Sarah Outen – 89th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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7 Responses to Sarah Outen – 89th phonecast

  1. judy burdett says:

    Sarah, you’re just one amazing person out there! Your tenacity will certainly see you through – the ocean’s just testing you out slightly at the moment but will soon become accommodating once again, with fair winds and the sun Happy Socks needs!
    Keep inspiring us with your phonecast- look forward to it daily here in UK and we’re with you all the way on your incredible adventure!

  2. christina watts says:

    We are with you Sarah ~ wish we could calm the waves for you. We can actually hear the weather out there at the back of your call. Take care and big hugs.

  3. Roz Savage says:

    Short on food, water and sunshine – not much fun. But good to hear you’re keeping your chin up and keeping on keeping on. Good luck, Sarah, and sending warm wishes and sunshine your way! Roz x

  4. Sarah Wilson says:

    Thanks so much for your honesty Sarah. Sounds like very challenging conditions for mind and body. Well done for remaining so focussed and unattached.

  5. ian says:

    hi sarah,so good to hear from you!once again your stoicism and good humour in adverse conditions proves an inspiration to all of us living this adventure vicariously,constantly wishing for better times for you,at least some sunshine!everyone willi am sure have you in their thoughts and will be sending positive vibes across the miles,doing an article about your journey for a local older peoples magazine,has quite a large circulation so it may result in a bit of an upswing in donations,stay safe and in touch,all the best to you and happy socks!

  6. Sally Angel says:

    Hang in there, sweetie! The weather will improve, you’ll be back making progress and life on the Pacific will be good again. You have the most amazing fortitude to carry through this endeavor and everyone reading your blogs and listening to your phonecasts are with you – every inch of the way :-)Here’es a big hug, you look like you need it!

  7. Ray Girard says:

    Ya, I guess the idea of “rowing across the Pacific” doesn’t include all the time spent NOT rowing, just waiting. Just think of all the stuff you’ll be much better at handling …when you complete this trek. Waiting in line at the bank, stuck in traffic, etc. It’ll all be nothing at all, anymore for you. You’ll be the ‘Patience Princess’.

    Stiff upper lip and all that, (pup, pup) Sarah.

    You are in our thoughts.

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