Sarah Outen – 104th phonecast

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  1. judy burdett says:

    Hi Sarah! Just caught up with you again after a few days and sorry to hear that you’re not up to par and feeling a bit wobbly. BUT, we know you well now and know that this is only a small blip on you radar and you’ll soon be back to full strength and clipping off the miles to Alaska!
    Trust you still have a goodly supply of books so make the most of them in your convalescence stage!!!!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery to full strength and looking forward to your next blog with great anticipation as always!

  2. Susie Hewson says:

    I guess it figures that you would get a “water” themed illness. The antibiotics take at least 24 hours to kick in and you need to drink lots of water too. Being confined to the cabin I expect that you have avoided drinking so you don’t have to pop down the corridor to the little room:) From one long time sufferer, you should feel a lot better in 36 hours from taking the antibiotics – snuggle down and get better and make sure you drink lots of the water stuff……..cheers:)

  3. Christine & Kathleen says:

    Hello Sarah

    Hope that you are starting to feel better now once the antibiotics kick in. Each day and each mile is one nearer, to your wonderful trip. Have asked for some better weather and winds int he right dircetion to speed you on you way to those little islands that await you.

    Keep smiling or grinning as you usually do and we are thinking of you.

    Much love

    C & K

  4. Shelagh says:

    Having had the same health troubles while traveling in out-of-the-way places I totally sympathize with you. As a previous poster commented, you do need to drink lots. Thank goodness for antibiotics! You sound amazingly upbeat even while feeling so poorly….love, love, LOVE your attitude! Sending lots of good, strong, positive thoughts across the continent and out into the north Pacific to help bring you safely to shore very soon.

  5. romano says:

    “Hoping to get some spring back in my stroke, not stride since it only takes 2 strides to get to the other end of the boat”

    Funny, funny, funny!!

    If you can keep your sense of humor and honey sweet disposition through all this I think you’re going to be all right.

    Hoping you feel better and get that spring back soon.

  6. Red says:

    Hi Sarah, a new follower here.

    I’m full of admiration for you and think you’re so strong to be doing this. Hopefully you’ll be feeling better by the time you read this and, as if you’re not aware anyway, you’re approximately 27 nautical miles from the half way point, 180 degrees (Wow Red, really I didn’t know that haha!).
    Keep strong.
    God Bless.

  7. Stephen from Wisconsin says:

    Hope you feel better tomorrow

  8. Duncan Seath says:

    I have been following your mission from the very start all that time ago prior to your japanese storm issue. I admire your positive attitude and sharp insights on solo voyage coping startergies.
    If I may share with you that I am slightly concerned of the impression that my 6 yr old niece is hearing who is also interested in your trip. Lucie suffers with a few health issues, alopecia mainly. We are trying to improve her condition with healthy food, 5 a day etch. so tons of fresh fruit and veg packed full of life preserving anti-oxidents. Low salt and sugar we don’t want her to join the rapidly growing number of adolescent self created diabetics, who have to inject insulin not to mention rotting teeth before adulthood. We know you need a high energy intake if you are exerting yourself but please could you tell us that you are enjoying proper food and not just bags of sweets that seem to be your comfort at the moment.

    Wishing you a safe rest of your voyage and thank you for all your efforts for good causes.

    • Sarah says:

      Dear Duncan,

      I am Lucy, part of Sarah’s home team replying on her behalf.
      Firstly I’m sorry to hear Lucie (great name by the way!) suffers from alopecia and your views are very much understood. Unfortunately Sarah’s expedition somewhat dictates what she can eat from time to time. She doesn’t have access to fresh fruit or veg but makes up for that in what she can in terms of packaged foods.
      On cabin days – of which she has had her fair few, she is physically unable to cook healthy nutritious food and so has to eat dry food, easy and palatable and in a storm that lasts for days sometimes she has to resort to biscuits and dried fruit and things. However, when she can, she cooks rice and curries, soups, porridge and has caught her own fish and eaten it for fresh protein. Really the energy and calorie intake is what she’s aiming for. She eats what her body tells her to and sometimes – it is bags of sweets for a sugar burst for an all day rowing marathon. She knows best of all the importance of a balanced nutritious diet – otherwise she wouldn’t be where she is, unfortunately on an expedition such as hers the rule book gets thrown out the window sometimes.

      Be rest assured Sarah eats very well when she can, and all she can talk about to me on the phone is the dreaming for fresh fruit and vegetables – things she hasn’t seen in 5 months and dreams of never seeing another sherbet lemon or marshmallow until at least the Atlantic leg of her exped!
      Best wishes

  9. alan and barbara says:

    Truly inspirational Sarah, we have been sailing with you daily,
    get well soon, keep safe. Hopefully soon to raise the island.

  10. ian says:

    hi sarah,hope you are back up soonish,can’t be a lot of fun as things are,really interested in your musings on adjusting to life ashore,managing the transition will be interesting for you and those who know and love you,i hope that the little army of on line “friends”have helped to sustain and cheer you through the rough patches and that you know how exciting it is to share your adventure vicariously,you deserve some proper r+r when you get ashore but I hope from time to time you’ll feel able to share your perspectives n the changed environment you’ll be in,in a way it is as much a part of the adventure as the rowing,for now still got it all crossed for this last stretch,sleep well!

  11. jill ohalloran, PERTH WA says:

    It’s great that amidst the difficult times you can keep your pecker up and let the sunshine through with your cheery nature. All the best for quickest healing and swiftest sailing to terra firma. kindest regards. jill

  12. Averil Trott says:

    Keep going Sarah – not far to go by comparison to how far you have come. Just off to Mark’s wedding – we will drink a quiet toast to your safe arrival as well. Love Averil.

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