Sarah Outen – 96th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Even though you sound incredibly tired, you make perfect sense! When all of the careful planning and concentration is set on one goal and way of thinking, then a sudden switch to another is bound to be disturbing, both physically and mentally. And the adrenalin resulting from the physical disturbance can’t be switched off like a tap, so even though your logical brain tells you that you have adjusted, the body takes a while to catch up. The coping mechanisms have to readjust and it can’t be easy. Expectations have to change – the whole flow is temporarily broken. Seems to me that the feeling of being in control is all important and that’s what you’re getting back, if not instantaneously. Everyone who follows your blog is thinking of you – even if they’ve never met you (like me!) – and willing you to keep safe. Doesn’t help in a practical sense, but I can imagine it does in a spiritual way! Hope you and Chimpy sleep well and that Happy Socks continues to take care of you – and you of her, of course. Hope also the storm abates and you don’t have too uncomfortable and scary a time.

  2. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Not incoherent in the slightest and I look forward to your post about Chimpy! It only makes perfect sense that you’ve been fighting to “turn the mind off” this past week or so as all these changes have been in the works…things take time to settle out and we humans need to “suss” them out in our own time, in our own way! I hope that you’re truly able to rest and that you awake refreshed and rejuvenated! 356 miles? Wooohooo!!!

    ~Gigi in Virginia Beach

  3. Sarah says:

    Sleep well Sarah and I hope that storm veers off course.

  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,no worries,hopethe storm veers off in time,your team in situ,at base and around the world are totally behind youand willing you on,your spirit,pluck and humour are truly inspirational and todays phonecast was a delight,hope you got a good snooze!

  5. Hope you manage some quality zeds Sarah – sleep deprivation can be a nightmare (sorry about that pun!). But great to see such arrow straight progress towards the Aleutians. I imagine Chimpy to be like the knotted sock monkey in the PG tips adverts… maybe you can tell us next time…

    Go Chimpy, go Happy Socks, go Sarah!

  6. Roz Savage says:

    Sorry you’re feeling a bit zonked! But glad you and Bri are in contact – so happy to have made that introduction. Scary to think I’ve now known Bri for 25 years! While I was with Mum last weekend we found the program for our race against Cambridge as the Oxford University Lightweights Rowing Club. Bri (who was then a postgraduate, and rowing at #7 – I was at stroke) had described her hobbies as “Bending riggers, stroking HER crew from 7” and her ambition as “To row with someone of her own generation”. !!!

    Hope you get some good sleep soon.
    Roz x

  7. Mary Ann Barton says:

    Clear thinking will be automatic after your good nights’ sleep, don’t wake the whales with your snoring.

  8. christina watts says:

    thinking of you Sarah and sending very positive thoughts ~ with lots of love ~ we all understand how you are feeling as we all know how sleep deprivation is not easy …

    Please believe in yourself YOU know you have been there before ~ have you any chocolate to munch on ~ as you eat please read this little poem from me to you ~ (from my little book that I kept of my poems to Guy, Andy and Flying Ferkins)

    Not many more miles across the Blue
    We’re all raising our glasses to you
    Happy Socks is flying ~
    only 356 more to do.

    Mountainous waves
    roller coaster rides
    claw hands
    and sore back sides

    Ferocious elements,starved
    of food and sleep
    (no buckets either ~ we all weep ( theirs went over board early on remember 🙂

    As you plot your position
    on the charts to keep
    ultimate test of
    endurance so steep

    Sarah we ALL salute you
    to keep on rowing
    for so many weeks.

    ( obviously changing a few names etc)

    big hugs

  9. judy burdett says:

    Hi Sarah! Love listening to your phonecasts- whatever the problems there is always a smile in your voice and your laugh is a true spirit lifter. What an inspiration you are! Am sure all will be a lot better after a good nights sleep and you all are in great form for whatever comes your way. Am sure Happy Socks is more than able to cope with anything the ocean has in store and with you in charge – well, it’s a formidable team!

    Happy snoozing !

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