Sarah Outen – 42nd phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Sorry to hear that you have spent your birthday not as it should be, do hope the sickness will soon pass and you will be rowing again with your new banner blowing gently in the wind, no one will know that the other days that the banner is up will not be your birthday. Have sent the picture of the Birthday flag to your Mum so hopefully she will be able to send it on to you.

    Take great care and we do hope that you soon feel better.

    Love from

    K & C

  2. Tracy Covey says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Happy Birthday! I just finished your book that Kelly sent me and realized as I was reading it that today is your birthday! Funny coincidence. It was great reading your book and experiencing (albiet indirectly) what you are going through. It truly sounds amazing (and a bit crazy). 😉 Good luck and we will be following your journey from Texas.


  3. David Welsh says:

    Wish I could get some ginger capsules to you. Surprised you never mention this “cure” for mal de mer.
    Good luck dear lady as you head towards N. America.
    David Welsh, Agoura Hills< CA.

  4. Ray Girard says:

    Now, it may seem like this is the worst word to use for you, considering how you feel in the battle between your inner ear and your other senses, but these days spent in the arms of that dreaded sickness, show your real **guts**.

    I, for one, don’t think the ocean has a chance against you.

    Luv & energy & Happeous Birthdaeous to your fine self.

    Langley, BC, CANADA

  5. JETWAKE says:

    Happy Birthday Sarah! Stiff upper lip. Suck it up and press on. You are a hero. Cheers!

  6. Angie Humphreys says:

    Sunny Monday here Sarah and I am hoping very much you are feeling better today. Belated Birthday greetings and thank you for your phonecasts which will generate much response to your charities Im sure.

  7. BREMMA says:

    Tanjoubi omedetou! (Happy Birthday J-stylie). Sea sickness is a big pain in the bum, we shake our fists at the queasyness that plagues you. We are sending totaltandem loving your way, and suggest you take on the “birthday month” religion that I subscribe to, as one day is never enough and often inconvenient when other ‘things’ pop up.
    Big lovings from us to you!
    Bremma xx

  8. Belinda Dade says:

    Belated birthday wishes to you, Sarah! Hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Love, Belinda x

  9. peter booth says:

    Another belated birthday wish from me Sarah. Pity that it did not go as you wished. The sickness will soon go andthe winds will change. This I promise. Said a prayer for you last night. Do not know how much further you have to go and when you expect to arrive in Canada. Anyway keep smiling and god bless.Peter in Nottingham.

  10. Graham Pugh says:

    Happy belated birthday wishes. What happened to the ‘Kuco Shio’ the North Pacific current to Canada ?

    Fair winds and may the following seas start to carry you eastwards again.

    Graham in Kingston Ontario Canada.

  11. Graham Pugh says:

    Happy belated birthday greetings. What has happened to the ‘Kco Shio’ the North Pacific current ?

    Fair winds and following seas in the eastwards direction to Canada.

    Luv, Graham in Kingston Ontario

  12. Mary Ann Barton says:

    Feeling queasy not a nice state to be in . Keep smiling and upbeat and we are all rooting for you on the Isle of Wight. Courage mon ami !

  13. sonia peters says:

    Happy happy birthday – hope every day, after this horrid bout will be a better one for you. Next time take a pack of Travella – homeopathic travel pills – they’re amazing, and I am a fellow sufferer…even on a child’s swing! You are such a gutsy girl Sarah – we’re all filled with admiration of you. I think of you often – espec. when I’m cycling in a freezing wind here in Cheshire – we’re still in winter weather and lovely warm sweaters!

    Love to you – keep going and smiling – we’re all on your side….

    From Sonia

  14. ian says:

    hi sarah,belated happy birthday to you!been offline for a couple of days but now back in regular contact,sorry to hear about the confinement,going back wards and gippyness but your relentless positive attitude will see all that off!hope you really enjoyed your birthday and that the new happy socks are working some magic for you viz the winds and currents,your phonecasts are really inspirational,i normally use it to get me started in the office,always gets me out of my torpor,thanks so much!hoping for better weather henceforth!

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