Sarah Outen – 53rd phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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4 Responses to Sarah Outen – 53rd phonecast

  1. stephen says:

    I can’t hear you, looks like I need some new headphones, tomorrow. Looks like you are going around and around. Pretty much like the every day life at the office. The weather being your boss. 100 years into the future and we could have teleported and swapped places for a day. You’d be surprise how similar land and sea can be. But then again, enjoy the scenery, who knows what the oceans will look like in a 100 years. On a different note, Mylene spent her last night home. She’ll be rowing from Halifax soon enough. I hope you can remote coach her.

  2. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Every time I hear you mention “gin and tonic” I’m tempted to give the drink another go! The one and only time I tried it, I was reminded of pine needles and didn’t make it past the first sip! Perhaps it is an acquired taste?!

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  3. Sarah,
    Think “Shumagin Islands.”
    We have way more people here than Vancouver.
    And we would have a much warmer greeting party for you.
    In addition, the Shumagin Islands are steeped in history.
    This is where Bering and Steller landed in 1741.
    This is where the first documented contact between Europeans and Alaska Native people occurred.
    Two Aleuts in sea kayaks paddled out to the Russian sailing ship “Saint Peter.”
    Think “Shumagins.” 🙂

  4. Susie Hewson says:

    We will be over there with the plastic scoop nets in a shake if we could clear up all that stuff floating around in the oceans – stuff that people – yes people, allowed to be dumped there. A good rallying call Sarah and great to share the excitement at seeing the Albis. Whilst up in Skye, I saw, just above my head, two white tailed eagles being chased with gusto by a crow…. seeing such amazing creatures is humbling and that we impact on them negatively, gut wrenching! Love the hidden message from your Mum…. done a few of those myself for my Sons when they have been off travelling…brings you closer. Calm weather and an Easterly stream for Happy Socks.. Susie

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