Sarah Outen – 31st phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hi Sarah

    Its lovely to hear your phonecast and to know how things are well. You are so remarkable and so positive. Think we should all take a leaf out of your book. Hope the winds stay in the correct direction that you wish so you can continue to make good progress.

    All good wishes for you and Happy socks and enjoy finiding those treats etc.

    Much love

    C & K

  2. You sound really happy. Remember to take care of Sarah and keep her singing with joy in all ways that give you pleasure. This is supposed to be fun and remind Happy Socks too. Godspeed Sarah.

  3. Angie Humphreys says:

    Great to hear you had a good day on Saturday and I wish you many more of these Sarah.Here in Oakham we are very proud of you at our Knit and Natter Club – more Happy Socks and other creations on the production line !!!

  4. TimBob says:

    Wow 300 nautical miles already !!!! Way to go girl !
    Good to hear from you ! Amazing……the technology…..
    I’ll be waiting in Ontario Canada for you !


  5. Andrew and Judy Henderson says:

    Thrilled to hear you doing so well and remaining cheerful. We are following progress from Vancouver Island. Travel safely. Looking forward to your arrival in Canada. Andrew and Judy Henderson

  6. Louise and Ray says:

    Sarah – it is so good to hear your voice and you are inspiring me as I train for an Ultra marathon (tho not at the mo as have chest infection) – when I think of the hours you put in it is truly amazing. And nothing better than a bit of fresh parmesan to make a meal taste yummy!!



  7. john Globemasterone says:

    Fantastic progress Sarah…hoping your Sunday is going just as well on the Pacific.

    Now Sarah….you might consider working in the word “eh” occasionally into the phonecasts to practice for your landing in Canada. “How’s it going eh?” or “where’s the harbor eh?” are good examples….lol. Carry on.
    Best wishes for you and Happy Socks.

  8. Terri says:

    Sarah this is just amazing how we can be with you on your incredible journey over the waves and beyond, its great to hear your voice in the podcast, keep them coming when you can because we are all listening out for them in your daily progress. Its like being there with you.. without the continual motion, glad to hear that you are feeling better after all the throwing up at the start, ginger biscuits are meant to be helpful, at sea or if you are pregnant!!! I am sitting firmly on a chair on land at my writing desk at home on the Essex/Suffolk boarder trying to imagine what it is like to be non stop rolling around out there on the waves rowing on and on and on. I hope you have the company of some big sea birds or tweedles or other friends looking at you too keeping your spirits up. Its cloudy here today near where you gave the talk to Orwell Park school recently.It is the May day bank holiday and they promised us warm sunshine today…well at least the last few days have been really lovely and sunny, the dafodils are now nearly over and there are bluebells coming up in the woods. I heard my first cuku a few weeks ago, so he has arrived safely from where ever he has been for the winter.Its getting very green everywhere as the new leaf on the trees, bushes and hedgerows as well as the news crops, I have wheat springing up next to where I live. Anyway Sarah, know that there are so very many of us that are with you in spirit, love to you and a big hug, Terri x

  9. Bill Hoover says:

    I gree it’s GREAT to be able to hear you talk about what’s going on. I may have missed your already having done this, but I’d really like to hear you describe a typical day—once your day become settled and typical. Curious what it’s like to sleep, and how many times one must get up, if at all, during the night. I’d very much like to try to visualize your day.

    Please forgive if you’ve already done this too many times. I’ve followed sporadically, at best. Wish I could see your galley, bed, loo—how DOES that work, esp in rough seas. I wonder if you have a headband camera that can record what you see and have to say as you go about your (NON-loo) daily activities.

    Probably need to search out your site better, and, look for videos on YouTube.

    Anyway…glad to hear you had a good day and hope most are so as much as possible.

    Evergreen, Colorado

    • Bill Hoover says:

      Sorry, new laptop and keys kinds suck. Should have proof read previous entry.


      • The home team says:

        Hi Bill,
        Exactly that, have a look on you tube by searching in ‘Sarah Outen’, there are lots of clips and photos going on, and also on this website. Hope you find all the answers to your questions and if not tap away and I’ll do my best to answer them. But in answer to one regarding the loo, in Sarah’s own words ‘ it’s a bucket, and I chuck it..’!!
        The home team

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