Sarah Outen – 88th phonecast

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9 Responses to Sarah Outen – 88th phonecast

  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    Hey there Sarah – sound like tough times. As we say down under “Kia Kaha” which in Maori means stay strong. Even though you may be bouncing around in a boat in the middle of the ocean, we are all watching and cheering you on. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Cheers Sarah W

  2. judy burdett says:

    Hi Sarah, you most certainly will have had better weekends! Think best to keep us updated with your interesting reading matter? Am sure you have some great reads on board? You’re certainly not alone with Happy Socks as we’re all thinking of you and willing you on especially when times are tough. May fair winds and sunshine soon be yours!

  3. Caroline Dwyer says:

    Sarah, you’re coping so admirably with everything the weather has to throw at you! As I set out to walk the dogs now I shall will as much sunshine to come your way as I possibly can. Hope those batteries recharge very soon for you. All the best.: )

  4. ian says:

    hi sarah,constantly amazed and humbled by your optimism and fortitude,you really are an inspiration to those of us without your grit,determination and sheer pluck!always great to hear fromyou in any circumstances and hope it helps to know that there are many vicarious adventurers willing you on hour by hour and constantly hoping for better times soon
    best of all wishes ian

  5. Ian Hamby says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m sure your equanimity and humor will outlast the current surface conditions and you’ll get back on the oars soon and leave miles in your wake as you pull away from the setting sun.

    My little lake is dead calm with some sloppy motor boat chop…I’ll try to channel some of that your way.

    Ian H

  6. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Sorry to hear you have been cabin bound, you have done so well so far. Hope things improve for you in the very near future so you can get back to using the oars.

    Its great to continue to hear your reports even ont he days when things aren’t going too well, as we have said before very inspirational to us all.

    Take care and hope the winds push you int he right direction.

    Big Hug

    K & C

  7. reno says:

    stay strong, sarah! your story has really been an inspiration to me. it’s nice to think that with all the crazy political and economic stuff going on in the world that there is still one gal fighting one sea for really no other reason than to say she did it (oh, and for the aid of some really great charities). you prove that the human struggle itself is worth it.

    uncle reno

  8. Julian Henry says:

    Hi Sarah
    You might remember meeting two 16 year old St Edwards boys – George Henry (my son) and William Bull – last year and giving them the idea to cycle from Calais to Gibraltar in aid of cancer…I thought you might want to know that they left Whitehaven early this morning on their bikes of the start of their first warm up trip as they do the coast to coast path over the next 3 days and cycle to Sunderland. It’s a very short journey compared to what you’re enduring but I thought you’d like to know that you’ve inspired them both and they’re out there doing it…best wishes and good luck with your journey Julian Henry

  9. Susie Hewson says:

    Bring me sunshine, in your smile.
    Bring me laughter all the while
    In this world where we live
    There should be more happiness
    So much joy you can give
    To each brand new bright tomorrow
    Make me happy through the years
    Never bring me any tears
    Let your arms be as warm
    As the sun from up above
    Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love…..
    Aahh vintage M & W – chin up Sarah cos the world out there is just going stark raving mad so enjoy the moment and the sun will soon be flowing again charging those solar panels and the wind will blow westerly too – all our POSITIVE Sister thoughts with you 24/7xx

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