Sarah Outen – 46th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    Hi there Sarah,

    I’ve been watching your journey with alot of interest. I know Justine from when she and Barry were paddling around the South Island of NZ – I did an interview of them just after they finished – epic.

    I work as an “Adventure Coach” and this year completed a mission called ‘Cook to Cook’ – climbing NZ’s highest mountain then cycling a short 770km and then kayaking across the Cook Strait (fun in 35 knot southerly!) but right now my challenge is of a different kind. About 10 days ago I slipped whilst running down a steep track in the bush – both feet shot out from under me and I landed heavily on my backside on a tree root… oh wow, whole new world of pain… turns out I have fractured my tailbone. So, trying not to sit and trying hard not to feel sorry for myself. So it has been totally awesome and inspiring listening to your phonecasts and watching some of the vid of you and Jus. It has made my enforced slow down feel so much more manageable. And I love a great adventure yarn.

    Is there any chance that I can interview you at sea – by phone?

    Cheers Sarah Wilson

  2. ian says:

    hi sarah,good that les mis is keeping up your spirits!quite the thing for your current situation,i’d forgotten how many times Gulliver went over but I hope happy socks is trying for more benign records!still got it all crossed for you to have an easier time of it soonish

  3. Diane Rocha says:

    Hello Sarah,

    My daughters and I have been watching your journey with keen interest. Your strength and resolve to push toward Canada is inspiring.

    Canada is waiting for you with open arms. For now a kiss to you from the east!!!

    Stay safe,
    Diane, Grace & Jennifer Rocha

  4. Hi Sarah. Capsizing sounds like a non barrel roll of laughs I must say. I hope that the waves behave themselves before too long. I was at the RGS yesterday -on the 60th anniversary to the day of the 1st successful Everest climb by Hillary and Tenzing. Lots of adventurer speakers including Debra Searle who “carried on rowing alone when her rowing partner, a 6 ft 5″ top-level club oarsman, left the boat after developing an uncontrollable fear of the ocean”.
    I guess that’s one companion you probably wouldn’t want then!
    Happy Socks rowing Sarah.

  5. Ray Girard says:

    No comforting words this time.
    I try to empathize.
    My day is asleep compared to yours.
    I think of you out there,
    …sword-fighting with your fear.

    Victory will be yours.


  6. John Young says:

    Whew…I don’t know about boat rolls in the Pacific and zigging
    when you should be zagging. Wishing you much success to
    keep your blood pressure down. It’ll be a cool memory when
    you get done and for your old age but for now it is an adrenaline
    rush for sure! Hope you get a good sleep when you can.


  7. Richard Adams says:

    Good morning Sarah from a sunny, dry, and surprisingly warm Oakham.Have just been lstening to your graphic description of being suspended upside down in a capsize and wishing that you had someone there to talk to! Although we are not there with you, believe me there are many of us here who are with you in spirit if not body, sharing your ups and downs and willing you on towards Canada.

    Best wishes,

  8. Linda, Cambridge says:

    I can only echo what Richard says – we are there with you in spirit, but relieved we’re not there in body during a capsize, or even during the days you are confined to the cabin! Hoping the stress levels decrease and you are soon able to get back out in the fresh air, and back to rowing.

  9. Andrew Newton says:

    Happy June – Following your phonecasts and blog up-dates with interest (and sending a synopsis of them on to the kids at Future Hope). After the stormy month of May, I hope that June is going to be a bit more settled for you, so you can get some good rowing done and start to eat into the miles that lie between you and Canada.
    Keep positive – Best wishes from the family (the boys are stuck into exam revision at the moment, with A levels and GCSEs next week.


  10. Chris Maylor says:

    Hi Sarah, Keep up the good work. Everyone is behind you and supporting you throughout your adventure. Stay safe and well and keep the reports coming.

    Chris Maylor

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