Sarah Outen – 109th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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  1. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    So glad that things turned out the way they did after your near escape with the cargo ship. Great news in the amount of miles that you have left to do. Just take great care, happy rowing, we are all thinking of you and wishing you that extra bit of energy etc as you approach the landing etc. It would be great to hear you are safely on land on Sunday, special day for your Mum and us, but whatever just to know you will get there will be godd enough.

    Big Hug

    C & K

  2. anita corbin says:

    exciting times!!! will be on BBC radio this morning talking about First Women at the NPG, will be sure to mention that you are nearly there and yet another First feather in your cap….woweeee…good luck with the next few miles….thinking of you…Anita x

  3. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Phew, close shave or what? Getting closer and closer – only a matter of hours rather than days/weeks/months to go. Keep alert and strong. Your followers are all willing you safely ashore…..

  4. Amy says:

    Wow, that was pretty terrifying hearing you recount your meeting with the bigger boat – I can’t imagine what it felt like to be staring at its hull coming out of the mist…
    I really hope the last 60 miles are dispatched smoothly and swiftly and that your on-shore team are able to make their plans without any major hiccups.
    It’s great to hear your giggles and know that you’re doing ok. You’re soooo close xx

  5. Susie Hewson says:

    Battery flat
    wot’s that all about?
    Pulling up the oars
    that’s a lost cause!

    Given out a shout
    darn ship’s done a turn about.
    Hiss down the radio
    Sorry – nothing there to show
    Happy Socks and Sarah
    across the Pacific have done a row (sorry rubbish line…)

    Phew – nearly drawing into shore
    won’t need those batteries any more.
    Get yourself a flare or two
    just in case…
    you know what to do.

    Come on Sarah pull some more
    Were all waiting to greet you
    “virtually on Alaskan soil ( this rhyme has now got rubbish…)

    So Happy all is going so fantastic Sarah…massive respect girl – now Passports please 🙂
    xxxxx Susie and the SISTERs

  6. Pam Stocker says:

    ooooh! Breathe. Breathe. That’s my advice to me when I heard that! I know how we feel about that danger in a yacht…….. Glad you’re on air again. Go well today. xxxP

  7. jill ohalloran, PERTH WA says:

    what a lucky ‘sidestep’ from big black bruiser! All the best of everything for the final miles. Thinking of you

  8. romano says:

    Just at the time you most need the AIS it goes out. Glad to hear though that it was just the batteries. So close yet so far.

    Good luck with these final miles. Will be following you close. Can’t wait to hear you’re back on dry land and safe.

  9. Clare says:

    Glad you hear that you came through the cargo ship incident. It’s so exciting that you are now so close. Hope the final few miles get eaten up quickly. Am hoping I can see you land before I head of to Kazakhstan for 3 months – if not will follow you from there!

    Keep safe for the last bit
    Clare xx

  10. Louise and Ray says:

    Phew that was scary. Can’t wait to hear you have safely landed – really excited to think you are almost on dry land. Wish I could send you some of the delicious plums and apples from my father’s garden (Leicestershire) to boost your fresh food. Great year for plums here (sure you don’t need to know that)

    Much love

    Lou and Ray xx

  11. Chris Nolan says:

    SIXTY MILES is great news!!! Glad the cargo ship missed you! Is it possible for you to keep some sort of light on as hopefully a beacon to be seen? Probably more ships in the area….stay alert and stay safe! Hopefully the extra 30 miles for a safe landing area will take you out of possible harm’s way.

    Wishing you winds to push you towards shore and sunshine to give you some warmth. Eat, drink, rest, and row!

    Chris in Anchorage

  12. Mike Gumm says:

    Had no idea you are so close now so I’m going to shut up and let you complete this epic endeavour! Totally humbled by your remarkable resolve, focus and strength. Nice and easy and bring you home safely…..

  13. JETWAKE says:

    Fly every flag you have onboard and keep your beacons flashing if you are able. Good luck to you and Happy Socks landing in Adak. God bless you for a safe passage onto land. Go Sarah!

  14. OMG Sarah. Thank the stars you are ok. Very best for the Adak landing.

  15. Rosamond says:

    Good on ya. You’re almost across. The crossings from Adak back to the peninsula are serious. Not to mention the fishing boat hazards. Good luck on your landing, the aleut coastline can be unforgiving. Best of luck.

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