Sarah Outen – 32nd phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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8 Responses to Sarah Outen – 32nd phonecast

  1. lesley says:

    would love to have the pattern for the happy socks to knit for the local kids hospital keep rowing sarah and keep smiling happy lesley

  2. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Just loved the picture of the “Happy Socks” that your Mum took after she had knitted them, how many pairs has she done now. Glad to hear all is going well so far so hope the winds keep going where you want them too.

    The evening’s sound perfect too, such beautiful colours etc.

    All good wishes

    C & K

  3. Conrad says:

    Will you be doing your written reports like you used to ?
    I’m having a tough time with your PhoneCast’s.

    • Mel Johnson says:

      Hi Conrad,
      I agree that the quality of the phone casts is variable but the main parts of Sarah’s messages seem to get through. She will be producing written reports too once the weather becomes more stable and a daily/weekly pattern will be in place.

  4. Gigi Walentiny says:

    Loved this phonecast!! You sound so chipper and bright…it just made me smile listening!! I sat here imagining the beautiful sunset and then your Happy Socks happy socks banner from your Mum!! 🙂

    ~Gigi in Va. Beach

  5. Alan says:

    The voice casts are not supported on my Motorola smartphone. Using chrome, Android 4.0.1

  6. Byron Suley says:

    Cheers Sarah, been following you for a few years, great to see things are going well. Happy Rowing, maybe we will see you when you get to Canada. Tracker? will try and locate to follow your journey. Cheers

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