Sarah Outen – 106th phonecast

Listen to my latest phonecast

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9 Responses to Sarah Outen – 106th phonecast

  1. Richard Adams says:

    Short but sweet phonecast today but good to hear you sounding bouyant and to see from the yellow line that you are making good progress,

    Best wishes,

  2. Helen Outen says:

    Hi folks,
    The phonecast was short and sweet due to poor signal. I had a phone call from Sarah this morning, she is well, able to resume some good rowing …….but the signal for the phone was not good and kept breaking up.
    Not long now ……

  3. Linda, Cambridge says:

    Fantastic to hear that all is well, and now sub 200 nautical miles to go. The end is well and truly in sight! So exciting to watch the yellow line moving ever upwards………

  4. romano says:

    Great for all us dot watchers to see the yellow line moving at a good pace and hear your voice with a positive pitch to it. Oh but for the miracle of modern antibiotics.

    Keep it up you’re almost there and we’re all pulling for a successful finish.

  5. Heather and Cameron says:

    Hi Sarah. Great to hear you’ve been able to make better progress, not to mention more washing achieved!
    Also that you are feeling better.Hopefully days to go!! we are with you in spirit willing you on. That yellow line’s looking good!! Heather and Cameronxx

    • David from Toronto says:

      In a welcoming gesture, North American is reaching out with its longest western arm (Aleutian Islands) to help you in Sarah. Grab hold!

  6. Nora Anderson (Sarah's old French teacher!) says:

    Well done Sarah! I’m following your tracks every inch of the way. I think you are amazing!

  7. jill lewis says:

    Keep it up Sarah and steer clear of the reefs.
    Love jill and stan RPYC Fremantle

  8. john Globemasterone says:

    Good afternoon from Lake Ontario Sarah. I am glad your health has improved and North America is near. Incredible. Best wishes. john
    GO SARAH !!!

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