Sarah Outen – 47th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Shelagh says:

    Yeah! Let’s hear it for being released from cabin confinement and enjoying some fresh air, calmer seas and rowing in the right direction tomorrow.

  2. Susie Hewson says:

    Cabin Fever immunity achieved, now you have to harden up those palms Sarah ready for the oars. No space for self-doubt all you need to reflect on is all that you have already achieved. You are not by yourself, we are all here waiting to share with you as soon as you want. Keep those surfaces dry – but an occasional sip from the hip flask…soggy biscuits mixed with milk – that’s BREAKFAST! Warm hugs xxxx Susie

  3. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi sarah, Brill news that June has arrived and all is calm. Bet your enjoying being out on deck again in that wonderful fresh air. Hope the rowing goes well and you can find a favourable current soon.
    Love and hugs
    Cameron and Heather

  4. Gigi Walentiny says:

    It’s those chinks in our armor that we don’t acknowledge that end up being our undoing! Good on you for keeping your finger on the pulse of your feelings and knowing when to reach out and talk!

    I’m hoping that we’ll get to hear all about a lovely day of rowing on your next phonecast…that you get to fill your lungs with delicious sea air, stretch your cramped muscles, and that no more biscuits meet an untimely demise!

    ~Gigi in Virginia Beach

  5. JETWAKE says:

    Wishing you a beautiful month of June. Sunny days and starry nights with a gentle wind blowing Happy Socks in the direction you choose. Cheers!

  6. geoff says:

    Just a quick check in with you Sarah. We are just about to push Max and his crew Mauritiuswards frm GEraldton and it takes out minds back. Lots of recounting Leuuwin Current adventures. Happy days to you, between capsizes that is. Love Geoff and Janet

  7. peter booth says:

    Well June is here Sarah and it sounds as if you may make some progress in the right direction. I was thinking the other day about starry nights.I used to do a lot of narrow boating on the canals. On a clear night I used to sit there and study the sky. When you are away from the city lights it is a wonderful sight. I would think that you can observe the milky way,the odd passing satillite and shooting stars. Anyway hope June proves to be a good month for you and you make plenty of progress. Once again God Bless Peter in Nottingham.

  8. John Young says:

    Sometimes feeling vunerable helps you to remember your connectiveness to the universe and while you’re being tossed about you’re not alone in that the love and light of many warm thoughts are transported your way. You’re not only a survivor but an adventurer in the truest sense. Be thankful for any currents in the right direction and when things get a little crazy, you’ll appreciate them more and keep your eye on the ball. Cheers…John

  9. Heather and Cameron says:

    hi Sarah
    We’re off to France tomorrow but will still follow your progress with Happy Socks . To borrow a few lines— “believe in yourself and in your plan. Do not say I cannot but I CAN. At the end of this rainbow lies your pot of gold”- CANADA. You will get there, we believe in you.
    Love Heather and Cameron xx

  10. Janice Melvin says:

    Sarah, your ability to articulate your every experience makes following your blog & podcasts riveting. I can visualize what you are doing and try to imagine being in your position. You are handling the ups and downs (both literally and figuratively) with such grace and calm! Hang in there; the kinder weather and currents will find you, and Canada patiently awaits your arrival 🙂
    Best wishes,
    Vancouver Island

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