Sarah Outen – 54th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Oh wow – how amazing! And so well described – could this be the start of a new career? On the subject of books – have you ever read ‘To Miss with Love’ by Katharine Birbalsingh? I’m on the last few pages. What an incredible book – moving and saddening and inspirational (and lots of other adjectives) all at the same time. I was lent it by my daughter who is starting a PGCE in September, who was in turn lent it by a friend – I think in an attempt to put her of her long-held intention of teaching in an inner-city school. It didn’t work! Her teaching experience had already been in an inner-city (London) school and she has decided that’s still the path she wants to follow. What a very different world from the one in which you are living at present, yet oddly the same intent to inspire holds true!

  2. Sarah Wilson says:

    Wonderful phonecast today and great info on the precious albatross. In New Zealand we have a brave initiative called Southern Seabird Solutions where government, fishers and scientists are all working together to protect albatross and reduce the impacts of by-catch. It is often the case that fishers and greenies fight over who is to blame, in this case they are all working collaboratively and have come up with some novel solutions. Take a look at
    Oh, and maybe the alby can give you a tow in an easterly direction!
    Cheers Sarah

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    What a wonderful phone cast, it was great the next David Attenborough. You certainly have many talents.
    Such a shame about the amount of rubbish, sadly the world over.

    Hope you are going in the right direction, its time the wind decided to do as you ask and help you along.

    Take care for now

    C & K

  4. alan romaine says:

    Very moving comments today and much food for thought. Reminded me of a Kenyan proverb I once read “The world was not given to us by our parents it was loaned to us by our children and their issue”. Sad indeed that these enormous oceans are in such a sad state and I can only hope that humanity can find the will to activate a remedy. Just love your daily ditties and good luck Sarah. Alan R

  5. lesley says:

    Hi Sarah here in Australia we have something we do when we go to a park, the bush, anywhere we go for a picnic lunch or bar b que we leave no rubbish and if there is any rubbish we remove it also we call it leaving only footprints maybe people who use boats and fish should only leave waves behind just a suggestion maybe they could take away anything they see floating God Bless Lesley Ps Rio left on Sunday and have gone a long way but there is 3 of them

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