Sarah Outen – 67th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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7 Responses to Sarah Outen – 67th phonecast

  1. Linda, Cambridge says:

    I hope sleep overcame you soon after your latest phonecast and that you woke up fresh and ready for rowing in the morning. You must be feeling a whole range of emotions out there on your own on the ocean – I continue to be in admiration of how you cope with everything that is thrown at you and how overall you manage to stay so upbeat. My positive thoughts are with you, as are many other people’s, I’m sure – I just hope they are of benefit to you in some way, however small!

  2. Ray Girard says:

    crests, troughs,
    up, down,
    rise, fall,
    ebb, flow,
    amplitude, length.

    Same for emotions. Ride it out, my friend. The good days are just waiting to pounce.

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get to sleep, I can sympathise with you. The good points are waiting for you in abundance. You are doing so well. Think of all the folks that are back home that don;t have the gutts or stamina that you have shown us, you put us all to shame really.

    Hope the next few days rowing will help make up for going backwards.

    In th emeantime as your Mum would say Big Hug and take care


    C & K

  4. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Ahh, sleep…such a thing of beauty when it comes to us easily and so very frustrating when it does not. I hope you managed to capture the Sandman after all!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  5. Andrew and Judy Henderson says:

    We continue to follow your progress. Victoria and Vancouver Island are very special to us with great sheltered waters between us and the mainland. Do you see any tsunami debris yet? Your adventures are inspiring. Patience and resolve impressive. To establish a sleep pattern in your environment must be difficult. Hardly jet-lag but similar effect! Andrew and Judy.

  6. JETWAKE says:

    Hopefully you have a sleep mask and ear plugs to aid in sleeping.

  7. John Young says:

    Maybe the drifting NNW plus east winds might be a blessing?

    Sleep… start counting sheep or whatever backwards…you’ll sleep.

    So, you know the real meaning of cabin fever…hope you get back to rowing soon!

    John Young

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