Sarah Outen – 98th phonecast

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15 Responses to Sarah Outen – 98th phonecast

  1. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Sounds grim out there on most counts. You must be feeling incredibly physically uncomfortable and mentally challenged. Only thing to do is stick with it – no other option – but it must be so tough for you. Hard to imagine from here on dry land – and I must admit that I do feel a huge sense of relief that I’m not you right now! As ever, there will be bad times and good times, and this surely is one the most extreme examples of the former. Sending you lots of sympathy and positive thoughts, and wishing and willing that things will improve sooner rather than later. So near yet so far, but 300 miles out of 4,500-odd miles has to be seen in a positive (there’s that word again!) light………….

  2. virgil l funderburk says:

    keep up the good spirit and sense of humor, hope weather man has it right for you,and the weather agrees with the weather man

  3. Chris Nolan says:

    You have succeeded thru so much before, hang in there and visualize the shore coming soon! Stay strong! Keep your spirits on a level keel and plan on succeeding. Saying prayers for you and HS!
    Rest and get ready to finish strong!

  4. Sending you positive energy, Sarah. I hope Happy Socks will make it to Alaska without too much drama.

  5. Sarah says:

    You’ll do it Sarah and you’ll be drinking champagne on the Aleutians soon… Hang in there!

  6. annie says:

    What amazing memories and stories you will have – great stuff, keep going, you’re a proper role model…

  7. Roz Savage says:

    That’s a real embuggeration about the rudder. Hopefully the boat’s shape itself will give you enough directional stability. Keeping my fingers crossed as you enter this home stretch, and hoping you’ll be safely back on dry land very soon!

    Roz x

  8. ian says:

    hi sarah,oh my!,what woes!,as always your pluck,grit and humour is an inspiration to those of us on a more comfortable path,willing you on to land and hoping that you get a lull between storms

  9. jill ohalloran, PERTH WA says:

    you are a truly amazing woman… I think about you a lot during our day in Australia… your tenacity, bravery, sheer guts…. you are truly one in a million… I wish I had a 1/4 of yr fearlessness… such an inspiration… I think ‘they’ should make a movie about you!! you would inspire a million or 3!! All Angels on board for the final leg of this journey… wishing you the best arrival at the islands… jill O’H

  10. Frank says:

    Dear Sarah,
    keep your good spirits!!
    I hope you’ll have calm, mild autumn weather soon!

    Take care!

    @your team: Please change the goal on the “Distance travelled” page to Alaska (instead of Vancouver)!

  11. Hope things improve storm wise. Can a makeshift rudder be jury rigged or is that an impossibility? Anyway best of good fortune for weathering the waves. Bon Courage!

  12. Susie Hewson says:

    SISTERS made up a rap for you ( sorry it’s not a yummy wrap!!!)

    Sock’s gone Rudder-less
    What were ya thinking av?
    Bigging up going Straight
    Sis..that defin -it-ly aint your normal gait.

    Yo must need to just plain quit
    From movin’ around that cabin ****
    Staying low during nautical t i m e
    MASSive row-ing
    Calls for a trail-ing line.

    We all understand
    why we need to know
    Yo ain’t got much further now to row.
    Pressing reasons for ablutions
    Be-fore you get to them Alaska Aleutian’s.
    Feel the love an not the pain
    dirty pants…that’s no shame

  13. romano says:

    So sorry to hear about the rudder. All must be incredible difficult for you at this point. Perhaps a warm meal, fresh air and a good stretch out of the cabin, like you said, will help your spirits.

    To hear your laugh for me was comforting. I never tire of hearing your phonecasts. Highlight of the day.

    I continue thinking of your dauntless spirit and hoping for a safe landing on Awak.

  14. Ray Girard says:

    There’s only so much ‘miserable’.
    You’re using up the last of it.
    Endure. Endure. Smiles are coming!

  15. BPC says:

    So sorry to hear about the awful trials of this storm. Shut up in the cabin sounds bad enough but everything else?!? You do amazing to still sound like jolly Sarah, well done! Don’t let your sense of humour go the same way as your rudder! I did my first open water swim this week – ill fill you in on it soon! Love x

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