AWESOME woman breaking all the stereotypes and putting female endeavour right bang centre of the map! What the weather does is unchangeable and I bet it is comforting to at least have those ships in the area. I wonder how many of the sailors on those ships have half an idea of what a great female adventurer you are?

    Here’s a comical visual for you, what if we all came out to greet you on pedaloes….imagine us all on the skyline heading out of Adak on yellow and pink pedaloes – hundreds/thousands of us……….is it just me then? 🙂

  9. ian says:

    hi there sarah,”on the road”-that would most likely be my desert island discs book,really well written,atmospheric and reflective of it’s time,hope the next storm does not turn out to be as much of a challenge,thedetour sounds like a sensible idea!btw have you been invited onto desret island discs?perhaps we should nominate you if that ishow it works?do you have any firm plans for yourreturn to the uk beyond catching up with family,friends and loved ones?,hope you know that you are in the thoughts of many,many people while on this adventure,all of us willing you safely on!

  10. Rob Hart says:

    Hi Sarah, I’m writing this while imagining you in the next storm. Hope all is well. I’ve just been reading an article about the discovery of the world biggest volcano (Tamu Massif), and guess what, it looks like you passed almost directly over it! It is in an an area you passed through just before you went thorough all your period of backwards and forwards in circles a few weeks ago. Fortunately it is well extinct. All the best for the next few days. I’ll think about you while I’m running/walking an nice short!!! half marathon on Sunday!

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