Sarah Outen – 92nd phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    Great post! Sounds like you are truely making the most of this incredible adventure.

    Quick question – are you using “heat pad” type things for cooking food at all? I have been researching them for my expeditions and they look like a great idea when it is too hard to use a cooker or flame (or too heavy as it often is in the mountains). I know that Cas and Jonesy used this kind of ‘exothermic’ heat or chemical cooking during their paddle across the Tasman, and just wondered if you had considered it?

    Cheers from the South Pacific, Sarah

  2. Sarah says:

    What a day Sarah! It sounds amazing and your dinner sounded delicious. I agree with you – there’s nothing like catching your own meal and eating it immediately. The best thing in the world. Also, I imagine it was rather nice that it wasn’t one of your companions! Hope the weather changes for the better soon.
    Fingers crossed,

  3. jill lewis says:

    could someone please tell me how to track sarah’s journey?

  4. Caroline Dwyer says:

    What a great day you had! Really enjoyed all the detail and relieved on your behalf that the emergency water-making equipment working well. All the best : )

  5. ian says:

    hi sarah,so great to hear you in such good spirits able to get out and about a bit!,your meal sounded very tasty,do you carry a lot ofdifferant herbs and spices to account for the variety of seafood you will encounter as you go I wonder?
    happy also to hear that you are not going backwards and hope the weather is kind to you and happy socks ,you seem to be doing a great job of looking after each other out there!

  6. Paul in Dartford says:

    The link to the Tracker is in the bottom right corner of the light blue box headed A HUMAN-POWERED JOURNEY

  7. Jill Lewis, to track the journey, at the top of the page you will see the L2L logo and just to the right “The Mission” when you roll your mouse pointer over this you will see “Where’s Sarah?” Click on that and you will get to a big Google map with a daily tracking map. You can zoom in and move around and see how far to go.

  8. Shelagh says:

    Wonderful phonecast. Love the happiness in your voice and your great descriptions of life on board Happy Socks including catching and cooking up your own supper. Yum! You continue to amaze us!

  9. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah. Glad to hear you “upbeat” Your meal sounds tasty, bet it tasted even better to you!
    Great to hear you are enjoying fresh not cabin air!! Pleased that your water making was so successful did that mean you were able to do some washing!! not that I’m implying anything!!
    Thinking of you
    love Heather and Cameron

  10. virgil l funderburk says:

    I’m glad you have little sun,for your solar panels now, hpappy for you that you caught dinner, take care


  11. DavidT says:

    Thanks for that phonecast. You have no idea how many people are waiting with bated breath for the latest map update to see how far you’ve progressed in the last few hours. And, as others have said, even in the latest setback you’ve largely held position.
    Onwards and upwards! And there are plenty more fish in the sea…

  12. Margaret Ponsonby says:

    Hello again
    Glad to hear you have at last landed a fish. Why did it take you four months?
    Bloodshot eye fish stir fry. Yummy. I have caught mackerel from my kayak; their eyes seemed ok on just 10 metres of line depth.
    I hope your chocolate supplies are holding up. It is The womens kayak festival on Bute in a few days. We will be thinking of you.
    Best wishes.

  13. romano says:

    I’ve listened to most of your phonecasts and have to tell you that this was the best one. Perhaps it’s because I’m a chef by trade and could almost see, taste and feel this wonderful meal you prepared.

    When I’m listening I feel as if I’m on board with you and sharing for a few moments your unbelievable adventure. You are truly an inspiration to all us following your journey. I feel as if I’m witnessing live the most spectacular undertaking ever. Please keep it up and know that we are all hoping for your continuation on to Canada and then onward.

    Love, R.

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